Mission-16: USS Mercy

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Olympic Class: USS Mercy

Personnel assigned when disappeared

Officers: 93
Enlisted Crew: 279
Dependants/Passengers: 50
Patients: 4000 Cardassians


Cruising Velocity: Warp 7.0
Maximum Velocity: Warp 9.5
Emergency Velocity: Warp 9.9 (for 8 hours)


Length: 330.5 metres
Width: 155.6 metres
Height: 96 metres
Decks: 24

Auxiliary Craft; Shuttlebays: 2

Danube Runabout: 2
Dynasty Scout: 1
Type 10 Shuttle: 6
Type 11 Shuttle: 4
Wyvern Hopper: 8


Point Defense Batteries: 6
Type IX Phaser Array: 2
Type VIII Phaser Array: 6
Auto-Modulating Shields
Metaphasic Shielding
Standard Shielding System

Deck Description

1. Bridge, Captain’s Ready Room, Weapons Locker, Communications Array
2. Forward Sensor Array, XO’s Office, CoB’s Office, Observation Lounge, Senior Officer’s Quarters
3. Crew Quarters, Holodecks 5-8, Mess Hall, Gymnasium, Arboretum, Intelligence Centre, Diplomatic Facilities, Transporter Rooms 1+2, Airlock 1, Security Station, VIP/Guest Quarters
4. Crew Quarters, Holodecks 1-4, Lounge, Mess Hall, Child Care Facilities, Bubble Environmental Control
5. Crew Quarters, Shuttlebay 1 Upper Level
6. Crew Quarters, Shuttlebay 2 Lower Level, Security Centre, CTSO’s Office, Armoury, Transporter Room 3.
7. Chief Science Officer’s Office, Science Labs 1-6, Astrometrics, Holo-lab 1-4, Medical Labs 1-6, Medical Isolation Labs 1-2, Astrometric Sensor Array
8. Primary Hull: Cargo Bays 1-6, Cargo Transporters 1-6 Secondary Hull: Engineering Level One, Computer Core Level 1, Operations Centre, Chief Operations Officer’s Office
9. Primary Hull: Cargo Bays 7-12, Cargo Transporters 7-16, Industrial Replicators 1-4, Deuterium Storage Tanks Secondary Hull: Engineering Level Two, Computer Core Level 2, Warp Nacelle Access, Impulse Engines, Anti-matter storage pods
10. Primary Hull: Medical Supply Storage Bays 1-5, Cargo Transporters 17-22 Secondary Hull: Engineering Level Three, Computer Core Level 3, Chief Engineer’s Office, Structural Integrity Field Generators, Shield Generators
11. Primary Hull: Shuttlebay 2, Emergency Triage Centre, Transporter Rooms 7-14 Secondary Hull: Shuttlebay, Chief Flight Control Officer’s Office
12. Primary Hull: Shuttlebay, Emergency Triage Centre, Transporter Rooms 15-21 Secondary Hull: Shuttlebay
13. Primary Hull: Emergency Triage Centre, Transporter Rooms 22-28 Secondary Hull: Shuttle Maintenance, Surgical Bays 1-6, Surgical Recovery Ward 1
14. Primary Hull: Surgical Bays 7-20 Secondary Hull: Surgical Recovery Wards 2+3, Intensive Care Ward 1
15. Primary Hull: Intensive Care Ward 2, Isolation Bays 1-4, Isolation Bay Environmental Sub-systems Secondary Hull: General Purpose Wards 1-4
16. Primary Hull: Deflector Control, Lower Sensor Array, Secondary Communications Array, Waste Reclamation Secondary Hull: Hospital Wards 5-8, Chief Medical Officer’s Office
17. Secondary Triage Centre, Transporter Rooms 29-35, Intensive Care Ward 3
18. Secondary Triage Centre, Transporter Rooms 36-42, Intensive Care Ward 4
19.Specialist Medical Officer’s Offices and Treatment Rooms, Maternity Ward, Neonatal Care Ward, Pediatrics Wards 1-2, Dental Offices
20. General Purpose Wards 5-9, On call Rooms
21. General Purpose Wards 10-16, On call Rooms
22. General Purpose Wards 17-24, On call Rooms
23. Medical Supply Storage 6-10, Cargo Transporters 23-28, General Purpose Wards 25-28
24.Morgue, Cold Storage Bays 1-4


Background, what happened.

A Cardassian Hideki Scout on patrol detected a power reading from an Asteroid tumbling in space. Suspecting they hadfound a smuggler hiding from them they had investigated. They found a small courier type ship that was heavily damage and sent in an security team. One of the Cardassian's was bitten on entry by someone who looked near death?. The bitten trooper went into convulsions and then lay still as if dead! The ship was beyond repair so the team set explosives and beamed back to their own ship with their own trooper and the four 'dead bodies'.

Then the cycle began! The bitten trooper attacked a medic and bit him, three more of his once crew-mates were bitten before he was put down. The to the horror of the crew the 'dead' trooper rose again and assaulted several more crew before a Glinn shot him in the head. His victory was short lived though as those bitten rose up and attacked more and more crew. The Cardassian's Hideki was damaged during the ensuing firefight but the infected were contained and isolated! The Commanding officer sent a summons for help, saying they had a 'medical emergency' as well as a stricken ship. The USS Mercy was up to their necks in a influenza outbreak and were actually at capacity for what they could handle. The Chief medical officer suggested to the Captain they were the closest ship and undoubtedly the best equipped!

The Mercy had found the Hideki adrift but with power. They had used a tractor beam to bring the Scout aboard their main shuttle bay. The deck hands in the shuttle bay and the rescue team assembled never knew what hit them as thirty-eight Cardassian's Zombies flooded out of the open airlock and assaulted everyone in sight. Over fifty of the Mercy's crew lay in convulsions on the deck as the Zombies scattered throughout the ship. Security was sent in teams to round up the crazed attackers. It was an Operations Ensign who first noticed the attacked crew in the hangar bay had vanished a few minutes later.

The Captain of the Mercy fell with a security team on deck-4 defending the childcare section. The bridge was sealed off by the Duty officer shortly after that. Organized resistance did not last much longer as one of the first areas overrun was security central on deck-6. Once the horde reached deck-10 it was an avalanche. With so many sick and helpless aboard the number of Zombie creatures was increasing at an unstoppable rate. The Chief medical Officer locked down medical on deck-16, he was also the ship XO and tried to rally the crew. A mistake happened and a door that should have been sealed was not. When it opened the resistance was all too brief.

The second XO, Another Doctor, was on a lower deck and gathered a sizable force as they rushed upward. They reached deck-16 as the final group was overrun. The second XO had thirty-four armed crew with him at that point. They were forced to withdraw from deck-16. They fought and fell back watching as one medical ward after another was overrun. The hopelessness affected the second XO and when he reached the morgue with his remaining people they prepared for a last stand. An Engineering Ensign suggested out loud it would be helpful if they had an internal force field to block the zombie assault. The Second XO took half of his people into the jeffery tubes, the other half he left there to hold out till they could be helped.

The second XO ran into pockets of survivors as they tried for engineering. They reached engineering and were about to implement the internal force field plan when the Duty officer called abandon ship! The Second XO feared contamination on larger scale and jettisoned all the lifeboats. The time he spent diverted from his task saw all those left behind in the morgue overrun! Over the next few days The second XO moved through the ship destroying everything. They would not be responsible for contaminating the entire Galaxy! Every shuttle was disabled, every control point in Engineering was destroyed save for a slaved control they had constructed on deck-15. They had created a sort of haven in an isolation ward.

The Duty officer on the bridge and the Second XO were now at odds. The escape had been thwarted and now the Second XO and his group were moving the ship at warp toward the McAllistair Nebula! It was a constant battle over the next few days to control the ship. Then the Second XO opened the bridge doors and let the zombies in! Those survived ran and the rest of the zombies gave chase. The Second XO took a raiding group to the bridge and destroyed every control surface they found. Then they left sealing off the bridge so no one could re-enter and cause them mischief. The Second XO was now convinced he was saving the Galaxy by containing the problem. He did not have the codes or the expertise to destroy the ship. Hi fear of a halfway measure stayed his hand from trying. The Zombies found their hide-out and only a few escaped. The Second XO and five crew as deranged as he was reached a secondary hide out. The ship dropped from warp and was near the Nebula. The crew shut off the power except for one shielded area on deck-3, the Intelligence crypt. They huddled there waiting to die as the now cold ship drifted toward the intended grave.

The Asgard arrived, the zombies were dormant but those living were not! They made their way to their hidden engineering control location. It took a while but they made it. Then they fired up the engines and restored power. The shields were raised and they began trying to heat up the weapons. As they did that they also turned on the environment and gravity. Which awoke the zombie horde aboard.


The Zombies

Energy eating crystal parasite

A one inch globe with five star like arms and two long tenacles. The five appendages are covered in hooked claws. One tenacle is a foot long and attaches to a humaniod spine to control the body. The other tenacle is the egg injector. In this case the humaniod mouth can bite creating an opening to inject a new creature into another host. The star like arms then scrmble under the skin to the brain where they latch on. Once attached to the brain the longer tenacle attaches to the spinal cord activating the body to move along. These creatures feed on the energy of a living brain, even a dead brain has energy left they can feed on. The longer dead the slower the Zombie moves. The Parasites can live in space in a sort of hibernation. They can protect their host brain as well by going dormant. So the cold of space will not destroy the brain, the body needs not breath or eat as is dead anyway. The parasite feels no pain, so a stunned host only means a limb or body is temporarily useless. Even heavy stuns have little affect.

Phaser setting damage to parasites

Setting 4-5: Damage body of host, 50/50 chance to kill parsite on a head shot.
Setting6+ : Kills on a head shot
Setting 8+ : Vaporizes target

Only penetrating stab wounds to the head kills the parasites. Severing the head makes the parasite go dormant as can no longer move. As long as there is brain matter though the parasite is still a possible threat. Blunt trauma to the head can destroy the parasite as well.


some game mechanics?

When bitten the victim goes into painful convulsions as the parasite moves using those five clawed limbs through the body to attach to the brain. Once there it seizes the brain and the person appears to die as the parasite assumes control. Depending on the size of the parasite it can reactivate the body from only a few minutes to several hours. When reactivated the concious part of the victims self awareness if totally destroyed. Now the convulsions last based on where the victim was bitten:

Head/neck/shoulders: 10 -20 seconds
Chest/upper body: 20- 40 seconds
Arms/Abdomen: 40-120 seconds
Legs down to the knee: 80-160 seconds
Legs below the knee: 120-180 seconds

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