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Lieutenant JG Maud Barentsz

Name Maud Barentsz

Position Forensic Pathologist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description  photo tumblr_nokmr38RZU1s3mlhro1_500_zps6ctf7kig.gif  photo tumblr_inline_njvmrfjL0z1r0tnbe_zps1kmhnapv.gif
Maud’s a woman of average height with brown hair and brown eyes. She could easily be lost in a crowd, except she’s got a very expressive face and is quick to smile. She can look stern when she wants to, but always there’s a hint of playfulness just behind it. She doesn’t take herself very seriously, more because she doesn’t see any reason to. She’s good at hiding her emotions when she is angry, settling into cold professionalism instead. She is far less keen on the Starfleet uniform than she lets on and would prefer to do her work wearing something completely different, and occasionally she can be seen on duty with none uniform standard boots or a shirt. She has a love for strong lipsticks, often going for the powerful reds as she feels her face is rather average.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Kees Barentsz (Commercial Shuttle Pilot)
Mother Julia Barentsz (Painter)
Brother(s) Matthijs Barentsz (shuttle mechanic, London, England, Earth)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Maud is a woman who is used to standing up for her convictions and her opinions, regardless of the consequences. She is sharp, quick thinking and honest to a fault. She has a compassionate side too, able to sit down and offer a cup of tea and a chat to someone, but she feels that lying to someone to spare their emotions is just useless. She is happiest in her own company though, a self-confessed introvert who enjoys time with herself. She doesn’t mind social occasions though and will rise to it, usually with a smile and a laugh. She is confident in who she is and finds that life is too short to worry too much about finding ‘the one’ and settling down.

She has a strong belief in medicine and science, but also in that happiness is found all around you. She enjoys aromatherapy, finding the scents relaxing and very different from what she has smelled in her professional career.

Professionally, she finds herself playing the music that the person she works on liked, having conversations with them as she tries to find out how they died and how they lived. As such, she often works alone on a cadaver rather than with an assistant, in case they would find it weird. She tries her best to strive for perfection, but truth is she is aware she is only human and often relies on the holodeck to recreate scenarios of murder to either confirm or disprove her theories.

Maud has a love of music, books and holodeck novels and will try anything once. She is also a keen kick boxer and previously used to play rugby. She will still practice the self-defence moves she was taught at the Academy, wanting to keep herself sharp…just in case one of the cadavers reanimates.
Strengths & Weaknesses Maud passed her medical exams without any issues, but when set in situations with real life patients she struggles with balancing their emotions and what she needs to do. She gets irritable and snappy, which only strengthens her belief that she should not work on live subjects. She isn’t the best at keeping her mouth shut when she disagrees, something which has landed her in trouble with superior officers before. For all her talent with the dead, her live patient skills are sadly lacking.

Maud did well during her Starfleet training days, having a love for being active. She did well in self-defence classes, but only showed average skills with a phaser. She preferred being more physical, more because she had always been active anyway with playing rugby while growing up. She is a natural confident woman, more in herself and her own skills than anything based in looks. She has no problem with taking charge if she knows the subject, but will take a step back if there is something she knows she doesn’t have the skills to handle. What rubs her the wrong way is having to deal with Starfleet politics, not caring for the whole ‘yes, sir, no sir’ thing. She is after all a forensic pathologist first and Starfleet officer second and it is how she views herself. But she is also strangely grateful to Starfleet for letting her do a job she enjoys and having given her the education she needed to get where she is today.

Romantically, Maud is far more for the casual than the deep romantic stuff. She doesn’t do well with relationships, seeing herself as enjoying her own space too much to be clingy. Instead, she finds the friends she wants and keeps them, anything else socially is disregarded in favour of a good book.
Ambitions Maud’s ambition is to lead a Forensic team and write a book on the techniques used with Forensic Pathology in Starfleet. She has started this book twice and never gone past the first two chapters.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, music, kick boxing, rugby, holodeck novels, historical fashion movements, historical murder cases and forensic sciences.
Languages Standard, Dutch

Personal History Maud Barentsz was born in the Netherlands, on Earth, to Julia and Kees Barentsz. She was a twin, born seven minutes after her brother Matthijs. Her mother was a painter, but worked in a hotel to make ends meet when she didn’t have anyone commission canvas paintings from her. Her father, Kees, was a shuttle pilot and was often away. Julia was a woman who enjoyed the belief that nature cured all. She had crystals around the house, would burn herbs and oils in the house and insist that things were cooked from scratch rather than from a replicator. Maud grew up close to her brother, being as tough as he was when they were playing. She would play with the boys more than the girls and come home as dirty as her brother.

When Maud was seven her father got a job in England, flying shuttles from London to continental Europe. So the entire family moved there and lived in a small flat where Maud and Matthijs shared a room with bunk beds and their mother’s paintings. At school, Maud quickly showed her toughness and joined the rugby team with her brother. The Terrible Two could cause some serious damage. When she was eleven, her class went on a trip to a Museum to look at the history of medicine. Maud got fascinated by the more macabre sides of it and snuck away from the group to enter the Museum of Crime. It led to her fascination of how people could determine how someone was murdered and how this helped solve cases and bring closure to people. She was found by her teachers and got into a lot of trouble at school for sneaking off…but her mother commended her on her instinct and inquisitiveness.

Maud discovered she was good at science and biology at school as well, applying herself to it with abandonment. She was easily fixated as a child and would spend hours reading anatomy books when she wasn’t out playing with her brother. Her friendship with her sibling did make it harder for her to make friends on her own, more because she wasn’t used to doing the introduction. She also quickly learned she didn’t like all people. Some she did and became friends with, but most she found annoying and aggravating and nothing like the people you read about in books. Her teenage years did have a few odd romances, with boys and girls that showed an interest in her, but nothing that ended up breaking her heart when it stopped.

Since funds had always been a bit of an issue in the family, when Maud turned 18 she had to look at her options. She had left school with good grades, she had a sensible head on her shoulders and she knew what she wanted. But she also knew she wouldn’t be able to do it as a civilian. Her brother started training as a shuttle mechanic, an apprenticeship for the company their father worked for, so Maud knew she had to just take a chance. She applied for Starfleet and after the exams and entrance interview she found out she had been offered a spot. She went to San Francisco, saying goodbye to the room she had with her brother, her busy father, her mother with her herbs and oils and paints and went for it.

Starfleet was a bit of a shock to the system for Maud though. She struggled making friends, got frequently frustrating at all the extra courses she had to do and was not the best roommate in the world by any stretch of the imagination. But she applied herself to what she did, loved her core studies and tried her best at the others. She got into kick boxing by chance, after doing reasonably well in the self-defence classes. Which balanced out her mediocre score on the firing range. She minored as a Shuttle Pilot, asked to do one more skill because that was what most people did. Her father had shown her a lot about piloting when she was growing up, so it was what came easiest to her without risking her medical marks. She wasn’t brilliant at it, but she didn’t crash the shuttle.

Maud’s true skills showed when she was doing forensics and medicine. Her instructors couldn’t find any fault until they had to deal with live people and Maud showed she lacked the finesse of dealing with people. She wasn’t very sympathetic and she wasn’t very reassuring. Instead, she was all about the facts. It lowered her overall score for graduation, but she was quickly picked up as a promising Forensic Pathologist. She worked for some years as part of a team that would travel to ships in the alpha quadrate when there had been a murder, working alongside other Forensic Pathologists. She learned a lot during those years, showing a great well of knowledge and the will to learn more.

She spent a bit of time on the USS Wellington, where she served as a forensic pathologist in her own right. The ship was tasked with visiting planets on the Federation near the Cardassian border, to find evidence of massacres committed during the Dominion Wars. It was five years where Maud found herself going over skeletons, finding injuries and trying to tie it to weapons. She worked closely with other forensic personnel, identifying any victim that was registered. It was rewarding work but hard as well, emotionally draining for most of them.

In 2390, at the age of 33, the Wellington’s mission ended and all the forensic personnel were reassigned. Maud had hoped to get based on Earth, or at least the Sol system, but was instead posted on the USS Asgard as a Forensic Pathologist. The Asgard did have a department for her to fit into and it was a chance for Maud to do more research and training on the side. She had a desire to expand her knowledge in the field, especially forensic entomology as she would like to know more about how non-Terran insects work on cadavers.
Service Record 2375-2379 Starfleet Academy, Major Forensic Pathology with Medicine, Minor Shuttle Pilot.
2379-2385 Starfleet Forensic Team Alpha-Oscar-Niner, various ships
2385-2390 USS Wellington, Forensic Pathologist
2390-PRES USS Asgard, Forensic Pathologist