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Lieutenant Commander Brad Talon

Name Brad *Paladin* Talon

Position Those who retired with Amar

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Klingon
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 231lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Ice Blue
Physical Description

He is lanky and long limbed very agile for his size. His dark hair is always neatly trimmed as is his moustache. He takes great pride in his appearance and tries to always appear neat as befits a bridge Officer. His eyes are dark blue and sometimes appear nearly black. He is normally in uniform but occasionally wears civilian attire, he has a weakness for Khaki with several pockets, and often wears shirts with high neck round collars. He has rather muted facial ridges but the thick eyebrows of a Klingon.


Spouse Ensign Jenna Cair [27 February 2389]
Children Jack: born 10 November 2390 (has pointy ears!)
Father adopted: Jack Talon
Mother adopted: Maggie Talon
Brother(s) N/a
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family A chocolate Lab named "Shadow" 3 year old (as of 2391)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Talon has a weakness for defending the weak, raised by foster parents and taught that strength was meant to be used to protect the weak from his earliest memories. As he grew tall and strong he never fought unless to defend another. He had many friends among the geek squad at school, very few among the elite.

Normally quiet and reserved, he often appears tense. He is however normally calm and watchful. Not much of a joiner but loyal to his friends. He would never knowingly lie to anyone, which makes him a poor comrade to get into trouble with.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: He is loyal and honest. He is a natural pilot and has great instincts, he has an innate tactical sense on how to best position his ship for the greatest advantage. Weakness: He is sure he is always right.
Ambitions Ambitions To make the Galaxy a better place. He wants to be the best fighter pilot in the fleet, but not for vanity or some kind of title. He just expects a great deal from himself. His Father taught him "To those with special gifts come high expectations."
Hobbies & Interests Brad fancies himself artistic and enjoys working with his hands. He is into carving, molding, and even blacksmithing.

His greatest love is flying, anything at any time. He fell in love with the vintage aircraft and From sixteen up was either a spectator or participant in the air races in San Francisco. Flying the old prop planes was a real thrill for him

Personal History Personal History Born in the spring of 2364, Brad never knew his birth parents, his mother died in childbirth and there was no mention of his Father anywhere. He was of mixed heritage and his first few years he had great difficulties with his health as his body fought itself. A nurse fell in love with the brave baby everyone called 'Brad' and she talked her husband into adopting the boy. Mr. Talon was a ship designer and a large man himself as he saw the size and strength of his son he impressed on him that might must be used for right. Never for personal gain. Both his adopted parents loved their quiet and strong little man and they spent all their free time helping him to grow to be a trustworthy man.

Brad took well to the attention and returned their love. When he was twelve he learned his parents could have no children of their own, his father had been in a work related accident and sterilized before they had married. His Mother explained they had planned on adopting and he was the child they chose. Brad always took that to mean he was special in some way and it was a point of pride for him. In school he never reacted to name calling or harassment as he believed his Father when he said it was because the other person was weaker.
The few fights he did get into were to defend weaker children from bullies. Which he felt was a duty. This made him very popular with the smaller kids and many of them were also the smartest.

Brad benefitted from this arrangement as they challenged him to develop his mind as well as his body. Brad was never much into team sports but he did enjoy martial arts, wrestling, and boxing. He studied and trained in all three. He was fortunate to find an instructor who believed in movement as opposed to brute strength and was well taught.
Service Record Service Record At eighteen, he was accepted to Starfleet academy due to his father's connections. In his first semester, fall of 2382, he found his calling as a Fighter Pilot. He had natural instincts and he just seemed to know where to position his boat for the greatest advantage. Defensively he seemed to be able to practically dodge incoming fire.

His last semester he trained with a real Fighter Wing in advanced aerospace tactics, a true honor for any Cadet.

Upon graduation in the summer of 2386 he was assigned to Deep Space 4 as a Courier pilot using a Delta Flyer. He enjoyed the long flights alone to various outposts. He was engaged twice during the months he had this duty and successively dealt with the attacking bandits on each occasion. Otherwise he flew shuttles, trained on the holodeck and marked time awaiting a Fighter pilot slot on a real ship.

Just before leaving for a long assignment a Vikrant class carrier put out a call for fighter pilots to fill her Wing. Talon was assigned to VF-105 Gunslingers and joined the ship just before it left port. He was given his call-sign by the Group Commander on their first meeting 'Paladin'. He was assigned as the Squadron leaders wingman on arrival, but in their first action Talon scored two Breen Choas fighters and proved his worth. Not long after reaching the Boomerang nebula Talon was sent on a long range patrol dreamed up be the Strategic operations Boss. It was a unique experiment and they were searching for a Breen base. The Breen were taking slaves from a planet that the Carrier was by then orbiting.

Talon and his wingman by chance ran into a Breen Frigate, then another and then the Breen supply base. Talon separated from his wingman during the engagement and his Raptor class fighter in bad shape made a reckless attempt to board a Freighter docked at the Breen Station. He through sheer audacity captured the ship and flew it back to Likari planet. His wingman still searching for him landed in a cargo bay and helped operate the ship and helped the freed Likari slaves recover.

Talon had a few more skirmishes with the Breen and several adventures helping the Likari on the planet. His thirteen markers were the highest number for the mission and as icing on the cake he met the Love of his life and married her, a Nurse Jenna Cair. The Carrier was just ending shore leave and moving out on its next mission when they encountered a mostly Klingon band of pirates. It was shortly after his return from that sortie that Brad had been sent orders reassigning him to Starbase-'204'. Jenna came along and Brad was anxious to get into his new role as a Squadron Leader.

He never got that job though as on arrival at the Starbase he was volunteered for a Flight leader on a Norway class, the Asgard. Jenna transferred along with him so it was no real hardship and Brad was rather happy to still be on ship duty.

Service Record Timeline:
2382-2386 Starfleet Academy,
2386-2387 Courier pilot on Deep Space '4'
2387-2389 Assigned to VF-109 *Gunfighters* fighter Squadron on the Forseti
April 2389- Present: Assigned as Flight leader on the USS Asgard, June 2389 promoted full Lieutenant VQ-3 Shadows. Reorganized into VCF-19 GreyWolves under his command and VT-51 Roughnecks under joint command with LT Winters and flight.
2392 made CAG for the new Akira class ship, promoted LtCommander.
June 2392: Transferred to Hospital ship as CAG of all assigned Small craft. Olympic-class medical frigate starship *Galen*
Out of Character Notes Retired as Commander Air Group 'CAG'

Name plate/ call-sign on fighter: