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Master Warrant Officer John Sakura

Name John Sakura

Position Those who retired with Amar

Rank Master Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 162lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description John has oriental features from his Father and an Irish temper from his mother. He is medium height and well built. Short cropped hair and always clean shaven. Takes care of his personal appearance.


Spouse Nurse PO2nd Varidae
Children Elisha Rose Sakura born 17 March 2391
Father Masudo Sakura (deceased)
Mother Debra (O'Rourke) Sakura
Brother(s) 2 younger (age 29 and 24)
Sister(s) 1 older (age 37)
1 younger (age 27)
Other Family A large extended family part of the modern day yakuza.

Nephew Damian Sakura age 17 (was 16 when came aboard) (Son of older sister)

Personality & Traits

General Overview A practical joker except on duty where he toes the line. Anywhere else he has been known to go after nearly anyone and has seldom been caught. He is not mean-hearted so these are pranks meant to be funny or mildly embarrassing. At work he is almost boring he is so dedicated and diligent. One of the reasons no one suspects him of tomfoolery.
Strengths & Weaknesses The Sakura Family is suspected of being a Yakuza clan. Many members of the family are in fact in jail for various crimes. John's strengths and weakness are the same his families criminal background. He has a wide range of contacts making his ability to get almost anything possible. He also can never hope to advance very far in starfleet no matter how honest his own dealings are.
Ambitions To make his crew the most content in starfleet. He takes great pride in his ability to procure items requested.
Hobbies & Interests John likes to play at being a merchant prince! He uses as much personal space as he can get signed over to him so he can obtain and haul cargoes from place to place. This gives him a lot of leverage when bargaining for things the crew want. It also nets him a hefty profit time to time. He keeps even tighter records of this as this is an unusual activity for modern day starfleet.

Personal History John grew up on the streets of New York City. He joined the family youngbloods gang as expected and he learned the way of the streets from the ground up. John never liked violence and found an escape in electronics. His Father supported his sons desire to stay clear of the family buisness and saw to it his son had a chance to keep clean. Still John found himself caught up in more and more illicit endeavors to help his brothers. The local police knew John but never got enough solid evidence to arrest him.

He went West to college and the distance was mostly to stay clear of any more family endeavors. He used a lot of his knowledge gained from his past in his degree, a four year degree from University of California in Logistics and transportation. He was a whiz-kid in numbers and Business came naturally to him. Upon graduation he found few job offers as his family background was known. He Joined Starfleet to see the Universe and went to Fleet basic then Quartemaster/Supply/Requisitions school-training.
Service Record Service:
14 months training Fleet basic then Quartemaster/Supply/Requisitions school-training.
3 years: Assigned DeepSpace '6' as a Warrant-01, Quartermaster. promoted to Staff Warrant-02
3 years: Assigned to the USS Gemini as Quartermaster. promoted to Senior Warrant-03

April 2389- (present): Assigned to the USS Asgard as Quartermaster, but is acting Chief of Operations