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Lieutenant JG Lixor Nabohn

Name Lixor Nabohn

Position Assistant Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bolion/Trill hybrid
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 179 cm
Weight 40.6 kg
Hair Color Dark Charcoal with auburn highlights
Eye Color Pale Steel Blue
Physical Description Being a hybrid of two species Lixor has unique physical features. From his mother he has the elegant markings of a trill that border his face and extend down his body. His skin tone is a light cobalt blue. The divisionary line that tracks down the center of a typical Bolian is muted in many locations leaving only a fine line in its place. His physique is that of a fighter having well defined muscular definition but not bulky mass. The man has a detailed tattoo of a winged serpent that wraps around his left bicep. It represented the gang he belonged to while in the failed colony.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown Bolion
Mother Luroh Nabohn Trill (Diceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None, unless you wish to count former gang members.

Personality & Traits

General Overview In general Lixor is quiet and reserved. His presence can be unnerving, not because he is an imposing figure but because his character seems to demand respect. The half Bolion is more at home in his laboratories than in large groups. If left alone Lixor would live within their confines rather than socializing, at least that is how he comes across. In reality he is someone who would like to make friends and feel part of the group but this has been a real struggle for the junior Lieutenant.

Being born the prodigy of a trill held captive by Orion slavers he knows little of social skills other than those learned in the dysfunctional and violent gangs that roamed and, for the most pert, ruled Baldaron IV.

Having an eager mind to learn it was his mother who made arrangements for what passed as an education up until her death when he was fifteen. Seeing libraries and other facilities could be snuck into he would often gather what he could and study while living on the brutal streets and abandoned buildings that made up most of the colony. Not having positive role models until after being rescued by the Federation at the age of nineteen the acceptable social interactions he knows now were learned during this time.

Living in the colony has given him many skills he would not have had he lived in a safer environment. Learning at a young age how to survive on the street endowed him with a cautious but assertive nature that has proven invaluable. Being aware of his environment and those around him has ensured the safety and wellbeing of his fellow crewmates and himself, though many times they have wondered how he knew about certain things.

Lixor generally lives what could be considered a Spartan lifestyle, one that lacks the fancy trimmings others consider necessities. Often he will order ration packs rather than standard meals. In the colony, if he was lucky, finding one made for a much more nutritious meal than the rats, bugs and other things he ate to survive.

As a science officer he is quite adept and able to adjust to changing circumstances quickly. Those that have served under him consider him fair but firm in his approach. When he asks for something to be done he expects it though he does understand extenuating circumstances. They also know he is much harder on himself than he is on them.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Highly Intelligent: As a youth it became highly apparent that Lixor was gifted. Without the proper means though or the formality of a formal education he still was able to grasp complicated ideas processes. With the limited knowledge his mother possessed she did her best to encourage his curiosity though it was often a dangerous thing to do in a failed colony.

+ Quick learner: The half Bolion can learn new things at an exceptional pace and maintain that knowledge.

+Dedication: Lixor is dedicated to his shipmates and those in leadership, if they have earned his trust.

+ Determination: Lixor is determined to perform his duties at an exceptional level. This propelled him to the highest levels of the gang and now push him to forward even with the task at hand seems impossible.

- Troubled Past: His experiences in the failed colony and the loss of his mother have proven to leave emotional scars Lixor needs to deal with.
- Aloof: The scientist keeps his distance from people, at least until he knows them well enough.
- Suspicious: Lixor is untrusting of anyone until they have earned that trust.

- Lack of Social skills: Being in a gang and living on the street does not tend to develop acceptable social skills. Though he can be rather convincing and can negotiate a compromise when needed. he really has difficulty creating meaningful relationships. His lack of trust keeps him from even attempting to form them.

- Stubborn: Lieutenant JG Neubohn is rather immovable once he sets his mind on something.

- Resistant to change: It’s difficult for Lixor to accept change.
Ambitions The ultimate achievement for Lixor would be to feel accepted and a part of normal society. He often has felt like an outsider and unacceptable due to the treatment he has received by some who supposedly were upstanding individuals. Finding his birth father is another thing he hopes to do. He would like to see those who were responsible for the decline of the colony brought to justice.
Hobbies & Interests Research: Lixor enjoys his work and finds it hard to pull himself away from it.

Martial Arts: As a result of living in the failed colony Lixor knows many forms of self-defense. He tries his best to keep up these skills knowing he may be called upon to use them at any time.

Personal History It was 2354 when Lixor Nabohn made his untimely appearance. He was born four months premature thanks to a beating his mother, Luroh Nabohn, at the hands of her Orion slavers. The child was not a complete surprise to his mother but to her slavers they were unaware of her pregnancy. She had been impregnated when she was given to a bolian for a night as part of a payment for contraband. At the time of the birth Lixor was not given a name, only known as the baby.

His mother was given to a low level political figure in the Baldaron IV colony where she was treated a little better compared to her existence among her Orion captors. She did what she could for her child trying to keep him safe and teaching what she could at her home until the government fell completely apart and she was forced to flee with her six year old son.

Now living on the cold hard streets Luroh and Lixor learn to steel and survive among the gangs and lawless environment that prevailed. She learned how to catch what she could to eat and whatever edible things that could be scavenged. Lixor learned to fight and even kill when necessary to survive.
Bartering and trading were also necessary and as a result his mother was often required to do things she against her will. By the time the boy was 10 the pair had been forced to become part of one of the most dangerous gangs.

Beauty is not always a blessing. Luroh had a skill, one forced upon her by the slavers, she found necessary to use at many times. It was while with one of her “customers” that she was beaten so badly her life was taken. He was fourteen.

With the loss of the only stabilizing person in his life Lixor found he needed to gain notoriety and respect in the social group call the flying daemons. He was given the tattoo he still has and became part of the leadership of the violent gang.

It wasn’t until the Federation finally showed up to clean things up that Lixor showed any interest in changing. He was sixteen and had risen to near the top of the gang’s organization and had actually begun to bring order to the chaos and violence of everyday existence. When he and his gang were approached by federation officers he negotiated for a peaceful surrender of his branch and helped others make the hard decision to yield to a government that was absent for so many years.

Once taken in Lixor was interrogated about what had happened on the colony and was eventually sentenced to juvenile correction. He was given a formal education and fell in love with science, especially Neurology. As time when on and his behavior improved he was given the opportunity to try and become a Starfleet officer.

In 2372 the young man was accepted into the Academy taking a double major in Neuroscience and Biochemistry. His cadet cruise was aboard the USS Boldar serving in their science department. The ship was old and was nearing the end of her service life. Even with inferior equipment that malfunctioned as much as it worked Lixor was able to earn the respect of his peers giving him assignments that were considered more difficult to complete than others.

By 2381 He had become a seasoned scientist and ready to move on to newer ship with a more serious science bend to their assignments. He survived two assaults on the vessel including being boarded and the final time having to evacuate an incinerating vessel.

After the destruction of the SS Saki Lixor was made a Lieutenant Junior Grade where he served as the Assistant to the Assistant Chief Scientist and served well in that position. He remained at that post until receiving a call to fill the position as Assistant Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Cerberus.
Service Record 2376 Science Officer, Cadet
USS Boldar

2381 Science Officer, Ensign
USS Saki

2386 Assistant Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant (JG)
USS Trummel

2391 Assistant Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant (JG)
USS Cerberus

2391 Assistant Chief Science Officer, lieutenant (JG)
USS Artimus