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Dallas Risi

Name Dallas Luke Risi

Position Lounge Manager

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 10
Weight 72kgs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description - Tall and lightly built
- Hair is thick with the sides shaved and slightly longer on the top
- Hazel green eyes
- A square shaped scar is on his left forearm where his only tattoo was sliced off as a trophy by the Tzenketh that tortured him


Children Nephew - Tristan Jake Logan (7)
Father Jacob Risi
Mother Leila Risi
Brother(s) Kayden Risi (27)
Brenton Risi (25)
Other Family Cousin - Commander Danielle Logan - KIA, USS Sentinel
Second cousin - Tristan Logan (son of Danielle)
Various aunts and uncles

Personality & Traits

General Overview Before the incident, Dallas used to be an outgoing and an absolute crowd pleaser. He could get along with anyone, be their best friend, know everything they wanted and desired. His methods of working behind the bar and being an effective manager got nothing but the highest praises, giving Dallas a cocky attitude at such a young age too.

After the incident, he became withdrawn and suffered from PTSD, the nightmares coming frequently and leading to paranoia that someone was going to abduct and torture him again. Thanks to the help of his part-time lover Dawn and he amazingly caring nature before he got transferred off, Dallas was able to gain back some of his old personality.

The loss of his only cousin Danielle sent Dallas reeling back into a dark place until he found himself tasked with being guardian to her now seven year old son Tristan. This made Dallas re-evaluate where his life was headed and get back onto a good path. His old style charm has started to return, the counselling sessions are going well, and the past is only acting as a guide.
Strengths & Weaknesses W - Being too compassionate
S - Easy learner
S - Empathetic
S - People person
S - He knows his drinks
W - Still has a mild case of PTSD
W - Talking about the incident
Ambitions To find his place in the world, whether it be with another person or by himself. A career being a bartender in a high end restaurant or club would be ideal.
Hobbies & Interests Flair bartending
Keeping his fitness up
Different cultures
Languages English, a bit of German, and bits and pieces of other languages

Personal History A loving and understanding upbringing worked out well for Dallas, as he was allowed to express himself in any way he chose. Two older brothers kept him in line at school, mum and dad were wrapped around his little finger at home. As a kid, Dallas would always be devoting his spare time to either reading or helping out in the community, and there were many accolades given from everyone who knew him.

Dallas was an average student who almost failed gym, but excelled at chemistry and maths, giving him the badge of being "geekishly cool". After applying for and getting into college to study chemistry, Dallas found that working a local campus bar was an exciting and fun job, leading him to a couple of local restaurants part time and switching his major to business management. These few years were the time for Dallas to explore his sexuality and he found himself having no preference for one gender over the other, ending up in casual relationships with both ladies and gents. He finished university around the middle of the class, but with a degree in business management nonetheless.

A position at a very prestigious bar in New Berlin became available and Dallas took the chance, figuring he'd probably have one in a million shot as getting it, given that he was probably too young even though he could smooth talk people into doing pretty much anything. Once he was accepted into the position of junior bartender, Dallas had an absolute ball and loved every minute of it: the night life, the fact he could experiment with new drink concoctions, meet new people, and working at something he'd always dreamt of.

After six months in New Berlin, there was word that the USS Sentinel was going to be passing by, the same ship Dallas had heard his cousin Danielle Logan was the Executive Officer on, and looked up if there was a position for bartender. Viola! There was one available, under the control of the legendary Dominic Hudson no less! Two days later, Dallas had his transfer paperwork and had boarded on the next available shuttle.