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Lieutenant Myrina Tyrell

Name Myrina A. Tyrell

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7''
Weight 119 Ibs
Hair Color Blonde (long)
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description

Long, blonde hair that holds a natural wave is worn up on duty or allowed loose when in her own time. The dark eyes contrast the lightness of hair, and her pale skin seems natural with delicate, yet striking features. Her eyes can seem large and often give her thoughts and emotions away. She's of slender build, and although on the upper end of average height, she can seem more petite and fragile than she actually is.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Admiral Charlie Tyrell
Mother Commander Alice Tyrell
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Myrina is a highly intelligent young woman, but it seems to cause her more trouble than gain. It makes her mind too crowded and noisy, always needing something to work on, and if she doesn’t have something to occupy herself, she starts analysing people around her, which usually gets her into trouble. She has a keen sense of humour and a genuine and kind heart, but she more often than not feels isolated in life. She goes to work, does what she sees as a dull and boring job, before returning to her quarters and then sleeping before doing it all again...when she feels adventurous, the most she gets is a visit to the bar. She is good enough at her job but finds it mind numbingly boring. She has nothing against Starfleet or what it stands for, but hates the feeling of being confined in all their rules and regulations. Her mood can vary steeply, sometimes she can be high on energy and vitality and absolutely bounding, and other times she can be so void of energy that she feels numb and disconnected. Even as an independent woman of her age, she still fears her father and he has a great deal of control over her life.
Strengths & Weaknesses An Academy Instructor included a note with her file:

'Myrina Tyrell is a fine young woman who is easily capable of achieving excellence, however her apparent lack of effort and enthusiasm keeps that excellence out of her reach, and will probably result in a satisfactory officer rather than an exemplary one. Although her full ability does shine through on occasions when effectively motivated.'

Myrina had been ordered to regular counselling and medical reviews, but via the influence of her father rather than by a superior officer or department head. She strongly suspected that they were not confidential and her father saw the results of them. However, when on the Gemini, the then XO, Wulfe, intervened to have these stopped.
Ambitions She has few real ambitions of her own. She has been following the route to command set out by her parents. However, by leaving Operations to accept the Chief Flight Control Officer spot, she has stepped outside of the prescribed route.
Hobbies & Interests Logic puzzles, rowing, observation, running, listening to music, flying
Languages English, Cardassian, Latin

Personal History Myrina was born to two Starfleet officers who were together as a couple but had not planned to have a child. They had both wanted to concentrate on their careers, and it wasn’t surprising that Myrina grew up all too aware of that fact. She was an intelligent child, who did well at school, but she had overwhelming energy that made it difficult for her to keep still and concentrate, and a knack for pressing people’s buttons and getting into trouble.

As she grew up, she learnt to fear her father’s anger, and yet she still managed to constantly displease him. She became an average student despite tests showing she had an above average IQ. She retreated to flying and rowing to escape her mother’s disapproval, her father’s temper and her teachers’ disappointment, and soon flying became her passion. It became obvious that her parents expected her to join Starfleet, and she had no objections, it would give her the chance to be a pilot. However, her father had other plans. To him, helm was a non department, much like security, and he expected her to train in something that would give her a fast track to command. She insisted she wanted to be a pilot, but he put his foot down, asserting that her birth had slowed his and her mother’s career, so the least she could do was get to command and make them proud with her career.

Despite her anger at the situation she couldn’t resist his control. She enrolled with Starfleet and trained in Operations and Tactical. She did well enough at the Academy, but not as well as her intelligence should have allowed for. She had acute and uncanny observational skills around people and a high IQ, and yet she still only achieved average marks, both for her lack of enthusiasm for the area, her knack for winding people up and rubbing them the wrong way when she was pushed, and her over active mind making her unable to focus when she found operations wholly and utterly dull.

She was given a place at Starfleet Headquarters as an Operations officer, some instructors having seen something in her. She carried out her work, going through the motions but deeply bored. When Admiral Thomas Howard showed interest in her, she was all too eager to encourage it, anything to brighten her dull life up. She had already had a series of affairs with her instructors at the Academy, an Admiral seemed like little more. They began an affair that lasted about six months before his wife found out...and then Myrina’s father found out.

Myrina felt the full force of his anger, and he had her transferred onto the USS Gemini in order for Myrina to be watched over. However, her father's plan backfired. Her introduction with the then XO, Wulfe, on the Gemini, had been shaky. An authoritative man of position, she had attempted to make a pass at him...which was knocked back succinctly for his relationship with the Captain. Despite her embarrassment, Wulfe took her somewhat under his wing and stopped the counselling and medicals that were for her father's review, and limited his contact with her.

Under this new sense of freedom, Myrina began to grow and explore. She became close friends with the Chief Intel Officer, Lukas Basch, as well as teaming up with an operations rogue, John Sakura, in some harmless blackmarket enterprise. Her time on the Gemini was also troubled though. Kidnapped and treated cruelly, it was only the effort of friends and crew of the Gemini to free her that got her home safe and sound. A close call with Jem'Hadar saw both Myrina and Basch running for their lives on an unfamiliar planet in the pitch black of night and racing to help the Gemini crew aid a new colony to escape from their clutches.

It was on a ship sweep that Myrina would offer to take control of the helm in a tight spot. She was almost scared, knowing it was against her father's instruction, who had banned her from flying again as it put silly ideas in her head. But she did it anyway. On return to the Gemini, she was offered the Chief of Helm spot....and despite her anxiety about her father, she went for it.

Not long after, she received her orders to transfer to the Asgard. Although disappointed at first, she found herself excited when she realised that Wulfe was in the big chair, Basch in the Chief spook seat, and Sakura was dealing with all the crew's needs.

She saw similar ups and downs on the Asgard. Basch was reassigned, leaving her feeling somewhat bereft. Difficult battles and another run in with a cruel abductor left its mark on the young woman. It left her with a want to investigate the disappearances of other young women to pirates and slavers though, something she started to pursue in her own time. Sensing that she was in a difficult place, Wulfe arranged for her to move to a different ship and take her first step into command, serving as both the First Officer and Chief Helm on the USS Fortitude. However, a name from the past in the form of Lukas Basch also listed her as an intelligence asset, seeing her used in intelligence missions from time to time.
Service Record 2382-2386 - Starfleet Academy, Operations and Tactical

2386-2387 - Starfleet HQ, Operations Officer, Ensign

2387-2388 - USS Gemini, Operations Officer, Ensign

2388 - USS Gemini, Assistant Chief Operations Officer, Lieutenant JG

2388-2389 - USS Gemini, Chief Helm Officer, Lieutenant JG

2389-2390 - USS Asgard, Chief Helm Officer, Lieutenant JG - Lieutenant

2390-Present - USS Fortitude, First Officer/Helm, Lieutenant - Lt. Cmdr. Intelligence Asset.