Mission 26 to 28: Regula class Starport StarBase-214

Created by Captain Raymond Wulfe on Tue Jan 31st, 2017 @ 10:41pm

Category: Military Waypoint and Resupply Facility


Expected Duration: 150 years

Time Between Refit: 7 years


Officers: 1140

Enlisted Crew: 15,630

Marines: 12 Officers/ 462 Enlisted

Passengers: 25,000 presently 29,205 sort of stuck here

Starship Docking Capacity: 15 Presently 3 free merchant ships docked here


Diameter: 2842 metres

Main Height: 3143 metres

Overall Height: 3445 metres

Decks: 397

This is ours

Deck 1-25: Command, Weapons platforms, and base Operations restricted access deck1-15;; Crew quarters; Legitimate business. Good clubs and everything on the up and up. Safe zone and regular security patrols in pairs. Fighter bays, main shuttle bays, Wallace docked at Deck-5. three ship berths on Deck-20, mostly for Starfleet ships.

Deck 26-164: Crew quarters; Two Docking bays for civilian ships on each Deck 40, 80, 120, 160.;; Seedier clubs, business have a fa├žade of legality, gangs or syndicates pretty much run everything below deck 40 though. Security patrols light, and always in numbers of five or more. This area is about half families and businesses and the other half entertainment establishments for those coming and going.

Deck 165-215: Engineering area, crew quarters, restricted access and regular Security patrols another safe zone

Deck 216-382: Cargo bays, many businesses run straight from cargo containers, Gangs have the run of many of these decks. The businesses own the gangs for the most part and use them as muscle and enforcers against each other. Not many family areas on these decks.

Deck 383-397: Weapons bays, crew quarters and a fighter/shuttle bay. Restricted access and regular patrols. Another safe zone

standard compliment

Command: (41)21 Officers // Enlisted: (410) 288
Operations (160) 86 Officers // Enlisted (12,390) 4340
Security/Intel (120) 41 Officers // (650) 389 Enlisted
Engineering 167 112 Officer // (795) 703 Enlisted
Medical (86) 82 Officers // (410) 401 Enlisted
Science (60) 8 Officers // (380) 41 Enlisted
Diplomacy/JAG 36 Officers // (119) 91 Enlisted
Marines 12 Officers // 468 Enlisted
Aviation (466) 14 Officers // (876) 18 Enlisted
Counseling authorized 15 (36) Officers and 35 (72) enlisted ::
Chief counselor: LtCommander Patricia Montgomery

Sickbays on each 10th deck, 10,20,30 etc.

Hospitals, on Decks 20; 120; 210; 380

SCIENCE: Officers 60. Enlisted 380.

Diplomatic/JAG: Officers 36. Enlisted 119

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays: 12

Razor Interceptor: 12 : Pilots 12. Tech support/ground crew 36. Deck-395)

Valkyrie Space Superiority Fighter: 24 (currently 6 deadlined): Pilot/flight crew 50. Tech support/ground crew 78. (Deck-390)

Recon Squadron: 0(12) Talon; Pilot/air crew 0(60). Tech support 0 (70). (Deck-25)

Garrison Vessels

Wallace Light Escort: 0(1) Crew (15).
Auxiliary craft (Flight): Pilots/flight crew (240). Tech support/ground crew (428). (Deck 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 385, 390)


Danube Runabout: 4 (currently 0)


Hunley Shuttle: 2

Type 11 Shuttle: 10 (currently 2 here)

Type 6 Shuttle: 12 (24)

Type 7 Shuttle: 12 (24)

Type 8 Shuttle: 30 (36)

Type 9 Shuttle: 12 (24)


Firefly Transport: 4 (currently 0)

Wyvern Hopper: 12 (currently 12 here but 3 deadlined)


Brunel Workpod: 45


Point Defense Batteries: 24

Type XII Array: 52


Burst-Fire Torpedo Launcher: 8

Photon Torpedoes: 475

Quantum Torpedoes: 333
Polaron Torpedo: 42

Tri-Cobalt Devices: 100
Shielding Systems

Auto-Modulating Shields

High Capacity Shielding System

Metaphasic Shielding

==Places of Interest==

Deck-164: *Flannerys Sports bar and grill*

Owner /bartender: Big Mike Flannery. Human, 6'4" 329lbs, age 59. Mostly friendlt and helpful, but a realist, doesn't get involved in other people's lives.

Deck-164: *JavaJo's Coffee and Tea House*. A secret Intelligence contact point

Deck-164: 'Deuces Wild' a casino with tongo and Dabo.
Hondo Lane is the clubs security chief and professional muscle.
---------- Family deck-164: family home (Mom age 27 Janice (Intelligence), son age 6 Glen junior, daughter age 3 Autumn, Dad age 26 Glen (Operations).)
Table-21 on deck-36 is an Elegant restaurant that is so exclusive that you need to get reserved reservations from a friendly club member. Bar, dance floor, and dining area. Real tablecloths and cloth napkins.

Docked at Deck-160:

FTS Sabrina

Grissom class

crew: 9 officers / 36 Enlisted

passengers: 36, 2 passenger staterooms on Deck-2 plus 2 pod-bays w/ 4 staterooms each

Max evac: 128

Warp cruising: 6

Warp Max.: 7.4

Emergency: 7.8 for 8 hours

Length: 432m

Width: 211m

height: 180m

Decks: 12



The Regula series of stations were designed as small, flexible platforms for long-duration scientific missions in isolated locations. These kinds of missions could last for years, keeping a science team on station for that length of time would require the commitment of either a major starship asset or a fleet of small science vessels relieving one another every few months. Either of these was a significant draw on resources, while a small fixed station would offer the same capability at a fraction of the resources. In the 2340's, faced with the same problem they were having with the Spacedock class of base, Starfleet decided to field two new bases. Both bases were based on the Regula design, but were scaled up to provide the room for enhanced capabilities and starship accomodation. Two types of bases were fielded, both had the same starship support functions, yet one was geared for sector/system defense and command, and the other for deep space scientific research.

The scientific version of the Regula boasts impressive science capabilities and, along with its predecessor, has a modular approach to it's scientific platforms, allowing various bases to be configured with different instruments, such as a large telescope as seen on SB173. Compared to the scientific sub-type, the combat-orientated design has reduced scientific facilities, and has a reduced capability to handle civilian traffic. The base is also designed to operate largely within planetary systems, and as such lacks large bulk cargo and fuel containers. More space is given over to weaponry, with roughly double the armament. The shield generator is identical between the two stations, but the removal of the cargo containers means that this type's shields need to cover a significantly smaller volume, and this increases their overall strength.


Captain's Yacht - Sovereign Class Yacht
Expected Duration: 25 years
Time Between Resupply: 0 years
Time Between Refit: 0 years

Crew: 4
Passengers: 20

Warp Speed
Cruising Velocity: Warp 4
Maximum Velocity: Warp 5
Emergency Velocity: Warp 5.5 (for 12 hours)
Length: 50 m
Width: 22.5 m
Height: 12 m
Decks: 1

Micro Torpedo Launcher: 2
w/Micro Quantum Torpedo: 20 & Micro Photon Torpedo: 20
Type 6 Phaser Bank: 4
Type 7 Phaser Bank: 2
Ablative Hull Armour
Light Shields

Mounted in a recessed docking port in the underside of the primary hull, the Sovereign Type Skipper's Yacht serves dual purposes. A situation to be dealt with by the Skipper of a starship does not always require the entire ship to accompany him or her, or the ship may have a more important mission to accomplish. In these cases, the Skipper's Yacht provides a long-range craft that is capable enough to function without its primary vessel. Be it a simple excursion to get away from the stresses of command, or a run to retrieve or deliver VIPs, the yacht serves as an extendible arm of the mothership.
Facilities include six sleeping bunks and a comfortable passenger cabin. A replicator and flight couches provide for the needs of the passengers and a two-person transporter allows for beaming of personnel or cargo when needed. Atmospheric flight capabilities allow this shuttle type to land on planetary surfaces.
Equipped with weapons systems that compare favourably to the Danube class the Sovereign type yacht is capable to defend itself against many threats. The addition of ablative armour to the design in 2382 make it even more durable without adversely affecting performance.


Smuggler:Antares Class light Freighter *Express Rider*

owned/captained by Hondo Lane a fixer/hitman/enforcer for several organizations on SB214. His ship is used seldom but for high paying special projects that are typically illegal

Crew: 8

Warp Cruise spd: 6.7
Max. Warp: 7.5
Max burst for up to two hours: 7.7

Length: 40m
Width: 21m
Height: 12m
Decks: 3

Defenses: Single Hull, Structural Integrity field, Light shielding system, Auto-modulating shields, Metaphasic shielding.
Type V phaser: 3
Type IV phaser: 6

Deck listing

Deck 1: Bridge, Crew Quarters, Mess Hall, Transporter Room 1, Escape Pods, cargo bay-1

Deck 2: Cargo Bays 2 & 3, Airlock, Sickbay.

Deck-3: cargo bay, small craft bay

Small craft carried is a civilian version of the Type-6 Shuttle

Crew: 2
Passengers: 6
Warp speed:

Cruising Velocity: Warp 1.5

Maximum Velocity: Warp 1.7

Emergency Velocity: Warp 2 (for 36 hours)

Length: 8.5 metres
Width: 3.6 metres
Height: 2.7 metres
Decks: 1
Type 4 Phaser Bank: 2
Light Shields

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