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Sidwell Graeme

Name Sidwell "Sid" Graeme

Position Bartender

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 176 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Sid stands at exactly 6’ tall and has piercing blue eyes, he’s got a muscular build and in good physical shape. He has dark brown hair that he keeps short and is often found with stubble on his chin that he’s been known to let grow well beyond that.


Father Lawson Graeme
Mother Rylie Coombs
Brother(s) Osmar Coombs (deceased)
Sister(s) Ayla Graeme

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sid’s personality mirrored that of his mother and his father, he can be very charming and always seems to find a smile for a pretty girl or an encouraging word for a friend, although it’s usually for his own gain. Very rarely does anything escape his notice. He shows no fear in the face of danger. He’s is able to achieve just about anything that he sets his mind to and doesn’t let anything hold him back. He also tends to be an arrogant man, leaping into situations without thinking which leads to a great deal of conflict with his fellow shipmates.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Charming
Ambitions Sid doesn’t have a lot of ambitions, after serving as an enlisted security officer, he spent time drifting between systems taking security jobs where he could find them. For the moment he’s driven to find who killed his brother and that’s good enough for him.
Hobbies & Interests Sid has always been a weapon aficionado, he loves blades as much as he does firearms and owns an array of both. He’s an avid pilot and loves to fly a variety of craft. He’s always up for a game of cards or drinks and loves playing his guitar.
Languages English, Andorian

Personal History Lawson Graeme was a swarmy, cocksure young man who would set about to charm his way across the galaxy. He ran with a tough group of Mercenaries that called themselves The Scarlet Kings, they operated out of a small abandoned asteroid mining operation and ran a lot of convoy security as well as raides for whoever could pay. Lawson had command of one the small craft and became quite infamous in the systems he ran.

Rylie Law, Sid’s mother, worked as a bartender on the planet closest to the asteroid field. She was fearless, intelligent and never let anything get by her. She tossed more than one guy out of her bar who’d try to mess with her.

The bar was a regular spot for the Kings and Lawson was very smitten with the woman, it took him some time but eventually he managed to find his way into her heart, among other places, and the result was a baby boy they named Sidwell, after Rylie’s father. Lawson, being the self absorbed fellow that he was, didn’t much like the idea of sticking around and raising Sid, other than to show up occasionally with gifts and kind words for the boy.

As a result, Sid grew up spending his evenings in the bar with his mother and was exposed to more than most kids his age. He learned early on how to pour drinks, and there were plenty of mercs around to teach him how to shoot and how to fight. One named Webb took a particular interest in him and was happy to show the kids the ropes. It helped that he was interested in Rylie.

The two ended up falling in love and got married, resulting in Sidwell’s little brother Osmar being born. The two were typical siblings, they fought and squabbled with one another at the best of times but when someone messed with one of them, they had to deal with the other and it lead to trouble with the school system and at times with the law.

One day in particular it came to a head, Sid was getting close to his sixteenth birthday and was heading for his next class when he ran into three of the bigger football players pushing Osmar around. Sid got right into the middle of it and it didn’t take long for it to escalate into an actual fight with Sid and Osmar coming out on top and pissing off the rest of the team.

Two days after the incident a bigger group came after Sidwell, wanting to beat him to a pulp. He thought about running but he knew he couldn’t, even if he stood alone. The reasons didn’t matter but running wasn’t an option, so he stood his ground and fought. By the end of he was busted up pretty bad, but not before he’d gotten in his own shots and leaving each of the guys with their own cuts and bruises.

Things only went from bad to worse, the dominion war finally reached his home colony of Seyudor. The planet had many settlement and a population of just under five hundred million, a seemingly backwater world that had more strategic importance than it first seemed. Those that did survive the initial attack had few options, with the Scarlet Kings destroyed by the dominion, the few that were left decided to fight back.

Sidwell and his brother Osmar were no different and they joined an insurgent campaign, like so many others, to drive the invaders from their home. He’d learned to shoot from his stepfather, now he learned how to make war, fighting for his family’s survival. They were almost always on the run, hitting targets as they could and losing a lot of good people in the process.

He befriended an Andorian by the name of Thivra, and the two of them became known as the phantoms. They’d hit a target and being gone without a trace before the enemy could react. The Jem’hadar were fierce warriors, but even with their superior numbers and firepower, they couldn’t predict or find the men that plagued them every day they occupied Seyudor. In the end Starfleet arrived and helped drive the dominion off of Seyudor, but Sidwell had become all the more ruthless for his experience.

Going back to school and finishing it was difficult to say the least, and the adjustment was rough on him. He felt alone, abandoned by those he’d fought so hard for and was stuck reliving his time as an insurgent over and over. Even with Thivra by his side, he found himself longing to leave the home he’d fought so hard to protect.

Joining Starfleet was an easy decision for Sid, it was an escape from his world and the monotony of his day to day life. It added a routine and he found a way to work out his aggression by enlisting in the Security Corp. The war might have been over, but the military life was something he understood and could fit into easily. He got to travel the stars, see more of the galaxy then he ever had and even do some good along the way.

For seven years he followed orders and did as he was told, but his anger eventually got the best of him. As a master-at-arms second class, he commanded a squad of twelve other security officers and had a great deal of responsibility for looking after Tartarus station. He patrolled one of the toughest parts of the station, a pylon used by smugglers and pirate and had to deal with the more unsavory element more than most and often was cited for excessive use of force.

During a firefight with a rogue group of pirates, his instincts kicked in and he ordered his men to leave none of them alive. It was a brutal fight, he lost half of his men but not one of the pirates made it and he told his CO that he believed a scorched earth policy was best with scum like that, so the end of his career began.

After Starfleet life was a difficult adjustment and Sid took to wandering the galaxy, taking jobs where he could get them, most of them security related, and saw an underside that he fit in well with and managed to garner a reputation for someone who could get things done. A few years after wondering, he found a home he could call his own for a while.

A woman came into Sid’s life, an Orion vixen that he fell for hook line and sinker. She was the captain of her own ship, strong and beautiful and he pursued her. Little did he know, she was just as interested in him for far more than he’d bargained for and he took a job on her ship, the SS Golden Falcon.

For three years the two of them were inseparable, she’d gotten close to him with the intent of getting back at the Scarlet Kings and he’d fallen for it completely. Eventually she’d started to like Sid, but her need for revenge had won out and after she’d gotten as much information from him as she could, she left him and went after the Kings. She’d been screwed out of several deals by them and she’d wanted nothing more than to go after them.

Sid, angry about her betrayal, picked up a small patrol craft, named it the Rebellious, and hired on a couple of crew to start taking his own jobs. For the first six months they did well, taking jobs as they came and doing rather well for themselves. It wasn’t until he got a report of a raid on Seyudor that everything changed. A pirate that called herself the Punisher hit one of the settlements and killing his brother Osmar.

Now driven by revenge, Sid began to pursue her with relentless hatred. He would do everything he could to destroy her, including cross some rather influential Ferengi businessmen that put a big price on his head. It wasn’t long after he found himself cornered by bounty hunters, his ship a burning wreck, his crew dead and his only escape an L class moon and a damaged escape pod.

With a little finesse he was able to make it look like he died on the ship, throwing off the bounty hunters and it was on the surface of a nearby moon he hid until he got a distress beacon working and was found by Starfleet officers, of all people. With revenge and the need for protection on his mind, Sid threw in with them, taking up a civilian job on their ship until he could afford one of his own once more.
Service Record 2376 - Enlisted in Starfleet Security Corp
2376 - 2376 Starfleet Security Boot Camp
2376 - 2378 USS Harbinger, Security Rifleman, Master-At-Arms crewman
2378 - 2380 Tartarus Station, Security Fireteam Leader, Master-At-Arms Third Class
2380 - 2383 Tartarus Station, Security Squad Leader, Master-At-Arms Second Class
2383 - 2385 Nomad, Private security
2385 - 2388 SS Golden Falcon, Private Security
2388 - 2389 SS Rebellious, Freelancer, Mercenary, Captain
2389 - Present USS Asgard, Bartender