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updated the awards on our main page and we are doing very well

Posted on Wed Aug 22nd, 2018 @ 3:31pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe

July 2018 Fleet Awards

Unit of Distinction
Task Force 23:
Gold (tie): Deep Space Five & USS Valiant
Silver (tie): USS Ranger & USS Yamato
Bronze (tie): USS Atlantis & USS Hyperion & USS Winchester
Area 51:
Gold: USS Asgard
Silver (tie): Starbase 109 & USS Hera
Bronze (tie): USS Tokyo & USS Wolff

Writer of the Month
Task Force 23:
Yamato: Voz for his portrayal of Kablam and how he is developing his sub-plot. I can't ask for better character development, and I believe he is developing and well executing this subplot.
Area 51 (tie):
Tokyo: Voz for his portrayal of the Mirror Soren. Everyone likes a good villain!
Wolff: Kat (Player of Galatea Polaris) Kat is a good writer and is always sending me messages about posts she wants to do and have my approval of, even though I keep telling her she doesnt need approval to write stuff unless it's something that will blow the ship up, her character and Npc's are well thought out and her posts are well written.

Player of the Month
Task Force 23:
Valiant: Deacon Kane. He is our newest writer and has jumped into writing with both feet, doing a JP with crew members and so far has helped add to the mission's story line by suggesting background information that I hadn't considered yet.
Area 51:
Asgard: LT Jennifer Richardson for exemplary participation

Post of the Month
Task Force 23:
Ranger: "A History Lesson (part 5)" ( ... wpost/1394)
Area 51:
Redemption: "I don't like you much, Colonel" ( ... ewpost/140)

TGCO Award of Merit
Task Force 23:
23-A: Second Star
23-B: Deep Space Five
23-C: USS Winchester
23-D: USS Ranger
Area 51:
51-A: USS Asgard
51-B: Starbase 109
51-C: Battlestar Solaria
51-D: USS Tokyo


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