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2nd Lieutenant Chang WangXi

Name Chang callsign *Jestor* WangXi

Position Fighter Pilot

Rank 2nd Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 168lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description [See Wulfe for this NPC]

His oriental descent is more then skin deep, He is lithe and flexible and moves with a ghost-like quality. Actually he seems to float across the floor at times he has so little body movement as he walks. He has piercing eyes and a sly smile which makes him seem to always be in on a joke no one else knows about. Waspy thin body hides an unexpected strength that he seldom displays.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Lee WangXi Martial arts instructor
Mother Mary-Kate housewife (British background)
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) Katherine (age 19 in college)
Macey (age 15 at home in school)

Personality & Traits

Personal History Born 22 Feburary 2366 Chang grew up in Singapore attending school there till 18. Then he went to the Americas for college, after two years of college he decided he wanted to see the stars and applied for a transfer to Starfleet Academy. With no openings there he selected a marine flight officer program
Service Record August 2387- May 2390 officer training/flight school/fighter pilot and advanced areospace tactics training
June 2390- march 2391 Assigned to VMF-391 Nomads sharing time between Starbase-54 and the anubis class patrol Destroyer *Mafdet*. Three Razors and a Talon assigned for three months at a tour.
April - 1 July 2391 Temporary assignment with VQ-2 when moved to DeepSpace-9. Shot down on 3 June by Tzenketh. Rescued.
2 July - 2391 Reassigned to VMFT-36 Hornets going aboard a Nebula class *StarGazer*
5 October 2391- December 2391: Shuttle pilot VT-51 Roughnecks on USS Asgard
December 2391: Fighter pilot VMF-105 Gunslingers aboard USS Asgard