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Lieutenant JG Antony Survek

Name Antony Survek

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan/ Vulcan/Betazoid mix
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 250
Hair Color black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Antony is tall well built, somewhere in between well-muscled and thin. He has a strong pointed jaw, strong eyebrows and prefers to have a bit of stubble on his face. He has a dazzling smile and a somewhat intense stare. His Betazoid background overshadows his Vulcan Romulan mix so he doesn’t have the facial features associated with a Romulan or Vulcan but he does have the ears!

Has a tattoo of a phoenix rising out of flames on his right shoulder.


Spouse Bareil Eden (Bajoran)--Divorced
Children None
Father Admiral Survek 1/2 Romulan 1/2 Vulcan Diplomat
Mother Ambassador Astrid Survek Betazoid Diplomat
Brother(s) 3 Brothers-- All brother's are older and in the diplomatic division
Commander Saul Survek
Lt. Cmdr. John Survek
Commander Tevlin Survek (Twin to Saul)
Sister(s) 3 Sisters All three sisters Younger

Jem Survek (16 years younger) - Artist on Betazed
Lt. Emerald Survek (1 Year Younger) - Diplomat USS Felix
Aurora Survek (1 year Younger Twin to Emerald) Diplomat on Vulcan

Other Family Aunt T'Rel his Favorite Aunt Romulan Senator

Personality & Traits

General Overview Antony seems to be cocky and have an attitude, this was a characteristic that served him well as a middle child sandwiched between 3 bothers and 3 sisters. Deep down he’s a bit insecure and lonely as he never lets people get too close. He’s very much mysterious and misunderstood to people. He has an odd sense of humour.
Strengths & Weaknesses He’s a great diplomat even though he really wanted to be a historian. He is very good at what he does but doesn’t realize it. He is self-conscious and always worried about how he is perceived. Food weakness Chocolate and tea. His strength is his diplomacy and ability to adapt to situations on the go. He is organized and very much a detailed person.
Ambitions Antony wants to be a great diplomat. He wants to make his parents and brother's and sister's proud but can never seem to live up to their expectations. He secretly yearns to incorporate both his Galactic history degree with his diplomacy but hasn't had the chance. He also wants to publish his writings and photography but is afraid of what others will think.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, Writing, Holodeck time, cleaning, collecting miniatures, painting, reading history, writing, photography. He plays the piano and has a great voice.
Languages Vulcan, Romulan, English, Frech, Latin, Betazoid, Klingon, Andorian

Personal History From a young age Antony knew what he was going to be. He was going to go to Starfleet and be a diplomat like his brothers, 2 of his sisters, and his mother and father. What he wanted was to be a writer/photographer and historian. As a child he was quiet and shy often skipping school to paint or read or attend plays…but he never slipped in his school work. He has an above average intelligence and was a straight A student from the start. He never worried about making decisions as his parents made them for him, from who he dated to what he ate to what he studied.

He ran away several times staying with his Aunt a Roumlan Senator but always came back, especially when his littlest sister Jem was born. He taught her to paint, write, and was more of a father to her then their own father.

He completed his schooling on Vulcan and after the Vulcan Academy he entered Starfleet.

When he did eventually enter Starfleet he got some freedom to pursue what he liked and even though he completed his training in Diplomacy he was able to study Galactic History as a double major. He was hoping for historical post but his parents pulled strings and now he’s chief diplomat.

His relationship with his family is a rocky one. His parents are both diplomats, his brothers, and two of his younger sisters (who rose through the ranks faster then him and no one will let him forget it.) always picked on him.

He is a great diplomat, historian, and artist but is often insecure in his private relationships and it takes a lot of time to get to know the true Antony as he's built up defenses.

Service Record USS Heart—Diplomatic core as a diplomatic aid. Here he really shone. During his post his Chief Dip. Officer got ill and he had to take over negotiations. He helped negotiate a trade deal between a newly encountered species. His CO was so impressed he recommended him for the Deputy post on the Mythic.

USS Mythic – Deputy Diplomatic Officer. He had received this promotion and had thought that things would finally settle into routine. He loved his ship dearly and it was a time he was truly happy. He had a chance to work closely with his CO Captain Star and the two shared many an adventure together. Unfortunately things are not always easy. His sister Emerald was assigned as his superior officer and he discovered a new meaning of stress. Of course his sister took interest in the engineer and Antony and said engineer didn't see eye to eye. At the request of his father he tried to warn the Engineer off but the two wound up in a fist fight in engineering and in a lot of trouble. He wound up in the brig and his sister married the engineer. Antony transferred off the ship.

USS Rangin – Historian and Chief Diplomat -- Despite his trouble on the Mythic he was a good diplomat. He was assigned to the Rangin next. There who successfully negotiated a trade deal with a Klingon colony at the expense of three broken ribs and an offer of marriage. He took the broken ribs but not the marriage. He excelled on the Rangin working both as a historian and diplomat. He started to open up to the crew and actually made friends. Shortly after his arrival he started a relationship with the ship Counselor Isabelle Love. His relationship with her was complicated. She loved him but he merely cared for her thinking that she could do better. Soon an opportunity that he was waiting for showed up. He was to take over as the historian for the USS Bread but thanks to his father was reassigned to the Asgard.

USS Asgard – Chief Diplomatic Officer