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Lieutenant Helena Gawyn

Name Helena *Huntress* Gawyn

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5"5'
Weight 60 kilos
Hair Color reddish blonde
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Helena would be described as skinny by some but while her muscle and strength is not obvious she is as capable as many of the men.

She has a small special forces tattoo hidden on her and if you ask nice enough she just may show you.


Spouse 2nd Lt Ryder Gawyn (20 March 2390)
Children 6 year old nephew Joshua (Birthday April 15 2385) - her twin sister was a solo mother killed in the line of duty and her parents, both in special forces, were unable to take him So Helena did.

Son born 10 May 2391 Hunter Brandon
Father Major Marcus Wayne (special forces - explosives expert)
Mother Captain Jessica Wayne (special forces - electronic warfare expert)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Jaime (deceased) was trained in medical (special forces)

Personality & Traits

General Overview
Helena is serious about her job and looking after her nephew but she has never outgrown the mischievous streak her parents encouraged.

She is soft spoken unless angry .... you dont want to be the one to make her angry as it will take forever to get off her 'shit list'.

She doesnt take kindlt to fools and isnt afraid to call them on their idiocy no matter their rank.
Strengths & Weaknesses Smart and resourceful with the ability to make anyrhing out of nothing.

Impulsive and tends to use her fists to solve problems as opposed to talking.
Ambitions Helena is happily married with two sons, Joshua who is her nephew and Hunter Brandon. She plans to work towards a command career but is also aware of ensuring that her husband gets a chance to have a career as well.
Hobbies & Interests All forms of weaponry and martial arts, reading, and watching cartoons with her nephew.
Languages standard, betazoid, klingon, vulcan

Personal History Helena was the first born daughter and unlike her younger twin sister who followed her parents into the marines and the special operations she chose the Fleet and a major in Intel and Flight.

When her sister was raped and became an unwed mother it was helena who found and dealt with the cadet as he came from an influential family and he academy was wary of angering them. While still alive the father is no longer an issue and Joshua has never met him.

Helena takes her role as his parent very seriously and because of this has decided to move to a safer role at thw rank of Ensign on the asgard with most of her records redacted and classified. She has agreed to still work for the intelligence service quietly with her first job being to assess the co of he asgard before reading him in on her true abilities if he proves trustworthy.

She hopes that is the case as she will be trusting him and the crew with some highly sensitive materials.
Service Record Completed Fleet OTC with honours wih a dual major in intelligence and flight.

Spent two years in Intel after completing the qualifiers. Achieved the rank of ensign.

Moved to flying due to adopting her now 6 year old nephew accepting a place on board the Asgard - she has also been tasked with a secondary role of assessing the captain of the ship due to his inability to follow the rules.
Out of Character Notes Birthday 28 September 2365