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Petty Officer 2nd Class Alec Drake

Name Alec Drake

Position Plane Captain

Rank Petty Officer 2nd Class

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1''
Hair Color Dark brown/almost black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Lara Drake *deceased*
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Family Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alec can be a somewhat intense man who feels things deeply but can keep it to himself and can be prone to long silences when not in the mood to talk. He is deeply loyal to his friends and there's nothing he wouldn't do to help one out. He's not afraid to speak his mind but can be pretty short and sweet in how he delivers his opinion, even if 'sweet' actually means 'blunt'. He'll stand up for what he believes in and he's not scared to fight for it either.

Despite his quiet and more brooding moments now and then, he can actually be found with a warm smile and a good, or bad, joke to share, along with a drink and some company. It seems that the tough hand of cards he's been dealt in life has taught him to grow stronger and enjoy what he can, when he can, even the small pleasures...especially the small pleasures.

He's a hard worker who isn't afraid of getting his hands dirty. He doesn't like people who seem to find manual work 'beneath' them. On the whole, he comes off as pretty rough and ready, but he has a keen sense of humour, is highly observant, has sharp instincts when it comes to people and scenarios and is more intelligent and runs deeper than many would give him credit for.
Strengths & Weaknesses He feels things deeply and has keen instincts, but he tends to bottle it up.

He's excellent at thinking on his feet and improvising when he has to.

He understands people and what makes them tick, making him a sharp man that's not easy to fool.

He's loyal, hard working and practical.

His understanding for many of the sciences is limited. He's okay with a phaser and while he passed basic combat, he tends to fall back on old brawling and fighting from his life before Starfleet. He's not as highly educated as many Starfleet personnel and had to sit an extra year of training to fill some of the gaps.
Ambitions He's always had a fancy to fly the birds he fixes up, but he knows that won't happen. He'll make do with making a long career for himself where he can keep busy.
Hobbies & Interests Old mechanical things he can repair, cars, bikes, holonovels, films, bars, running, climbing, swimming, flying old craft on the holodeck.
Languages Standard, Cardassian

Personal History Alec was born and raised on the Larvin Colony, a human founded colony that had fallen to civil war in the past and declared itself independent from the Federation. It also would find itself in the area of space that would be given up to the Cardassians in an attempt to appease them.

Alec was brought up by a single parent, his mother, Lara, and never knew who his father was. Life wasn't easy on the independent colony, with gangs and authority struggling for dominance, limited resources and not a great quality of life. The only thing they had going for them were the mines, but the money that came from selling what they mined went into the pockets of the few who ran the Colony and mines.

In the run up to what would become the Dominion War, the Cardassians claimed Larvin as their own, as well as the mines therein. Alec was 11 when the Cardassians seized control of their colony, and he was in for a long, brutal dictatorship over the next years. He did his best to keep his head down as he became a teenager, trying to stay out of trouble with the Cardassians, and also the gangs that were making noise. It didn't always work and he had his fair share of run ins with both sides. His mother was killed not long after he turned 14 and he found himself having to do whatever he had to in order to survive as an orphan under the oppression of both the Cardassians and the Larvin gangs.

It seemed like good news when the Cardassians were finally driven away four years later towards the end of the war, however the brutal but ordered dictatorship gave way to the chaos of gang struggle for dominance with the newly replaced government and authorities. The gangs soon started to win out, but the different gangs fought just as much with each other as they did the authorities. Again, Alec found himself just trying to stay out of trouble and scrape a living to get by.

When he was 16, he managed to blag a job as an assistant in a mechanic's garage where they had to patch up everything from bikes right through to small shuttles. Everything had seen better days on the turbulent colony and more often than not they had to try and patch up over what had already been patched up, that was covering up another patch up. It soon became apparent that Alec had lied to get the job and knew absolutely nothing about repairing vehicles, but Oliver, the mechanic, found he liked the lad and he could see he worked hard with whatever he gave him to do, so he trained him up as they went along, taking him as an apprentice. Alec didn't earn much, but he got a roof over his head and a meal every night. He worked long, hard hours but he found he preferred to be busy and actually enjoyed learning a new skill.

The bright lad took to it well, learning quickly and working hard, always enjoying a new challenge of a different kind of vehicle to work on. The mechanic who taught him was killed during a gang conflict when Alec was 18. While he'd learnt his trade well, he didn't know how to run a business. He scraped a living as and when he could fixing things up, saving up money, deciding to get out of the colony for good. He managed to buy passage off world, drifting for a little while from station to station as he sold his skills, trying to survive off of the little money he made.

He finally ended up at a station that was partly used as a Starfleet base when he was 19, trying to sell his services to them. While he was turned down, a drink in a bar with one of the officers led to a suggestion that he try and join up. What did he have to lose, the officer pointed out. Alec agreed with the sentiment and applied to Starfleet. Although concerned with his level of education, a practical test showed he already had a good aptitude for fixing vehicles as well as hands on experience. His patchy education led to him being enrolled in a three year course, the first year dedicated to filling the gaps in his basic education, while the following years would train him fully as a small craft technician.

It took some effort to adjust to authority and rules, the hardest part being that Alec had never been afraid to say what he thought or to stand up for himself or his beliefs when push came to shove...or thump. He was tamed enough for service though, even if his blunt, sharp tongue never went away.

He was sent to work on a small starbase for the first two years of his career and he was more than ready for a change when the time came. He worked hard, never afraid of getting his hands dirty with long, physical work if needed, and it paid off, earning him a promotion and a change of scene to a ship. He preferred ship life...although more cramped and limiting in some ways, it felt like they were actually active. He showed himself capable of holding his own, and barking at others if and when needed to get a job done. He managed to stay out of trouble, even if he'd earnt more than a few tickings off for speaking bluntly when he didn't like what was going on. His work spoke for itself though, earning another promotion and a place on a bigger ship.

In 2390 he was sent to work on the Asgard, a modest sized ship, but with an active fighter squadron that suited his need to keep busy.
Service Record 2379-2382 - Starfleet Enlisted Training
2382-2384 - Starbase 213, Small Craft Technician, Crewman
2384-2385 - Starbase H'Ilar, Small Craft Technician, Crewman
2385-2386 - Starbase H'Ilar, Small Craft Technician, PO3
2386-2388 - USS Regent, Small Craft Technician, PO3
2388-2390 - USS Hunter, Small Craft Technician, PO2
2390-Present - USS Asgard, Small Craft Technician - Talon's Plane Captain, PO2