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Lieutenant JG Serran

Name Serran

Position Those who retired with Amar

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 53

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 190lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description He is lanky, almost gangly appearance with long arms and even long thin fingers. His features are typical with a solid jawline and piercing eyes are memorable or so it seems to those who have met him.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father T'Janikrel
Mother T'Androma
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quiet and strong. He is equally adept at building or growing things. He enjoys either about the same as well. He is atypical of a Vulcan being honorable in his motives and won't lie even to save a buddy from trouble.

(Each and every Ponn Farr he has been on Vulcan for)
Strengths & Weaknesses Serran has an affinity with plants developed when he was young to help control his emotions.

Serran will not willingly fight accept to defend another. He will evade and avoid fights to the best of his ability even to the point of running away.

Next expected Ponn Farr is age 55, year 2393
Ambitions To grow and enjoy various flowers, plant and just enjoy the hybrids he might create.
Hobbies & Interests To grow plants is his life, his love, and his main focus. he also enjoys soft romantic music which he often creates himself to play for his plants.

Personal History Serran was an adept child who excelled, his grasp of mathematical ideas and concepts was above his peers. He appeared to be a prodigy till on his seventh birthday when he saw one of his friends fall to his death in a freak accident. The grief was beyond his control and it led to violent outburst. He was sent to an Uncle who was a farmer in an isolated mountain area.

This Uncle taught Serran to better control his emotions through music and plants. The discipline tricks worked and Serran advanced again making up lost time quickly. He excelled at his studies and his work ethic was almost extreme. In one area he had problems. Anything that had to do with fighting ended in one of two ways. He lost control and hurt someone or he fled to avoid the conflict. Training alone or with a bio-dummy was the only way he could train at martial arts.

His Uncle taught his his Tal T'Lee [control their subdominant cortices] and each subsequent ritualistic like disicpline. Serran learned followed by Dwemish Hi-An [identity isolation], Enok-Kal Fi Lar [the processes of definition and the concepts of given]. Serran took part in An-Prele at the age of sixteen where he learned pain control meditation. he completed the readings of Essays of Discipline and Analysis of Pseudodoxy and learned to segregate the lobes of his brain. Serran completed one of his rites of passage, the Kahs-wan maturity test, a survival ritual that dated before the time of Surak. he survived that before age twenty.

At twenty he experienced his first ponn farr. His parents had not selected a mate so he was not bonded. An older Vulcan women took him in and taught him how to please a woman. She taught him to be slow and prolong the experience and to suppress any hostile feelings. Serran would always remember the scent of flowers, as she grew and kept hundreds throughout her home. A southern European style with large verandas and windows. Flowering Vines and potted plants adorned every open space.

At the age of twenty-two Serran was already well versed in the Runes of T'Vish [logical paradigms and behavioral modification.] At twenty-six he began the Sele-An-T'Lee [lessons in subdominant brain organization, advanced philosophy and logic, muscle coordination and the control of will.] Serran had little problem with learning the five steps; the belief discipline, reality awareness, sensory acuteness, visual calculation and fact analysis. he was well aware of the curve as he continued further readings which included Logic and Definition, Equations, Systems of Logic, The Interior and Purpose as Prime Motivator. Serran was also taught advanced mind meld techniques as part of his training.

When he became affected by Ponn Farr at twenty seven he was at home visiting his parents and even though he knew it would occur soon he was unprepared for the sudden and swift escalation of desires. he became involved in a fight with another Vulcan in the street. When he struck down his fellow Vulcan and saw blood it snapped him out of his ponn farr. He took his victim to a hospital and the other Vulcan was fine, but Serran was appalled at his ability to cause harm and retreated back to the mountains and the flowers he loved.

By the time the Serran reached Thirty-one he had conducted the Norn-La-Hal [which was superior control meditation and neurological organization.] his family was modernistic but they still held to some of the old ways so importance was placed on the dignity and tradition in Vulcan identity as well as the contemplation's of infinity. The final stage of this training involved Venlinahr.

Serran's parents felt their son needed to expand his scope and become more then a recluse as his uncle was. The sent him to Earth to attend the Starfleet Academy with the stipulation that after ten years away from Vulcan he could return home and do whatever he wished with full honor. Serran was near his next ponn Farr so he stayed home for that to be dealt with. So he left his Vulcan mountain home at age 35. He took a single large suitcase, his Lyre and a few books.

The Academy was all right, meeting many races of sentient beings was as much of an education as the actual schooling. He squeaked by his mandatory combat training. Serran decided on Science as a profession and Botanical studies as a major. He was delighted to learn that nearly every major starship had an Arboretum. One of the many things that he could not explain was the crowds he drew as he played love songs to the gardens at the Academy. Serran played almost every evening and he always seemed to have a crowd of ten or more couples stop be with blankets. They always applauded when he left which was just a tad embarrassing.

Serran did well in his studies which included stellar navigation and star charting as a second Major, to keep busy. Serran had many acquaintances and was well liked when he graduated. He was assigned to a Nova class ship upon graduation and spent two years aboard till he returned home for Ponn Farr he arrived home and was on vulcan two months before the onset. He went to visit his friend from the first time and she was willing to accommodate him once again. When it was over the Nova was too far away to return to. To his joy however a botanist was needed for an expedition to a non-memeber planet. The Survey team was heading out to a planet not yet ready to be offered membership but was having a cultural study being for future reference. It was a five year stint and Serran truly enjoyed the experience.

When the Survey team disbanded Serran was assigned to a Vikrant class carrier? He was not pleased till he saw the large garden aboard. Thus at age 46 he began another phase of his life aboard a ship as much made for war as any. he was only there a year when he had to return to Vulcan for Ponn Farr once again. He spent two years in transit and and on Vulcan visiting his family. When he left rejoin the fleet again he was sent to SB-204 to join the Asgard, a Norway class where the Captain had requested an Arboretum being added. When Serran arrived that Captain was dead! The replacement, a Captain Wulfe however embraced the idea.
Service Record Service Record:

Starfleet Academy 4years; Double Major Botany and Stellar charting

Nova class 2 years as a Science Officer [Ensign]

1 year Vulcan and in transit

Planetary survey team 5 years as a botanist [Ensign]

Vikrant class 1 year as a botanist Science Officer [Ensign]

3 years in transit/Vulcan

April 2389-present: Assigned USS Asgard Botanist/Science officer [Ensign]