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Lieutenant JG Eric Rydan

Name Eric Kenneth Rydan

Position Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 155 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Chocolate/Deep Brown
Physical Description If the dictionary did pictographs for normal, a picture of Eric would be in there. He stands at just an inch shy of six feet, his torso longer then his legs which isn't too noticeable until he sits down next to a slightly taller individual and Eric suddenly looks a little taller. His brown hair is kept short, barely long enough to style in a simple brush over to the right, and he keeps his face clean shaved all the time.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Donovan Rydan [65]
Mother Arlean Rydan [57]
Brother(s) Jarred Rydan [21]
Joseph Rydan [23]
Sister(s) Elidia Rydan [28]

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dislikes: Large masses of water, arrogance and incompetence
Likes: Friendliness, writing, reading, history, outdoors, responsibility, moral codes.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Empathetic; good at talking and listening, and prides himself on his ability to read people, their emotions and then being able to talk to them, or listen depending on the situation.
- Smart; Not a genius level intelligent, but carries a passion for learning history, and other arts and will willingly talk for hours about it. Will also spend hours learning about it. To this end, he also enjoys writing and reading in his leisure time.
- Thrifty; His childhood had him spending years in the wilderness and he learned how to be thrifty and acquired skills better put to use outside of an office.

- Procrastination; Eric is one, perptually plauged by it. It was especially present during his teenager and Academy years, and although his Starfleet service has helped him counter it, every pile of paperwork and PADDs is an invitation from it.
- Anger; A vice not seen since a violent outburst against his ex-friend his freshman year at the Academy, he has since carefully managed it but irritations and stress can egg it on.
Ambitions His posting as Chief Security/Tactical Officer marks the completion of an ambition, to rise to Department Head, one he's held since his commissioning in 2384 and pursued since. While upwards promotion is an idea, right now Eric just wants to enjoy the challenge of a Department Head role and travel the galaxy.
Hobbies & Interests Eric enjoys the study, and debating, of history of any planet or civilization, and ardently studies it, and has even done research projects in his leisure time. To that end, he also enjoys writing amateur fiction of a variety of themes in his leisure time, though never seeking publishing, just a wonderful story. He also enjoys the outdoors and never shied away from away parties, because he loves documenting alien landscapes and seeing them.
Languages Standard

Personal History Born: August 24, 2362 in the city of Minax on the human colony world of Altair VII. Born to Donovan and Arlean Rydan, a skilled engineer and a member of local law enforcement respectively. Second child, first son, out of eventually two younger brothers and an older sister.

Eric was as raised in the family's home on a decent size property in the settlement of Arith, a moderately sized town that was close to several others, but also was several miles from a large city so it provided a urban and rural experience at the same time. His father, Donovan, was a engineer that worked with a private company that specialized in the development of computers and other electronic equipment and was often away, leaving his older sister and himself to often help his mother, whose job as a local law enforcement member left her working long and late hours, and once the younger brothers were brought into the fold, Eric bonded with his older sister. He studied well, but often was lazy in his early school years and thus while being more then averagely intelligent, he often finished with average or slightly better grades. When the children reached their teenager years, their parents began helping them to decide on a career choice as the choice of a secondary school was a near thing. Arlean wanted her daughter so bad to become a doctor, or something that was high earning and not dangerous, however the more tomboyish Elidia wanted an adventure, something thrilling and attended the local popular secondary school. Jarred and Joseph followed more with their parents wishes and both began attending a school known for its offered engineering courses, with the plan to eventually work with their father or in a similar field, however Jarred changed his mind after a year and decided to pursue a religious leader role, and left the family home for a nearby monastery where he would study. Eric joined his sister at the local school and struggled through the secondary school that offered large courseloads, but with the freedom to procrastinate out of them and thus confounded his teachers with his obvious brilliance but barely passing grades. His father, the traditional mentor, was too engrossed with his work and was barely home and was in no capacity to even notice, unless the school sent home a notice about dropping grades and that resulted in an ineffective lecture and his mother was assigned to a more high-traffic department his freshman year and thus was also not present in the home life much.

Mid-way through sophomore year, Eric was referred to a special guidance counselor that the School kept on payroll, a man by the name of Lincoln Konieck, who over the time of a few sessions revealed to be a former Starfleet officer who had a long, good career aboard several starships and had come to Altair VII to live the rest of his years in peace and quiet, relatively. Without Lincoln's intervention, Eric surely would have just been another dropout/failure statistic and through after/before school sessions and by the start of his junior year, Eric was rising with his grades. He managed to graduate, not anywhere near the top of his class but still good. Three years beforehand his sister had left for the Marines and with Lincoln's advice and help, Eric joined the Academy and after that, his adventure began.

His time at the Academy was an opposite of his secondary school years, he matched his brilliance and aptitude for quick learning with an equally hard dedication and quickly excelled in his studies and performance; the only exception was freshman year, where he met and befriended a man by the name of Dorian Leide, a native of Earth. The two had become best friends, however the opposite personalities. While most people would describe Eric was a good, whole person, Dorian was generally seen to be able to be summed up in a three letter, impolite, word and many wondered at the friendship. It lasted for a time until late near the end of his freshman year, Eric excelled in their final field test, and placed ahead of Dorian, who was more athletic and built. In return, Dorian sabatoged Eric's relationship with his girlfriend, which when discovered, Eric flew into a rage after some taunting from Dorian and punched him square in the face before being able to calm himself and cool down. The incident was never reported and the two never spoke again, and Eric's remaining Academy years were filled with high grades and excellent performance and he graduated with flying colors. He was initially posted to a Miranda-class starship, the USS Solus, following his commissioning where he served for just little over a year before he was transferred to the USS Baltimore, a Excelsior-class starship, to fill in some empty staffing spots following a rocky mission. Aboard the Baltimore he continued to work hard and dedicate himself, and his Supervisor, a Lieutenant JG Kelden Greaves took notice and the two became at first good professional coworkers and then it turned into a good friendship. The two served together when the Baltimore was deployed in 2387 to assist in aid operations following the Romulan Supernova, where he and Greaves received a commendation for their hard work and efforts during the ships mission. Following the completion of their mission, Greaves transfered to the USS Raleigh as their Chief of Security/Tactical and he asked for Eric to come along to be his Assistant, which Eric immediately agreed to. The two stayed together until Eric transferred to the Norway and remain good friends to this day.
Service Record 2380 - Initial Acceptance/Entry into the Academy
2384 - Graduation and commissioning as an Ensign, aboard the USS Solus, a Miranda-class starship, as a Security Officer.
- Commended for actions during a patrol operation near the Romulan Neutral Zone and a anti-smuggling ring bust
2385 - Transferred to USS Baltimore, a Excelsior-class starship, as a Security Officer.
- ['85] Commended for efficiency during security and tactical protocol exercises
- ['87] Promoted to Lieutenant JG
- ['88] Commended for efforts during relief and aid efforts following Romulan Supernova
2388 - Re-assigned to USS Raleigh, a New Orleans-class starship, as an Assistant Chief Security Officer.
- ['88] Commended for actions during the assistance with civilian unrest/distress on colony world
2390 - Transferred to the USS Norway as Chief of Security/Tactical