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Captain Kabar Brannigan

Name Kabar Brannigan

Position Marine detachment Commander

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 209lbs
Hair Color brown
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Kabar is tall, square shouldered, thick skulled, gifted athlete type.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Jake Brannigan marine Master warrant artificer
Mother Fran Brannigan marine Sgt, left service when sons born
Brother(s) Younger Jake Jr. age 20, Marine Warrant, artificer
Sister(s) N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kabar grew up on marine bases and then he was with his family on two different colony marine bases in hostile areas. he grew up exploring new planets and learning to survive. he could hunt, fish, and with some tech help from a tricorder figure out which plants to eat. In a word he is a survivor.
Strengths & Weaknesses + physical skills, he is strong, fast, with excellent balance and exceptional eye hand coordination.
+ He has a high pain threshold
+ He is dedicated and a quick study

- seldom shows a lot of emotion, bottles up most things and deals with them in private
- doesn't like a lot of people
Ambitions to make a difference
Hobbies & Interests running, camping, swimming, climbing, skydiving, space jumping, scuba diving. archaic weapons, including the bow. Flying, old aircraft,

Personal History He was born on 29 April 2365 on a marine base near Marquis territory. His parent were base engineers. They were pulled out in 2368 only months before the base was destroyed to build a new base. Kabar was only three at the time and remembers nothing really. The newly built base was attacked several times between 2368 and 2371. It was abandoned in 2371 when the Jemhadar invaded. Kabar and his parents were pulled out with the last group of survivors. His brother had just turned one. 2371-2375 They were on a starbase repairing marine equipment for the front lines. When the war ended and the aftermath support was scaled down the Brannigans volunteered for colony duty.

2375-2378 thy helped build the marine support base and several colony towns on a mountainous world with slightly heavy gravity. From 2378-2383 they did the same on a water world planet with few land masses. Since this planet was hard to move about on he learned to be a pilot. He had earned a senior pilot license by the time he left his family to enlist. That was in April of 2383, just after his eighteenth birthday. Kabar got a ride to Berengar to join the marines.
Service Record 2383-2384 Marine BCT and AIT as a sapper. Then he was accepted into the stealth insertion class based on his training performance up to that point.
2384-2387 A full thirty-six months in officer training and flight school. Included advanced tactical training as well. Was assigned as a 2ndLT to a replacement squadron on DS3.
2387-2389: Aboard a Cheyenne class cruiser USS Comanche, flying Razors with VMF-229 *Vikings*
2389-2391: transient marine base on Trill, {Sept-Oct 2390}assigned prisoner escort aboard the USS Balius/USS Asgard. When the mission done assigned to the marine detachment aboard the *Balius* a Centaur class as the detachment leader. The while the Balius was at DS9, assigned to an undercover rescue mission {May 2391}
2391: Marine Detachment Commander USS StarGazer a Nebula class (deal with the rebellion on Bellatrix)
2391: Marine Detachment moved to USS Asgard an Akira class
April 2392: promoted to Marine Captain by recommendation from Captain Wulfe