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Lieutenant Ryder Hawken

Name Ryder *Hawkeye* Hawken

Position Squadron Leader

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 191lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Sky Blue
Physical Description Ryder is lanky long legs and long arms, broad shoulders and narrow waist. He has one of those straight bodies that clothes always look wrinkled on. His eyes are piercing but quiet. He seems at peace with life and his surroundings but still seems active even just sitting.


Spouse Married 7 July 2390 to Chief Science LtCommander Anlya D'Tries
Children N/A
Father Deceased: Jake Hawken
Mother Deceased: Alyassa Hawken
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Uncle who raised him: David Hawken

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ryder is quiet, he is observant, and he is tolerant. He seems rather boring most of the time. He seldom adds to a conversation, never tells a joke, and mostly just seems to enjoy his own company. Ryder is honest to a fault, to the point of over explaining to be more.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ryder is disciplined, mind and body. He pretty much spent his childhood in Marine Basic training. His Uncle was a D.I. and Ryder was his charge. Ryder grew up watching cycle after cycle of recruits come and graduate.
Ambitions Ryder wants to be as good a pilot as he believes his father was. So he pushes himself and whatever he is flying. He just currently wants to be the best pilot he can achieve.
Hobbies & Interests He learned to hunt, shoot and survive on hunting trips with his Uncle. He has few hobbies that do not involve weapons, being a pilot, or martial arts

Personal History Personal History: Ryder was born April 2366 on Earth to a Marine Couple. His Father Jake was a shuttle/transport pilot and his Mother was a repair Tech on those craft. Both his parents were Warrant officers in the same aviation outfit. At the age of four he left Earth with his parents for a Star-base posting on the Cardassian border, that was in 2370.

In 2374 his Father was killed in action on some rescue mission and his Mother took him back to Earth the following year. She remained in the Marines and in 2376 a crane failed and took her life as well. Ryder at the age of ten had lost both his parents. His Dad's older brother, David, accepted responsibility for his nephew and took young Ryder to Pensacola where he was stationed. Gunny Sergeant/Drill Instructor David Hawken was a career Marine.

From 2376 to 2384 Ryder trained with his Uncle almost every morning. Was almost like eight years of basic training. He also hung out at the base aero station with a few of his parents old friends. There he was enrolled in a junior pilots program and he snuck in as many hours on the various flight simulators as he could get. Ryder was a natural pilot, excellent hand-eye coordination, a quick mind and a spatial sense that allowed him to achieve advanced maneuvers with an almost unnatural ease. Ryder achieved his pilots license at sixteen and an instructors level license at seventeen.

Being around adults all his life made Ryder develop a patient, listening awareness. He seemed almost slow to people who did not know him and he never minded being thought less of. He was respectful and polite to all and learned to be observant. He travelled with his rather reclusive uncle on vacation hunting and fishing camps, so he never developed much of a social life. Growing up around Marine D.I.'s however meant he was nobody's fool.
Service Record 2384-2385: Enlisted in the marines upon graduation. Attended basic and Close quarters battle schools and received accelerated promotions from both. He was a full Corporal after his initial training. Ryder decided on flight school rather then force recon training and graduated at the top of his class as a shuttle/transport pilot. Now a Warrant-01 he was looking forward to following his Father's footsteps.

While Ryder was in training his Uncle/Guardian had been busy trying to get his ward into the Starfleet Academy. Since his brother and Ryder's Father had died a hero in the line of duty David felt it was right. He had grown to love the young man his nephew had become even though he had never really known how to show his pride or affection.

Thus instead of joining a marine aviation unit Ryder went to the Academy August 2385- March 2389: Four years at the Academy, his major area was as a fighter pilot, with a minor in both flight/helm and Engineering. His first summer Ryder volunteered to act as a transport pilot for marine cadet training. His second summer he trained with VF-101 Tomcats as part of an advanced fighter tactical training. The only underclassman in the group. His third summer he trained with an SAR seminar with several field exercises.

Due to his Marine training, summer classes, and performance Ryder graduated early so he could ship out with a section of pilots bound for SB 204. So upon graduation with all his fighter training complete he shipped out to a replacement Squadron.

April 2389 (present}: On arrival Ryder was interviewed, selected for, and assigned to VQ-3 Shadows on the USS Asgard as a fighter pilot. His first mission was very active. Between 29 April and the end of June 2389 Ryder participated in five skirmishes with the Breen Raiders while on mission and destroyed fifteen Choas Interceptors. He also helped repel boarders on one occasion and participated in the rescue of the science team on Mithradium. Then even on shore leave he participated in three missions! One in a borrowed Delta to run down and capture an escaping assassin. Another in a Danube to collect some medical equipment slated for the Asgard. A third was in his Raptor as element lead escorting Paladin with an away team in our standard type-9. They ran down a freighter on a clue to rescue the missing flight Chief. Ryder managed to run his markers up to nineteen with four Naussicaan Fighter/Raiders destroyed. He was promoted to LieutenantJG before departing the Starbase for the next mission.
A Squadron reorganization had the fighters reassigned as VCF-19 Gray-Wolves
Out of Character Notes Name plate/ call-sign on fighter: