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Ensign Michelle Aekalu

Name Michelle re'Ael Aekalu

Position Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan(3/4)Human(1/8)Vulcan(1/8)
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5-4
Weight 114
Hair Color Black with dark brown highlights
Eye Color Green and Gold mix
Physical Description Michelle is slender and athletic, of shorter than average height and tends to carry herself quietly often adopting a neutral expression. She has long straight black/brown hair she usually keeps in an orderly ponytail, tucked back behind her pointed ears. Though athletic, her slight frame and small stature are limiting. She possesses surprising strength thanks to her Romu-vulcan heritage and has mild telepathic abilities requiring physical contact to employ.

Though 31, her heritage makes her look to be about 24 and she ages at a reduced rate compared to her Human crewmates.


Father Shen Aekalu
Mother Kassa Aekalu (Nez'Hael)
Brother(s) Tembra Aekalu
Sister(s) Coissa Thorsson (Aekalu)
Other Family Various nephews, nieces, grand-nephews and grand-nieces along with a similar variety of more distant relations in the Romulan Star Empire

Personality & Traits

General Overview Having spent her early education in the Romulan Star Empire before escaping in a freighter with two dozen other Romulan families, Michelle grew up on a human colony named Coloria V. The Romulans arrived with a cover story about being Vulcan refugees that had adopted the ways of emotion and were accepted with little friction. Michelle was left as a bit of an outcast socially, the mostly Human colony was alien to her and it took until well into her high school years to assimilate properly. An unnaturally good academic, she spent her time in quiet corners and immersed in holonovels, or if absolutely necessary, actual novels.

Outwardly quiet and serene, Michelle prefers to emulate Vulcan mannerisms as she finds it makes social situations easier to navigate.

Michelle has a strong empathy for the defenseless and tends to side naturally with the underdog. It is this compassion and respect for all life forms that is her saving grace. She is courageous and steadfast in the defense of others.
Strengths & Weaknesses Physically strong despite her stature due to Romulan/Vulcan genetics
Comparative Computer architecture and languages
Anthropolgy, Exogenetics Astrocatography

Quick to Anger
Not especially talented at small arms or combat skills
Somewhat introverted
Ambitions Try to find a way to run the programs on the five datacrystals retrieved when she was rescued
Hobbies & Interests Holoprogramming
Holo Novels, Actual Novels
Languages Federation Common, Romulan and a smattering of Vulcan

Personal History Re’Ael Aekalu grew up on a Farming world at the distant edge of the Romulan Empire. Her father was a quarter Vulcan, descended from a small band of travelers who had found their way to Romulan space while travelling in search of a path other than logic. When they arrived in Romulan space they found themselves in work camp after work camp, world after world.

Her mother, in turn, was the grand-daughter of a Senator and a human captive from the first Human Romulan war. Aprios Archaea IV had been the last stop for each family in a string of mining, resource and fabrication worlds. Her parents met, married, had a daughter and lived a quiet rural life. When a local power struggle left their Farming World tattered and in shambles a couple dozen families boarded a Freighter and left Romulan space altogether settling in the Federation on a sparsely populated human colony world.

Taking the name Michelle, the girl excelled in school academically if not socially. Her parents thrived on a farm far from the strife of the Empire. A younger brother was born in transit and a sister shortly afterward. Michelle earned a seat at the Academy and traveled to Earth where she earned a certification in Scientific Administration and was posted to the USS Essex. Four months into her first tour the Essex was lost with all hands. It was found two years later, damaged, lifeless and adrift.

One hundred thirty eight years later Michelle was found and woken from cryostasis in an ancient but advanced escape pod of alien design. After significant debriefing she asked for leave to attend university, eventually gaining a PHD in Anthropology specializing in exotechnology and divergent computer architecture. She followed that with coursework at the Academy in Astrocartography and gravitic Astronomy. Having adapted to the differing technology of the present day with surprising ease she applied to return to active duty and was assigned as an Ensign once more and posted to the USS Asgard.
Service Record 1-11 Lived on Aprios Archaea IV, Romulan agro planet.
11-17 Lived on Coloria V, human colony world.
18-21 Starfleet academy. One citation for academic excellence. Offered a spot in officer training program.
22 Assigned to USS Essex. Essex is lost with all hands four months later.
23-27 Attended Oxford on Earth gaining a PHD in Alien Anthropology
27-31 Coursework at Starfleet Command in Astrometrics and Astro-Cartography as well as full refresher courses in modern starship technology.
31 Reinstated as Ensign and assigned to the USS Asgard
Out of Character Notes Chronological age 154
Physiological age 31
Mental Age 47
Expected Lifespan 188 (311 chrono)
Human age: 24 (looks like)