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1st Lieutenant Raymond MacDyer

Name Raymond *Cougar* MacDyer

Position Those who retired with Amar

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 191lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Raymond has that tall lanky appearance and seems all arms and legs. He tends to give off a subdued quiet confidence that suggests 'he can do it'. He has a strong chin and distinct facial features. His gaze is somewhat piercing and his eyes seem to constantly be moving taking in his surroundings. This habit leaves some people uncomfortable around him. His normal hard expression turns into a friendly smile when spoken too. That habit seems at first make him unapproachable but once engaged those worries tend to be forgotten.


Spouse N/A
Children male german shepard puppy named 'Max' about 3 months old when obtained June 2390

Father Raymond age 51 Commander and fighter group leade
Mother BethAnn age 47 Senior Warrant Nurse
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Raymond grew up around auxiliary craft. He grew up learning to help the Aerospace techs repair and prepare the fighters and shuttles for flight. Most of the techs saw him as a sort of mascot. By age twelve they were letting him actually help with many small repairs. He was tall for his age and often those he worked with forgot his actual age so he was used to be trusted and felt a keen responsibility to perform. That dedication is a main focus of his being at this point in his life. Raymond is strong, dexterous, his eyesight is phenomenal. He has a spatial sense that allows him to keep focused on his task regardless of his bodies positioning.
Strengths & Weaknesses +dedicated to performing above the expectation
+Keen spatial sense that allows him to perform in the top 5% of fighter maneuvers
+Keen eyesight which made him the class gunnery champion
+Excellent hand-eye coordination
+Confident but not arrogant
+Familiarity with the enlisted staff in the flight unit assigned

-few social graces
-few interest outside of being a pilot
Ambitions To be the best Pilot he can be.
Hobbies & Interests He began martial arts at age twelve. He studied two different styles each three days a week in class time. He spent most of his free time practicing the moves he learned. He is belted in TaeKwonDoe and Akijuitsui. One an active offensive style and the other a defensive style.

He enjoys Fencing (saber and oriental styles), running, swimming, and climbing

He enjoys strenuous activities that test him in more then one aspect at a time.

Personal History Born on 19 May 2366, his father was a fighter pilot and his mother a nurse on the same carrier. He survived the Dominion war and one ship being destroyed. His Father was a much decorated ace and his mother was a well respected nurse, chief of nursing staff. By the time he was ten the family normally found themselves assigned to far flung space stations where the fighters were most needed to patrols and rapid responses. Raymond was well looked after by his parents, and normally found a sort of second-father type on the flight decks where he spent most of his non-school time.

He took after his Father gaining a recreational pilot's certificate at fourteen, His private pilot certificate at 17, and his commercial pilot certificate on his eighteenth birthday shortly before entering the Marines.

He trained in martial arts at his parents suggestion as knowing how to defend ones-self was something they felt important. He took an aggressive fighting style TaeKwonDoe for his Dad and a defensive grappling style Akijuitsui for his Mom. He enjoyed blending the two together when not in classes of course.

Growing up on Fleet ships and bases meant he was seldom unaware of a prank or joke aimed at him and he learned to walk away no matter what was said. He drew the line at being man-handled and the few fights he was in he had made those attacking him regret their actions.

He was turned down for the Academy on the first attempt due to his combative record. Those few fights had resulted in injuries to the other parties involved and had been placed on his permanent record. So Raymond rather then wait and try again enlisted in the marines requesting flight training. Much to the dismay of his parents who urged him to be patient!
Service Record June 2384-September 2385 Marine training
November 2385-March 2387 Ship duty USS Starhawk
May 2387- March 2390 Marine flight school, Officer training, fighter pilot training, advanced tactical training on Jupitor. On way to join replacement pool squadron when receive orders to join the Asgard.
April 2390 Join the USS Asgard in transit. After an eighteen hour flight engaged by Romulan Scorpions within an hour of joining the Asgard! A warm welcome indeed. Aboard the Aagard was VQ-3 Shadows till a Squadron reorganization had the fighters reassigned as VCF-19 Gray-Wolves
December 2391: Flight leader VMF-105 Gunslingers aboard the USS Asgard
Out of Character Notes Name plate/ call-sign on fighter: