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Lieutenant JG Butch Stryker

Name Butch Stryker

Position Fighter Pilot

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 181lbs
Hair Color Tan/blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description See Wulfe to include this NPC

His muscular frame and Lithe movements, set him apart in a crowd as much as his easy friendly smile and soft spoken voice


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Commander Duffy Stryker CAG on SB301
Mother LtCommander Nancy Stryker Assistant Chief Operations
Brother(s) Ben Stryker (younger) age 17 in school
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family many

Personality & Traits

General Overview The Stryker family has a long tradition of being marines NCOes. Duffy broke that tradition by going Fleet and the Academy. His son followed in his father's footsteps. Is sort of funny that a fleet commander is considered the black sheep of the family. Butch grew up on ships, Starbases, and one long five year span on a marine base on Berengar. When he was left with his Uncle and Aunt while his parents were assigned DeepSpace-3
Strengths & Weaknesses He is strong, quick and has excelllent eyesight. His reflexes and hand to eye coordination make him an excellent pilot and a better then average martial artists. His secondary at the Academy was flight, he is qualified in the New Orleans class and the Anubis class. His primary was as a fighter pilot though like his father before him.
Ambitions To be as good a pilot and man as his Father
Hobbies & Interests odd sports like team parachuting/Space jumping. Has an interest in studying aquatic life. Is an avid scuba diver.

Personal History Born 29 April 2367 on a Nebula class carrier in the midst of a battle against Klingons. He was named after a popular boy doll toy, a Butch doll which was a blue-eyed baby in a diaper with his fist up like a boxers. Before he knew the gender of his baby, his Father had bought one as he was before he was born saying his son would be a fighter like the doll! Seemed like it was fore-ordained! Butch was always in fights from his first day at school till he graduated prep school and went to the Academy. He lived on three ships between 2367 and 2375, one was destroyed by the Breen, another crippled but limped back to base and was there scuttled. From 2376 to 2377 he was on Jupitor as his dad trained top gun pilots. 2378-2384 He lived with his Uncles and aunts on Berengar. 2385 He and his brother rejoined their parents on an Akira class. He was accepted on his first try to the Academy on Earth. He started class in 2385.
Service Record 2385-2389: Academy on Earth. First Major fighter pilot and second major was Flight. He went to the Acadmy with an adult pilot's license so many basic courses he was allowed to test and bypass. This allowed him more time for advanced studies and being part of the Academy space jump team for three years. In the summer of 2388 he was a flight officer for the summer cadet cruise on an Anubis class destroyer. His Senior year he flew with a fighter Squadron base on Mars, VF-1 Tophatters. He graduated in the middle of his class as he was not much general subjects he had little interest in.

2389-2390: Assigned as a Courier pilot star dock Trill
August 2390: Assigned to VT-51 Roughnecks on the USS Asgard as a shuttle pilot