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Lieutenant JG Aiden Jaeger

Name Aiden Jaeger

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (Luna)
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 184
Hair Color Black with Gray streaks
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description At 6'0" even, Aiden is a slightly taller than average man. Coming in at 184 lbs. he has a deceptively lean build with broad shoulders, Aiden isnt overly muscular but is well toned and built thanks to years of service in Starfleet Security and a general enjoyment of working out.

Aiden has medium short black hair with a fair amount of gray starting to creep in even at his relatively young age, mostly in part thanks to his rather rawdy daughter. He prefers to keep his hair somewhat kempt, slicking it back with product. Though he manages to keep his face clean a majority of the time, Aiden can sometimes be seen with a 5 o'clock shadow.

While on duty, Aiden prefers a regular Duty Jacket and duty pants, though his jacket tends to be unzipped atleast partially a majority of the time. Rather than wearing a traditional combadge for communication, while on Duty, Aiden prefers the Marine style Tactical comlink.

While off duty, Aiden wears a simple pair of jeans and a button down shirt, with a comfortable leather jacket.


Spouse Taliena Jursta (Divorced)
Children Jenell Jaeger (16)
Father Captain Alexander Jaeger - 62
Mother Elise Jaeger - 60
Brother(s) Markus Smith - 41 (Brother in Law)
Sister(s) Brigitte Smith (nee Jaeger) - 39
Other Family Jessica Smith - 12 (Niece)
Harold Smith - 10 (Nephew)

Personality & Traits

General Overview A legacy security officer, Aiden grew up wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps and join Starfleet Security. A hard work ethic and a natural knack for the security business, Aiden is good at his job. Though he you won’t always find him with a smile on his face, he does enjoy what he does, quite alot. Aiden is good at thinking on his feet and leading in the heat of the moment when it’s needed.

He can be a bit emotionally distant at times, removed from the people he's protecting or serving with. One should not take that to heart though as he means no ill, this is thanks to an incident during his first year after graduation and the last year of the Dominion War. Once he deems you a friend though, Aiden is a different beast, he cares about his friends and will do almost anything asked of him within reason.

An interesting fact that not many tend to realize, Aiden is a softy at heart, his daughter is the center of his world.
Strengths & Weaknesses An intelligent man, Aiden is quick witted and good at improvising in tough situations. That being said when the adrenaline isnt pumping, Aiden can tend to over think things from time to time.

Aiden however tends to have a weakness when it comes to his daughter and be sure to know that Jenell knows it and plays it well. Aiden also prefers to be honest in his answers, sometimes garnering some distaste from those he talks with and commands.
Ambitions Aiden has little in the way of ambitions at the moment. Though he wishes to one day gain a starship of his own, his current ambition is to get a post back on Earth at the Academy for Jenell's sake.
Hobbies & Interests Aiden has a number of hobbies, including several Earth sports from the past such as Hockey and Football (European), as well, Aiden enjoys reading a good book now and again. Aiden is a fan of several forms of Martial arts as well as boxing.

One of Aiden's primary interests is the wellbeing of his daughter and keeping her happy, however painful that can be sometimes.
Languages Federation Standard, Limited Klingon, Limited Romulan, Ferengi

Personal History Born in 2353 in New Berlin on the Moon, to a then Lieutenant Alexander Jaeger, a security officer at the Starfleet Shuttle Factory in the city, and his wife Elise Jaeger who was a Elementary school teacher in the city. From the very beginning, Aiden knew that he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father. He idolized Alexander who worked hard and still had time for his family at the end of the day for his son and daughter.

Because of this, Alex helped his son learn the value of teamwork and thinking on your feet by putting him in numerous sports and the Scouts. This also allowed Alex to keep fit from a young age something his father taught Aiden to be important towards a career in Starfleet Security. By the age of 14, Aiden had whittled it down to two sports, Hockey and Football, two sports that were both physical, required teamwork and were generally alot of fun. It was also at this age that Alex taught his son how to shoot and began tutoring him when he could in things he knew Aiden would need when he eventually applied for the Academy.

As soon as he graduated high school in 2370, Aiden applied and was accepted into Starfleet Academy, looking to specialize in Security and Tactical just like his father.
Service Record 2370-2374 - Aiden accepted into Starfleet Academy. He declares a Major in Security with a Minor in Starship Tactics.
2374-2377 - Assigned as a Security officer aboard the USS Horatio, Akira Class. During his assignment to the Horatio Aiden took part in several of the end battles of the Dominion War.
2377-2383 - Assigned to Starbase 23 as a Security Officer. Requested this assignment after finding out about his daughter.
2383-2387 - Assigned as Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical Officer to USS Coulson, Galaxy Class. First posting after his divorce from his daughters mother.
2387-2390 - Assigned as Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical Officer then eventual Chief of Security/Tactical aboard the USS Renown, Intrepid Class. Was responsible for helping to take down a Pirate nest in the Jusa Sector.
2390-???? - Assigned as Chief of Security/Tactical on the USS Vesta

Starfleet History
Aiden began his Starfleet career in 2370 with his enrollment in Starfleet Academy at the San Fransisco campus of the Academy. Although he met relatively high standards consistently, working hard to make sure he stay at or near the stop of the class, Aiden's time at the Academy was relatively uneventful. He had a few good friends, he played Rec Football and hockey whenever he could and got in a fight or two at the off campus bar. At the outbreak of the war in 2373, even though his mother tried to convince him to leave Starfleet, Aiden continued on with his education. Though his father was also worried with the possibility that Aiden could be posted to the front unlike himself, Alexander knew that Aiden had inherited his same sense of a need to help others.

Aiden would continue on to graduate on time in 2374 and he was posted to the USS Horatio, an Akira class that was posted to the Cardassian front. Though the ship mainly took part in ship to ship combat, Aiden took part in several land side battles, the most notable being the Battle of Arkea Prime. Arkea Prime was a strategic point that would have allowed the Dominion Forces an easy route to the Trill Sector. Though the Federation won the battle, it was a hard long battle in which Aiden saw several of his friends die and learned the true meaning of war.

Following the end of the battle, the Horatio was sent to Trill for repairs and to recrew. During the brief shoreleave on Trill, Aiden met his soon to be wife Telina Jursta. It was a short fast romance over several months in which the Horatio went in and out of the Trill system on her patrol routes, culminating in the birth of a daughter at the tail end of 2374 and their marriage. Due to it being a war, Aiden got little time to be with his new wife and daughter during the tail end of the war, even after the end of the war in 2375 Aiden saw Telina and Jenell little. For the next two years Aiden worked on the Horatio as it worked as a picket vessel along the Cardassian border. Whenever Aiden got the time off he'd travel back to Trill to be with Telina and Jenell. in 2377 after missing 3 years of his daughters life, Aiden put in for a transfer from the Horatio to Starbase 23.

His request was approved, and Aiden moved along with Telina and Jenell to the base. Stationed as a Security officer in the civilian part of the station, Aiden routinely worked along the promenade dealing with thieves and smugglers. Though the work was somewhat monotonous, Aiden had done it for his family. For the first few years everything was great, Telina and Aiden got along well and Aiden loved Jenell. By the 4th year however things had begun to change, Telina and Aiden had married young and fast due to Jenell, and being somewhere other than Trill, Telina had begun to resent that. By the 5th year of his time on Starbase 23 Telina left Aiden and Jenell and filed for divorce. After a year long process in which Aiden was given custody of Jenell and Telina left to explore the galaxy, Aiden decided he and Jenell needed a new start and transferred to the USS Coulson a Galaxy class cruiser.

Aboard the Coulson, Aiden served as the Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical officer. His first real taste of a more command situation, Aiden enjoyed his time on the Galaxy starship. It was also a good environment for Jenell, with many children the same age as her running around the ship. Both of them enjoyed their three years on the Coulson but times were changing fast, Aiden had been noticed and picked to tutor under a senior Chief on the USS Renown a Intrepid class starship in hopes of heading him towards a department of his own, or possibly turning him to the Command track.

Good for Aiden's career, with an eventual transition to the Chief position in command of the department, the Renown posting was a hard on for Jenell. A small ship, it was good experience for Aiden in terms of running a small security department, which allowed him to get a taste of the command track, while at the same time getting experience towards running a bigger department or possibly going into the Command program. His biggest triumph was leading a away mission to help clear out a Pirate nest that had been plaguing the Jusa sector for a while.

In 2390, Finally feeling he was ready to move up and take a bigger role, Aiden applied to take over the role as Chief on any ship he could get his posting. Though he would have preferred a large ship for Jenell's sake Aiden figures the career advancement will help him get a better posting later on.