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Crewman Recruit Brayden Wulfe

Name Brayden Wulfe

Position Those who retired with Amar

Rank Crewman Recruit

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 18

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 139lbs
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color blue
Physical Description He is caucasian with a strong chin and hawkish features. More rugged then handsome. He is tall and lanky all arms and legs.


Spouse Marika Dillord married 4 August 2391
Children N/A
Father Captain Raymond Wulfe
Mother (Deceased) Lieutenant Megan Preston
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family (Deceased) Grandfather Kevin Preston
Upon reaching the Asgard in December 2389
Step-mom Commander Elisad Amar
Step-brother Stev Amar
Step-sister Jem Amar
Family fixture nanny Ethel Brown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Brayden is quiet but smug. He tries to avoid comversation and doesn't seek friends. He sees no reason to fight for honor, as it is only in the mind. Is very hard to insult or provoke into a confrontation. Having said that he doesn't take manhandling crap from anyone.
Strengths & Weaknesses His strengths are mostly physical abilities, but He has a way of getting out of problems without fighting.

His weaknesses: he has a really difficult time backing down once riled up. He also trusts very few, believes everyone is in it for something they want.

He also has a very definite problem with casual relationships, especially with girls. His growing up dealing with his mother's ill hidden grief at being a single parent has made him almost paranoid about any contact with girls. 'Fearing it might lead to something like himself.'
Ambitions Both his parents were fighter pilots and that is all he wants to be.
Hobbies & Interests Brayden was told by his mom that his father enjoyed nothing more then being a pilot and developing his martial art skills. However she knew he also painted to relax and he enjoyed dancing a great deal. So Brayden has learned to paint and has taken dance classes along with his martial arts studies. Brayden has tried to model himself after his father's reputation.

Personal History Brayden was born 13 August 2973 in a fleet hospital ship along the Cardassian border. His mother Megan Preston was assigned there as a SAR pilot. Once he was born She returned to Earth to her parents place in Virginia to raise her son. His father never knowing he even existed. Megan had been a fighter pilot and she had developed a crush on the group leader. He was a fellow classmate, and they had dated a couple times during the Academy years. When they had joined the Akira class though things had gotten wild. Wulfe was thrust into being the group commander and he was not only leading missions he was planning them. One night Megan had found Wulfe sleeping at the planning table and helped him to his quarters. He had kissed her and she had spent the night. Six weeks later she had been seriously wounded on a mission and moved to a medical ship for her wounds. That was when she learned she was pregnant. She had taken nearly two months to recover and she learned Wulfe was dating an Operations officer. Megan requested a transfer and stayed aboard the hospital ship as a SAR pilot. She stayed there till she gave birth. The baby boy she named Brayden, once she was sure he was healthy she took him back to Earth with her to raise.

She took an assignment at the Academy teaching cadet pilots in 2975. She was content training new pilots until she learned Wulfe was on Mars in 2379, only a few weeks after Brayden's sixth birthday. She decided against revealing Brayden to him, mostly because she just could not face him again after so long. Megan transferred to Starbase 234 on the Klingon border in 2380 and took Brayden with her. When he turned ten she told him about his father. Wulfe was the XO on a Defiant class out by the Typhon expanse by then clear across the Federation. Brayden took his father's name then, not feeling it was fair his mother had never told Wulfe about him. In 2384 his mother was killed by Klingon raiders and he was sent back to Earth to live with his Grandfather. His Grandfather was an old engineer and he loved his grandson dearly. He made sure Brayden was enrolled in the junior pilot's program, and a martial arts program when the boy turned twelve.

Brayden took to flying but not to his instructors. The same was true in most everything he did except martial arts. He had a good instructor and admired the man. So the years went by Brayden did passing well in school but was often in trouble for being disruptive. He was not a joiner so never played team sports but he was very successful in martial arts tournaments. He was the first of his piloting class to solo, then the first to fly to Jupiter and back alone. He was not unhappy but he just did not like having people around. The only exceptions were his grandfather and his martial arts instructor. In September of 2389 his grandfather passed on. He had no other family, his mother had been an only child, his grandmother had passed when he was only four. His mother was already dead and now his grandfather. The authorities suggested he go to live with his Father. DNA records verified it was Captain Raymond Wulfe commander of the USS Asgard. Brayden had little choice so he agreed.

It took several ship changes for him to reach the Asgard, in a stationary orbit above Azel IV. He saw the ship grow as he drew near and his nerve almost left him. This was not something he had ever expected to be doing.. Meeting his father!
Service Record January 2390: As an apprentice crewmen Brayden took without authorization a type-9 shuttle and flew as part of an after battle rescue action. He proved up to the task but he was still reprimanded for his over-zealousness.

April 2390: Still as an apprentice crewmen. During a battle with the Romulans, he happened across Romulan assault troops in a hallway. He used a fallen Romulan disruptor to kill two of them as he helped defend other crew and the Klingon Ambassador.

(married Marika Dillord 4 August 2391 in transit to the Academy)

August 28 2391 : Begin at the Academy as a fighter pilot/ Helmsmen
Out of Character Notes ON Trill 17 July 2390 girl first Kissed was Marika Dillord, an unjoined Trill age 18 same as Brayden.

"Oh biology and xenobiology, zoology. I know I don't look it but I am a science geek." She giggled her bright green eyes twinkled. "I'll be a doctor, but specializing in those fields. I'll be starting premed this year. I want to go to different colonies and help set up their stock, discover new animals. I've loved working with animals since I was very little. I would splint broken wings, and I had a dog that was half the time wrapped in bandages. Jellybean was very patient with me