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Karyn Dallas

Name Karyn Elizabeth Dallas R.N.

Position Starfleet Medical/Counseling Representative

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 110 lbs.
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Karyn has long, thick red hair that she'll wear in a ponytail or braid while on duty. She has a smile and bright blue eyes that light up her whole face. Besides using her modern hoverchair for getting around on board the ship, Karyn also has a set of exoskeleton "power legs" engineering created for her that she can wear that give her normal mobility. The electro/bio-mechanical devices allow her to walk around like any other person on the ship. However the added weight and electronic stimulation of her limbs is quite tiresome. Because of this, Karyn tries to limit the use of the exoskeleton system as much as possible when practical to do so.


Spouse None
Children None
Father John Dallas
Mother Elizabeth Dallas (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Kathryn E. Dallas, M.D., Ph.D.
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Karyn makes up for her lack of physical ability with her quick wit and sarcasm. She will follow orders and be a loyal friend, but she isn’t afraid to open her mouth and share her feelings regarding matters that are affecting "her" crew. She is intelligent, sensitive, and maternal by nature.
Strengths & Weaknesses She enjoys making people laugh, even in the most trying of circumstances, and she has a strong nurturing instinct, particularly when it comes to helping survivors of abuse. Karyn often struggles inwardly because she tends to wear her heart on her sleeve, something that as a counselor, she won't allow. She spends most of her time working, and as a consequence, it's harder for her to be in "off-duty mode" where she can express her feelings without feeling self-conscious. Getting her to talk about herself or her own feelings is much more difficult, and will usually only happen when she is pushed to the brink emotionally.

While she would never admit to being afraid to take on command responsibilities, her previous experiences have made her a lot more cautious and a lot less eager to abandon her counseling duties, which she finds a lot more rewarding. She will never turn down a chance to sharpen her command skills outright, because as a perfectionist, she refuses to be afraid to "get back on that horse" as it were, but not being able to be in complete control of a command situation bothers her more than it does most. When provoked she has a fiery temper. Karyn will talk about her disability openly. She prefers to be independent and only asks for help when absolutely necessary.

Karyn has earned several nicknames over the course of her life, most of them meaningful only to her close friends or significant others. While aboard the Enterprise D and the original Galaxy, she was affectionately known as the "Raging Redhead" or "Red" for short, because of her temper. "Ryn" was a term of endearment coined by her childhood sweetheart and ex-fiancé, Alan, and her sister Kathryn. "Lizzie" was her father's nickname for both she and her mother, and on occasion people have been known to shorten her middle name this way. When he was drunk, John Dallas often mistook Karyn for his dead wife. She detests this nickname and has told no one about it, as it only brings back memories of the abuse she suffered. . Because of her family's history of addiction, she will only drink on special occasions.
Ambitions Karyn considers herself a Starfleet Counselor first and a Starfleet Commander second, and does not pretend to have ambitions of obtaining a command of her own someday.
Hobbies & Interests Mystery holo-novels, theater, forensic psychology, choral performance.
Languages Federation Standard, Romulan, some Klingon

Personal History Karyn E. Dallas was born June 6, 2352 on the planet Betazed. Her parents John and Elizabeth Dallas were both retired Starfleet officers who had come to Betazed to complete their family at the insistence of their six year old daughter, Kathryn. Unfortunately, the perfect family was not to be. Karyn was born two months premature, and soon after the difficult birth, Elizabeth Dallas passed away. As a result of her early birth, Karyn was born with cerebral palsy. This left her confined to a hoverchair. Despite these obstacles, Kathryn was determined to teach Karyn how to be independent and thus, she became a second mother to Karyn. From an early age Kathryn knew Karyn was a fighter, possessing an inner strength that would come to be tested time and again in later years.

For as long as she can remember, Karyn's deepest desire had always been to get out from under her father's strict and unforgiving influence. By age four, she was already living in fear of John's drunken rages and abusive nature. Unresolved grief and a desire to punish someone for the premature death of his childhood sweetheart drove John toward alcohol, which in turn led to increasingly violent behavior.

Kathryn, being the oldest, bore the brunt of her father's physical, emotional and sexual abuse, but being her father's favorite and the spitting image of her mother did not always protect Karyn. As a result of their shared secrets, Kathryn and Karyn grew extremely close, continuing to interact more like mother and daughter rather than sisters. Despite their close relationship, Kathryn rarely spoke of her father's abuse, and when she did, it was always to make excuses for him. Most of the time she pretended to ignore the abuse altogether. Karyn's only respite came in the form of Alan Taylor, her childhood sweetheart and the son of an alcoholic mother. The two planned to marry as soon as Alan was old enough and found a job outside of Betazed.

Karyn did well in school, in part because she enjoyed it, and also as a means to keep teachers from suspecting things were amiss at home. Fearing Karyn would face similar or even worse treatment than she had once she became old enough, Kathryn researched every possible route for she and her sister to gain an education before running away to start fresh. Kathryn knew without a proper education and a chance to gain steady employment, she and her sister would never be able to escape their father's influence. Aware of her sister's deep desire to become a doctor in Starfleet, Karyn encouraged Kathryn to apply to Starfleet Academy. Kathryn was reluctant to leave her little sister behind, but ultimately realized she would be better able to take care of her sister only after she had learned how to take care of herself.

On her third attempt to apply for early admission into the pre-med program, Kathryn was accepted, and under cover of night, Kathryn reluctantly bid goodbye to her baby sister who promised she could take care of herself and her father. Karyn told Kathryn she had earned the right to live her own life and that when the time was right, they'd both run toward new lives. While Kathryn struggled academically in San Francisco, Karyn struggled emotionally on Betazed. Without Kathryn to take on the "grownup" responsibilities of a wife and mother, Karyn became her father's new target. When Kathryn graduated the Academy with honors in 2367 and returned home, she was horrified to learn her worst fears had come true. Feeling an overwhelming rage and desire to make things right, Kathryn pulled her sister out of her childhood home and never looked back. Both of them suffered severe injuries in the midst of their father's final rage that day but they emerged alive and with a stronger resolve to succeed.

Vowing never to leave her sister alone again, Kathryn took additional classes at the University of Betezed in combat medicine and trauma counseling, and at the same agreed to work at the University of Betezed General Hospital as a medical assistant while her sister studied to become a teacher's assistant. After graduating in 2368 from the University of Betezed, the two girls were accepted aboard the USS Enterprise-D. Kate, who by then had earned a promotion to Lt. jg. continued to serve as a medical assistant, while Karyn joined the civilian teaching staff.

It was on the Enterprise that Karyn revealed her father's abuse to her friend and mentor, Sarah Jacobs, who had by then encouraged Karyn to use her empathy and compassion to become a counselor. It was an act that angered and humiliated Kathryn because in many ways she still felt responsible. In her mind, the horrors were over, and did not need to be rehashed. Karyn by that point was also talking of attending the Academy, a move toward independence that would leave Kathryn feeling a mixture of sadness and anger, but also empty because she no longer would have someone to care for. Always her little sister's protector, Kathryn tried to convince Karyn Starfleet wasn't where she belonged, that the prejudice she would endure could destroy her, and perhaps even prevent her from achieving her goals.

At seventeen, Karyn resented her sister's attempts to shelter her from reality, particularly because Kathryn had taken the "pretend it doesn't exist" approach with everything else in her life, including her father's abuse. Karyn was the exact opposite, wishing her older sister had reached a point in her life where she was ready to acknowledge the past, but realizing she hadn't, Karyn decided to move forward. Feeling resentful and abandoned, Kathryn left for Starfleet Medical six months before Karyn was to leave for San Francisco.
Karyn entered the Academy in 2370, majoring in both Psychology and Education. The Academy was difficult for Karyn because she felt she always had to prove she belonged at the Academy, but she refused to be ignored because of her disability. Most of her time was devoted to studying, but she still made time for some extracurricular activities. She founded the Students With Disabilities Council which focused on making the Academy accessible for students with disabilities. It also provided services that could be used by the handicapped.

While at the Academy she was reunited with her childhood sweetheart, Alan Taylor, only this time he was seen in the arms of another woman. Alan had earned quite a reputation by that time, not for working hard, but for making his way through the Academy's undergraduate females. Letters from Alan by that time had become few and far between and never mentioned Starfleet Academy, but still Alan always promised they would marry when the time was right. Heartbroken and angry, Karyn confronted Alan in the Academy gardens. Not many know what was said that night, but Karyn never spoke of Alan or her discovery ever again. When Alan graduated that spring, a weight seemed to be lifted from Karyn's shoulders. She graduated in 2374 with highest honors. She was one of three disabled students.

Her first assignment was to the USS Galaxy, NCC-70637 as a counselor and teacher. In mid 2374, Karyn was asked to assume the responsibilities as the Galaxy's Chief Counselor, taking over the role of running both the Counseling and Education departments onboard the Starship. It was unexpected, but Karyn stepped up to the challenge.

Within a few months of taking over the department, several senior ranking officers returned to the Galaxy and served under Counselor Dallas in spite of her lower ranking status. Having senior officers below her in the chain of command only added to the interesting times Karyn had learning what it took to run a department on board a starship such as the USS Galaxy.

After the end of the Dominion War in 2375, Karyn received the Starfleet Cross for her part in assisting Admiral Thomas J. Casey's fleet of Akira Starships with a mission into the Romulan Neutral Zone. Karyn served as First Officer on the USS Wellington and did an outstanding job at ensuring the mission was successful. The temporary command assignment was completely unexpected, but once again, Karyn stepped up to the challenge. Her quick thinking at tactical enabled the Wellington to defend itself against the Romulans while also protecting the other ships in the fleet.

In early 2375, Karyn decided she wanted to continue her education. Because of their medical training, she and other counselors aboard the Galaxy were often called upon to serve as nurses during emergencies. It was this occasional service that led Karyn to seriously consider a career in nursing. She still loved counseling others, but she felt training as a nurse would broaden her horizons and allow her to better understand how the body and the mind work together to promote physical and emotional healing.

Karyn contacted Starfleet Medical and under the supervision of the Distance Education Coordinator, Dr. Nora Gandy, and the Galaxy's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Endris Gakor-Albrecht, Karyn began her nursing courses. By mid 2376, Karyn had passed her nursing boards with flying colors, graduating with honors. She became a registered nurse, specializing in both surgical and emergency medicine.

Not long after completing her nursing degree, Karyn began dating Lt. Michael McDowell, the Galaxy's Assistant Chief Engineer. Their relationship was always loving, but neither felt comfortable with a serious commitment. Because of her childhood, Karyn had difficulty trusting men, but Michael was always patient, firm in the belief they had all the time in the world.

Their dreams were shattered when Michael while on a humanitarian mission to Grainus VI, was separated from his away team for two days. While wandering in the desert, Michael was exposed to a toxin found in a local plant. By the time he was found, he was unconscious, and in a deep coma which would claim four months of his life. Karyn remained by his side the entire time, and was thrilled when he awoke, only to be devastated shortly thereafter when she realized he did not remember anything from the year before, including Karyn. The strain became too much for both, and Michael decided to return to earth on medical leave without her. Once again, Karyn was alone, but she continued to pour all her energy into her work, eventually turning her attention to the command track.

Tragically, when the Galaxy's Chief Operations Officer was killed during an away mission, the position of Second Officer became available. Karyn was offered the position and she accepted. She began receiving training to act as Executive Officer whenever the First Officer was unavailable or on assignments like away team missions.

Karyn was relieved of her duties as Second Officer and Chief Counselor of the USS Galaxy and reassigned by Starfleet Command in December 2377. No explanation was given as to why Karyn, and several other officers (including the Captain) were relieved of their duties on board the USS Galaxy. After carrying out a classified mission for Starfleet Command that involved rescuing a Romulan defector, Karyn was reassigned back to the USS Galaxy to her former position as Chief Counselor and Second Officer. No one outside of those also relieved of duty knows exactly what happened while Karyn was away, but she came back to the Galaxy a different person, not quite as eager to assume command responsibilities and noticeably withdrawn.

Matters came to a head on lanjep, a planet located within the Klingon Empire, when Karyn and several of her senior counselors were asked to act as ambassadors for the Federation at a summit regarding the opening of the mIch nItlhral trade route. As Chief Ambassador, Karyn was under orders to speak in favor of the trade route's opening, but shortly after the conference began, Karyn learned Captain Price, who was fishing at the time, had been kidnapped. The ransom note she received from the Yiridian Ambassador shortly after learning of the kidnapping demanded she speak out against the trade route's opening, and in return, Lee would be returned unharmed, but she was not to tell anyone outside of the Away Team of the crime.

After several days of careful investigation, the Breen and the House of Duras were eventually implicated in the kidnapping, but not before Karyn was called to the podium to express the Federation's stand on the trade route. By manipulating the Federation delegation into speaking against the route's opening, the Breen and their Klingon co-conspirator, Toral, hoped the ploy would destroy diplomatic relations between the Klingon Empire and the Federation, plunging the two allies into civil war. The resulting chaos would further weaken the Klingon Empire, and allow both races to gain political power.

Dallas was not naive enough to believe Price's kidnappers would hold up their end of the bargain if the Federation gave into their demands, but torn emotionally, she was compelled to do everything she could to buy time for the rescue team in the hopes that Lee would be found alive. The only thing Karyn knew with certainty was if she didn't give the Breen what they wanted, Lee would most certainly die, and as long as she had options available to her that could protect her captain, as a healer, she was unwilling to do anything less. Following her heart and what she felt was her duty to her captain and crew, Karyn denounced the opening of the mIch nItlhral trade route to the shock of hundreds of delegates and Starfleet Command.

Unfortunately, it proved to be a disastrous command decision. Believing he was finally being released from captivity, Captain Price was coming out of his cell aboard the Breen ship when he was shot in the back three times. While unconscious, his Breen captors returned him to the spot he had been taken from and left him for dead. Luckily, security found him in time to save his life, but the damage to his spinal cord left him paralyzed from the waist down. No longer able to command a starship on his terms while confined to a hoverchair, Lee resigned his command of the Galaxy and accepted a promotion to Admiral and a job in Starfleet Command.

The outcome of the mission completely devastated Karyn, who blamed herself and her emotional reasoning for ending Lee's career. Qualities that had served her well as a counselor had made a shambles of her first shot at command, and in a matter of moments, she had annihilated centuries of diplomatic ties. She has always considered herself a counselor first and a commander second, and after two difficult and emotionally draining assignments which took her away from her true passion, she grew bitter and considered leaving the fleet altogether. Matters weren't helped much when Starfleet Medical politely "suggested" she take a year long hiatus from Starfleet to deal with her grief and consider her career options. Karyn knew they wanted to get her as far away from the public eye as soon as possible until things blew over.

Upon returning to Betazed, at first Karyn allowed herself to fall into self-pity, but she quickly decided she was not going to spend the rest of her life feeling sorry for herself. After taking some time for herself, she joined her friends' private psychotherapy practice in Guardian City and experienced civilian life for the first time in ten years. It didn't take her long to realize she belonged in Starfleet, caring for people she was required to help because she cared, not because she wanted to make a few credits. As soon as her LOA expired, she requested to be reinstated, and was filled with mixed emotions upon learning she was to report to Utopia Planetia Shipyards and the USS Galaxy NCC 70637-A under the command of Captain John Brohde.

Her Commission was re-activated at the request of Fleet Captain John Q. Bhrode, Commanding USS Galaxy.

In March 2384, Karyn Dallas was promoted to a senior advisory position within Starfleet Medical. Though Karyn elected to maintain a “home base” aboard the USS Galaxy – A, she understood her new position required her to travel extensively to other duty stations, advising other counselors, making recommendations as to Starfleet policy, and serving in special assignments.

She is currently assigned to the USS Asgard, providing medical and psychological assistance and advocacy to the crew following a recently traumatic mission.
Service Record 2369 - 2370: Crewman, Teachers' Education Aide, USS Enterprise-D
2374 - 2378: Counselor/Primary Education Teacher, USS Galaxy
2374: Chief Counselor, USS Galaxy
2377: Chief Counselor/ Second Officer, USS Galaxy
2378: Transferred, Detached Duties, Starfleet Command
2378 Transferred, Chief Counselor and Second Officer, USS Galaxy
2378 - 2379: Requested personal leave, granted by authority of Admirals Hoth, T'Paal, and Price
2379: Commission Reactivated. Transferred, Chief Counselor, USS Galaxy - A
2384: Promoted, Starfleet Medical and Counseling Representative