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Lieutenant Commander Eve Coventina

Name Eve Verity Coventina

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7''
Weight 125 Ibs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description

With hair and eyes so dark that they almost seem black, Eve's pale skin seems even paler in comparison. The darkness of the eyes only serves to make them seem even more soulful than they already are. She has a warm smile, but equally her features can seem serious and pensive, but never emotionless. Her feelings are all too easy to read in her eyes and on her face, even when she tries to hide them. Eve is of average height at 5’7’’, but seems a more petite young woman due to her slenderness.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Ruth Coventina *deceased*
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Uncle: John Coventina
Aunt: Rachel Coventina

Personality & Traits

General Overview Eve is a genuine woman of warmth with a compassionate nature that results in her putting the needs of others first. There is little she wouldn't do for a friend or stranger alike, and on occasion her trusting and compassionate nature has landed her into trouble. She has a shy edge to her personality, but enjoys socialising, particular amongst the crew wherever she is stationed, finding a sense of community amongst colleagues that she never had in her past.

She is grateful of the fact that few people know about her illness as she dislikes how other people's behaviour often changes around her when they find out. She focuses on keeping it out of mind and keeps herself busy to get the most out of life. She works hard in her job, putting in far more hours than she is scheduled for, but doesn't mind as she finds it both fulfilling and worthwhile.

Eve is still a religious young woman, and her gentle ideals of how to conduct herself and her behaviour reflects that.
Strengths & Weaknesses Eve has SLRV disease, which effects her immune and blood and usually proves fatal to sufferers after twenty-thirty years of progressive degeneration. This gives her some bouts of illness now and then, but she is managing at the present time with regular medicals and medication adjustments, as well as having come mostly to terms with the terminal illness, at least, as much as she can.

Eve is not physically strong, and she is not a fighter...neither by nature nor skill. She barely passed basic combat training at the Academy and when asked to put it into use now she is not very useful at all. Her illness also means she does not have the highest stamina levels, but she frequently fights against it.

However, she is resolute and determined and once she has something in mind she sees it through to the end, no matter how bad the situation.

Having minored in medicine, she is able to treat injuries in emergency situations with the basic nurse training she has.

Her skill as a counsellor has been recognised in the form of decorations. Understanding people and being able to communicate well with them is something that seems to come naturally to her.
Ambitions Eve is not in her job to climb ranks. Instead, she does it because counselling is a vocation she enjoys and finds it a worthwhile profession to be in.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, music, playing the piano, playing the cello, theatre, ballet, swimming, lacrosse, cooking with real food, wine.
Languages Standard, Latin, Romulan

Personal History Eve was left at an orphanage when she was virtually newborn. It was a Catholic orphanage and Eve was brought up in a religious environment. The girl was quiet even as a child, but still had a natural warmth about her despite it. It was perhaps that shyness that put off families from taking her on and she remained in the care of the orphanage. When she was seven years old, a man and woman came to see her. They turned out to be her Aunt and Uncle, the sister and brother in law of her mother. Her mother had given her away when she was born but had since died and her Aunt felt it was her religious duty to take Eve in and raise her.

Eve went home with them, but her surroundings were just as guided by religion there and she was given a plain, small room with nothing more than a bed, some books and a single doll. With little else to do, she started reading the books and found herself absorbed in the make believe worlds. Growing up, she didn't have many friends, being quiet and shy at school, so only became more involved with books, which then developed into a love of theatre and then ballet.

She was sent to a Catholic boarding school for girls when she was thirteen, and although it wasn't easy there, she had been used to it after the stifling atmosphere of living with her strict Aunt and Uncle. She managed to get to know people better there however, living amongst the other girls giving her time to come out of her shell, and when she did, she was a warm girl with a generous soul. After winning the school medals in swimming and lacrosse, and after a fair amount of begging alongside it, she was allowed to have music and ballet lessons also, things that served to bring her even further out of her shell.

Eve made a few firm friends at school, and they even respected her for not rebelling as they did when she didn't believe in it, being, ironically, one of the few girls attending the Catholic school who actually held to religious beliefs. It was during boarding school that she started having bouts of illness, and after several examinations and tests they diagnosed her with SLRV that affected her immune and blood and often proved fatal after twenty-thirty years of progressive degeneration.

She took the news with shock, but managed to work through it with help from both her faith and the friends who proved themselves to be loyal by keeping an eye on her. She realised she would have to take medication for the duration of her life and actively look after herself to slow the damage it could do, and although it reduced her symptoms, it didn't stop them entirely. Upon leaving school, her Aunt and Uncle wanted to keep her at home to watch over her and guide her into suitably worthy work for a girl of their faith, however Eve didn't want to. Her growing interest in psychology and people, developed from her love of books and theatre, made her want to study psychology. They forbade her from leaving for university so instead she left for Starfleet to support herself, knowing she was going against their wishes and so was probably no longer welcome at home.

Eve was accepted easily into the Academy, her natural warmth and instinct convincing them she was a suitable candidate to become a counsellor, and her newly diagnosed condition gave her an interest in medicine that made Eve want to minor in medical. Although she did badly at basic combat training and basic mechanics, she did well in her chosen vocations, lifting her to the top of the class in those areas, making up for being at the bottom of the class in the areas she wasn't so good in. The Instructors found themselves unable to be nothing but patient with her when she missed classes for being ill or scored badly at the things she couldn't do as well, mostly because of her genuine warmth and generosity as a person, and the way she never seemed short of a smile even when feeling seemed impossible to chastise her.

She graduated successfully and was given a full commission despite her medical issues. She proved herself by working hard, long hours in counselling, taking a great deal of effort and interest in the crew around her with a genuine and natural concern for others. She refused to let her medical condition get in the way of her career and the therapy of other people, and her hard work earned her a promotion. She was transferred over to Starbase Redemption, a position that she looked forward to tackling with not only fellow officers to work with, but also the mental health of the prisoners in the Starbase's care.

After a difficult attack on the station that resulted in a close call between Eve and a Breen soldier, she found herself tested and stretched beyond the limits that she thought she had. Remarkably, she came out of it in one piece. Perhaps it was even because of her ability to cope under such pressure that she was transferred to the USS Forseti to serve as a Counsellor.

A couple of years later, and Eve was temporarily reassigned to Starfleet HQ to help out with a particularly difficult criminal investigation. It took a number of months to catch the culprit, as well as construct the proceedings against him to make sure that he was locked up. It was a difficult case to have to deal with, and she was able to catch her breath when she was sent back to the USS Forseti. However, not long after her return to regular duty she was transferred to the USS Asgard, and this time with a promotion to Chief Counsellor.
Service Record 2380-2384 - Starfleet Academy, Major Counselling/Minor Medical, Cadet
2384-2385 - USS Oslo, Counsellor, Ensign
2385-2386 - USS Warden, Counsellor, Lt. JG
2386 - Starbase Redemption, Counsellor, Lt. JG
2386-2388 - USS Forseti, Counsellor, Lt JG
2388-2389 - Starfleet HQ, Criminal Investigation - Psychologist, Lt JG
2389 - USS Forseti, Counsellor, Lt JG
2389-Present - USS Asgard, Chief Counsellor, Lt JG