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Lieutenant Nilani Veral

Name Nilani Veral

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill (Joined)
Age 31/200

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 140
Hair Color Jet black
Eye Color Dark green
Physical Description Nilani is very slender but has a decent bust, her hair when loose comes all the way down to the small of her back, the characteristic Trill spots travel from her temples to her ankles.
As is the norm with Trills her extremities are slightly chilly.
When off duty she likes to wear gothy clothing such as knee high boots, fishnet tights, corsets and the like.


Children None herself but she has been a father to 1 girl and one boy
Father Kal- Member of the symbiosis commission
Mother Maria- Housewife
Other Family Previous hosts
Nikita: Female Dabo girl/adult entertainer, died when Veral had to be removed due to an Isoboramine imbalance after being stabbed in the stomach/symbiont pouch during an argument with her girlfriend

Large gap between joinings and the symbiont was returned to Trill following Nikita's death and put back in the symbiont pools to help its own recovery from the stab wound that resulted in the death of its host and cut deep into it as well
- had a very quiet demeanour
- was very experienced in exotic/erotic dance and sexual arts

Selin: male Starfleet technician, was Nilani's mentor during her field exam, taught her a few things you don’t learn in starfleet courses.
Served as a computer technician on several ships before a short stint as a teacher at the academy and then he returned to ship duty after working at the academy started to feel samey.

Selin died when a plasma conduit exploded in his face.
- Very good at his job
- Liked his woman regardless of species (stopped when he got married)

After Selins death the Veral symbiont was returned to Trill where it was implanted into the only available host at the time, Nilani.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nilani is a very quiet person mostly around people she doesn't know but after a short while this all changes and her normal very cheerful and friendly personality shows itself, she has a good sense of humour and enjoys a good laugh

She is a submissive at heart, she likes being bossed around especially in the bedroom.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Has a range of experiences/skills due to having two other lives worth of experiences accessable via her symbiont

- Rather reserved and quiet with people she doesn't know, this was a trait exhibited by her previous hosts and has continued in Nilani
- Has a general dislike for large social situations like parties
- Dislikes doing the same thing day in day out

Nilani suffers from a unexplainable isoboramine imbalance that fluctuates by a sometimes alarming amount almost randomly this delevoped only a few months after she was joined to the Veral symbiont. No one she has consulted including the guardians that tend the symbiont pools on Trill can explain why.
Ambitions To be a good host for her symbiont.
Hobbies & Interests Reading
Tinkering with anything she can find
Human 20/21st century rock/metal music
Sex in its myriad of forms with both genders
Experiencing new and interesting this as often as possible
Languages English, Trill

Personal History Born on the Trill home world to a member of the Trill symbiosis commission Nilani was tutored almost immediately by her father to become a good host for a symbiont. Her father also wanted her to be an actor but she couldn’t get settled in an acting school and her tastes in music and culture were rather different. Which led to a lot of arguments up to the point of her father threatening to kick her not only out of the house but out of the symbiosis commission and ruin her chance of ever being joined.

Nilani didn’t do too well in school, she got distracted very easily in lessons where she just had to sit there and read and write but she excelled in practical lessons, she was also very talkative which got her into trouble on more than one occasion.

While growing up she developed a natural skill and urge to tinker with machinery around the house. which led her to trying to find employment as a technician.

She was initially accepted into the commission and began her assessments to see if she was capable of being joined. Her field mentor was a Selin Veral who was a technician in starfleet while he carried out his assessment of her suitability he indulged Nilani in her tinkering and taught her more and more about technical things.

He delivered a positive response to the commission and not long later Nilani was declared as suitable to be joined, the same day Nilani received the new that Selin had been killed in an explosion on board his ship, Nilani was the only available host at the time so when the symbiont arrived back at Trill it was implanted into her.

Things began to change in Nilani rather quickly, her personality changed she became quieter and more isolated, her like of metal and rock music increased and she began to dress even more Gothic. However what she learned from Selin both physically and from having his life experience implanted into her led her to apply to starfleet to give her life some direction. She passed the academy with flying colours and was assigned as an operations offer on board the USS McKinley.

Nilani served on the McKinley for several years and during that time was promoted to Lieutenant and to chief of operations, Nilani was eventually reassigned the the USS ragnarok under the command of the rather eccentric Adm Sharr. They almost immediately took a disliking to each other and she questioned several of his command decisions and had several arguments which culminated in her lashing out at him but she was stopped by one of his security staff. He got her transferred off of the ragnarok and since then she hadn’t been able to settle for long wherever she was assigned to.

Her last chance was the USS Asgard, or so she was told my the Opm of 9th fleet. If she couldn't settle there she'd be shipped off to the other side of federation space and a different fleet. (IC)
Service Record Graduated academy, promoted to Ens and assigned to the USS Mckinley as Operations officer

Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade and Chief of Operations
Promoted to Lieutenant

Transferred to USS Ragnarok

Series of temporary assignments on various ships across the 9th fleet

reassigned to USS Asgard.