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Lieutenant JG Tristan Arundel

Name Tristan Robin Arundel

Position Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11''
Weight 141 Ibs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description


Spouse None
Children None
Father Lord Seth Arundel, Ex-Federation Councillor, Imprisoned
Mother Lady Lilith Arundel *deceased*
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Sister - Elizabeth Arundel, 17

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tristan is a genuine young man with a sense of honesty and generosity to him. He believes in the importance of integrity and it can lead to some people thinking him naïve. That's not the case; he's fully aware of what people are capable of, he just doesn't think that people have to fall into a trap just because others have.

He feels the weight of his father's crimes but refuses to let it hold him back. If anything, it makes him want to do well in the Fleet, to undo some of the damage that his father did. He always works hard but constantly worries about whether it's enough or if he'll make a mistake as an officer.

Despite his insecurities, hard work ethic and past troubles, he is still a warm young man who makes a loyal friend, who can enjoy a joke and a laugh and is always honest.
Strengths & Weaknesses Good work ethic, intelligent, problem solver, creative/thinks outside the box, hard worker, can tactically think ahead, fights hard for what he believes in/isn't afraid to speak his mind when he thinks something is wrong.

Can sometimes work too hard, has insecurities about being an officer and making a mistake, worries that his best won't be good enough, isn't a natural fighter but worked hard in his combat courses to compensate, finds the workings of science and technology hard to get his head around.
Ambitions Not to make any serious mistakes in his decisions as an officer.
Hobbies & Interests Music; listening and plays the piano, violin, guitar and can sing.

Sports; competed in fencing in his youth, enjoyed tennis, was on a youth team for cricket and swimming and competed at the Academy in the fencing teams, ski team and running.

Enjoys reading and holonovels but loves live theatre the old fashioned way.

Still enjoys flying even after being pushed in it at the Academy.

Has a keen knack and love of gambling, particularly poker and casino classics.
Languages English, Cardassian, Italian and Latin

Personal History Tristan was brought up in a large mansion house of a titled family in England, Earth, surrounded by luxury. His father was an up and coming star in Federation politics and his mother the intelligent but beautiful wife on his arm to further his career. With parents more concerned about career and position than family, Tristan was a child born to carry on the aristocratic family name and his younger sister an accident.

With such an arrangement, Tristan was privately tutored at home and looked after by carefully selected men who would train him for his adult life as much as raise him. It was a somewhat isolated childhood, but he found friendship and an outlet through music, allowed to join orchestras and choral groups as suitable society activities for a young man to be seen doing, but also allowing him genuine social interaction with the other members.

He was a good student, but had to work hard in many areas of his studies to achieve high marks rather than being a natural at all things. Instead, his strengths seemed to lay in music, creative thinking, problem solving and in sports with his natural stamina and energy levels. As he grew into a teenager he was allowed to join some youth sports teams, again carefully picked to further the family's name and reputation in the press, as by this time his father was a member of the Federation Council.

At the age of 15, Tristan's life changed dramatically. His father was arrested after evidence came to light that he was part of a group of politicians that had liaised and made deals with the Cardassians during the Dominion War for their own gain. There were suggestions that his father's appointment to the Federation Council actually stemmed from his relationship from other senior politicians in the clique at that time.

His father was found guilty of treason when the extent of his financial and political gains were uncovered through his deals with the other side, and he was imprisoned. When the full details of her husband's dealings went public in the press, and the first moves made to investigate her involvement in it all, Tristan's mother committed suicide. Tristan found himself with a media storm and a younger sister to look after amongst the damages.

Tristan was sent into care with his sister for a year, but on his sixteenth birthday, he petitioned the government who had seized his father's land and fortune during his incarceration, requesting financial aid from the assets for tutoring to enter Starfleet Academy. The mentor at the childcare facility warned him it might not be easy with what had happened with his father, but he was resolute not to let it affect him. If anything, he decided he had sins to make up for. The request was granted, and at the age of 17, he was accepted into the Academy after a successful interview and good grades from his specialist tutoring and determination.
Service Record Academy training was difficult for the young man. There were many subjects that did not come naturally to him, requiring hard study and focus. Some who knew of his father didn't make life easy for him either, but he kept his head down and goal in sight. He had never had to stand on his own two feet before. He had never had to stand up for what he believed. It was hard for him, but he found that he had unexpected grit in him. He was not afraid of speaking his mind to Instructors, especially if he believed something was right, or more to the point wrong, his integrity important to him.

It was his Instructors who chose his specialism, deciding to train him in two departments due to his good work ethic. He was trained for Security and Tactical as well as Helm. He had a sharp mind for Tactics and thinking outside the box, and good energy and stamina for the physical aspects. He wasn't a natural fighter, but he applied himself seriously to the taught combat courses and in psych tests it was found he fought hard in scenarios that he believed in or felt strongly about, particularly when it came to protecting others.

Although he felt like he struggled with the amount of work and the gruelling nature of the Academy, Instructors talked as if it were easy for him, and that he took to it naturally. Tristan didn't agree; it didn't feel natural, it felt like an overwhelming amount of hard work and study hours to get the grades he did. It made it hard to get extra support and help as he was viewed as a cadet who could cope with his work while they focussed on other students who weren't scoring as well. It made it harder for him when he didn't get the help he asked for, but he kept pushing, determined not to prove those right who questioned his loyalty or commitment because of his family name.

When he graduated, Tristan felt a sense of relief. However, there was also a knot of fear and trepidation. He had the worrying feeling that the easy part, which he hadn't found easy, was over and that the harder part was yet to come. Insecure about his ability to always make the right decision as an officer and what might lay ahead, he was posted to the Asgard for his first ship...determined to do as well as he can, but worried that it might not be good enough.