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Lieutenant JG Francis Todd

Name Francis Andrew Todd

Position Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6' even
Weight 180 lb
Hair Color Dark blonde
Eye Color Blue eyes
Physical Description Contact Morga Harf to interact with this character.

Tall, Muscular, Chisled jaw, Dark blonde with reddish tinge goatee with handlebar moustache, square shoulders strong chest strong hips and long legs.


Spouse Nil
Children Nil
Father Aaron Todd
Mother Elayne Todd
Brother(s) Benjamin Todd

Neil Todd
Sister(s) Veronica, Arnotts

Susanna, Todd.
Other Family Fiancé Kiera Jacobs

Fiancé Janet Temple.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Young former Starfleet Marine, full tour of Duty, developing a leadership style that was first noticed in his school days. His six years as a Marine TOD, saw Francis developed from a raw soldier to sergeant before he was accepted into the academy. He was proud, as was his family as to know of his acceptance.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Physically strong, Flexible, Good H2H combat, trained in the light and heavy fire phasers that are used by the Marines and was decorated in keeping Fleet personnel, and his team safe.

Liking the ancient languages he find often difficult to develop living relations.
Ambitions To continue to developing his leadership of teams, to develop his friendship developed in his early academy days and getting to know more people as help keep space safe.
Hobbies & Interests Martial Arts Interests
Krav Maga, Ninjutsu, Kendo, Sholin Kung Fu.

Musical Interests
Proficient player of the violin and baritone saxophone, and possesses an ancient violin of his great great grandfathers Stradivarius, he played a Martin Swan violin and a Keilwerth saxophone.

Other interests
Climbing and abseiling

Collecting hobby
Collecting and trying to understand the use of bladed weapons from many cultures including Japanese Samurai weapons of the 15th century.
Languages Federation Standard, Ancient French, Ancient Germanic

Personal History Early Childhood (Daintree Rainforest area, Queensland, Australia.)
Learning many things about the rainforest area. Building forts with his brothers and generally running amuck. His mother got Francis in to music as a young boys before he entered school. He took an interest in saxophone and shown a virtuoso ability in the violin.

School (St Augustine's boarding school Cairns.)
Francis, named after the saint of Assisi, his school years was very unsaintly as a normal child.

Over the 13 years at school he was very studious and a top sportsman.

After school, before entering the Marine Corp he worked hard in his Father's Gunsmithing business beside his father and brother.
Service Record Marine General Entry training.
His passing grades were high as a long term good sportsman he was given the squad commander under the full trained Marine instructors.

Marksman level accuracy with the lightweight Marine phaser, and also good with the heavy Marine phaser. Useful also with all Marine ballistic weapons.

Six Year Tour of Duty
Six year Full tour of duty on USS Ark Royal progressing from a green Marine, and with a true leadership, he was quickly promoted to sergeant.

As his TOD ended he accepted the Captain's and security chiefs offer to sponsor him to be sent to starfleet Academy. He was drawn to security and it worked well with his Marine training so it was a good fit all round.

Starfleet Academy
During his years in the academy he made friendships with a few people as he spent a lot of time on his Language interests. One friend he is happy to take an interest in was a pretty young lady by the name of Keira.

After graduating as Dux or valedictorian of his academy class he was offered his pick of assignment. He had been corresponding with his friend and thought how good would it be to be on the same ship. So his assignment was Security Ensign USS Asgard.
Out of Character Notes His comm badge looks normal but has Green bars that would normally be gold.

Promoted Ensign to Lieutenant jg 15th June 2391
Promoted Ltjg to Lt
Promoted Lt to Lt Cmdr