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Lieutenant Yukime Winters

Name Yukime Silk Winters

Position Senior Support Craft Pilot

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 110
Hair Color platimum blonde
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Silk is Amerasian and she has a sort of exotic look to her which is enhanced by her blue eyes and platinum blonde hair. Her build is a bit on the boyish side and she tends to cultivate

While serving on the Western Horizon, she underwent surgical enhancement to make her even more exotic looking. Her boyish figure being replaced with one with a lot more curves to it. She has since decided to keep the changes.


Spouse Dating Helena Berg├Ęs
Children none
Father Robert- deceaed
Mother Yukiko - deceased
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family none

Personality & Traits

General Overview Yukime outwardly presents as very tomboyish and acts as such. She is brash at times and outspoken. She is quick to accept tasks. Yukime seldom uses her first name and prefers to go by her middle name Silk. Silk was also the moniker given to her in flight school.

In private though Silk will unwind and become much more feminine and there is a definite submissive streak.

Silk is also bisexual.
Strengths & Weaknesses Silk's main strength is that she is one of those rare humans that have telepathy. It is strong enough to make even most Betazoids jealous.

Silk's biggest weakness is she is impulsive, acting without thinking.
Ambitions She would like to improve her flying skills and work her way up the ranks.
Hobbies & Interests Silk is a fully trained geisha and as such she knows all the aspects of being a gracious hostess, including entertainment with voice and instrument.

Languages Federation standard, Japanese

Personal History Silk was a fairly withdrawn child. Her half Japanese looks combined with her very non-Japanese hair and eye colour marked her as different. Her mother worried about her withdrawn daughter including the complaints that Silk said she could hear voices in her head.

It was during a routine physical that the medical team had a Betazoid doctor on it and he was thinking out loud, "It would be nice to talk to some one". Silk immediately piped up and said with her own thoughts, "I can talk, I hear you."

The doctor immediately realized that Silk was one of those rare humans with telepathic gifts. He explained to her parents that she needed to be taught and trained in her gift and arranged for her to go to Betazoid. Silk learned but being a small child suddenly thrust into a different culture it always remained a sore spot.

After Silk returned to Earth, though she was much more adjusted she began to take up more boy pursuits. Begging her mother and father to let her study bushido they or rather her mother relented only on the fact if Silk would learn her profession of being a Geisha.

Silk agreed. Though she professed and did well with her bushido studies she found that the way of the flower, being a geisha was actually much harder in discipline and when she was allowed to wear her hair as a full geisha it was a moment she was and still is very proud of.

Later Silk decided she wanted to learn to fly and it was arranged for her to enter the Academy. It was during her second year that her parents were killed in the Great Kyoto earthquake.

It may have been this event but Silk became even more boyish and it was an incident at the Academy where several boys snuck into the showers to see if she really 'had balls' that changed her career at the Academy. The ensuing fight left several with broken ribs and noses.

She refused to testify against the boys, just chalking it up to rough housing. As such, she was assigned to F squadron. This was the squadron that cadets that had not violated any particular code but the superiors wanted to wash out were assigned. Instead of washing out, Silk performed well and graduated with a small commendation as well.

Starting off as a fighter pilot, Silk eventually moved with the chance of a promotion to being a shuttle pilot. She also served as secondary security at times due to her previous and on going training.

A brief stint on board the secret intelligence ship Western Horizon, Silk received surgical enhancements to her looks and body making her look quite sexy. She has decided to keep the looks.

Silk has a semi-permanent relationship with the Chief Engineer as well, who has two babies fathered by a Bajoran the two met on a hiking trip.
Service Record USS Henly - Cadet cruise