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Warrant Officer Bill Swenson

Name Bill Swenson

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 195lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Thick bones and a strong chin,


Spouse Ensign Tarah in Science, 8 March 2390
Children N/A
Father Unknown
Mother Jill Swenson
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) Mary-Beth Swenson-Myers half-sister (younger age 31)
Other Family Tom Myers (Brother-in-law) age 31

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bill has a quirky sense of humor. He has an odd upbringing and has worked in several rough and tough kind of places. he can take a hit which is good because he never did learn to fight real well. His opinions are strong, but he keeps them to himself. He cares not a wit about other peoples problems as long as they don't bother him with them.
Strengths & Weaknesses He is strong, he is tough and he is smart enough to handle most anything he has thrown at him. He comes off as hardnosed and capable

His weaknesses are much the same. He appears arrogant and unfeeling
Ambitions He just wants to get through his days and have a beer. He drinks lightly and never gets drunk. keeping up with all the newest gizmos is his challenge. To be as capable as any commissioned officer.
Hobbies & Interests Technology and gizmoes. he enjoys working out but doesn't regularly. he enjoys sports as a spectator. He enjoys good food, the type they call cuisine.

Personal History History Bill's mom was a waitress and she worked ten hour shifts. He spent much of his time with his grandparents growing up till he was twelve. He started hanging out at the local garage about that time and they took a liking to the kid. He worked and was paid fair. He found he had a knack for fixing most anything and was in demand by seventeen he pretty much ran the shop.

His mother married and the couple moved took his twelve year old sister and moved from the less then savory enviroment. The Husband suggested Bill enter Starfleet and put his skills to use, see the stars and better himself. Those were the only words he spoke to Bill but they struck home.

Bill enlisted the next year, his formal education was lacking but his technical and mechanical abilities were top shelf.
Service Record Bill attended fleet basic and engineering schools, his grades were average but he was well liked by his instructors.

His first eight years Bill was assigned a repair berth on a drydock. He moved up the ladder with hard work and dedication. His expertise noted he was sent to Warrant officer school
His next two years he attended schools in advanced subjects. Once again his class work was suspect but his hands on was almost perfect.

Upon Graduation as a Warrant Officer he spent three years in an engine room on a Galaxy class before relocating.

Service Record Upon Graduation as a Warrant Officer he spent three years in an engine room on a Galaxy class before relocating.

His next station was Deep Space-5 for four years.

He was assigned to another Galaxy for a year. To replace their ill CEO till she could report back to duty. Despite a successful mission things went badly at the end. While the ship was being in dock Swenson decided to move on.

April 2389-present: Assigned as an Engineering officer on the USS Asgard.