Asgard: Allied SHIP, Side-Plot: Western Horizon

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Western Horizon

Western Horizon, Captured and refurbished pirate ship into an Entertainment and courier ship. It was an experiment to use an entertainment casino to collect information on Smuggling operations, Slaver rings, and Pirating hide-outs. The first mission met with moderate success but the Badlands were decided to be too risky to enter. The ship was highly successful as an entertainment platform. That however had the side affect of making it too vulnerable as prize/target to send into the Badlands.

Crew: 20
Warp Cruise spd: 5
Max. Warp: 7
Emergency warp for up to 16 hours: 8.5
Length: 90m
Width: 60m
Height: 24m
Decks: 5
Defenses: Standard shields, cloaking device
Klingon 4 x Type-8 Disruptors


Deck 1: Bridge, Crew Quarters, Mess Hall, Transporter Room 1, Escape Pods

Deck 2: Computer Core (Upper), Cargo Bay 1, Cargo Transporter 1, Sickbay, Secured Intelligence crypt and internal monitoring system

Deck 3: Engineering,Cargo Bay 2,small shuttlebay room for two type-6 sized shuttles.: Only crew has access above this point:: rentable suites accessible from deck-4

Deck 4: Bar & Cassino, ten gaming tables, thirty slot machines

Takes ten to fourteen crew to operate this room

Deck 5: High stakes poker tables for tournament style games of chance, Landing Struts

takes only three to six crew to operate this area.

Named crew

The Captain: Lieutenant Commander Ariel Silverstar Your text to link...
Staff/Crew: Petty Officer 3rd Class Amanda Turell Your text to link...
Staff/Crew: Petty Officer 3rd Class Sun Hee Jang Your text to link...
Staff/Crew: Daisy Your text to link...

Contact on Loval, a Bajoran Named Mundy

At 5'8" and 145lbs Mundy does not stick out in a crowd. Even his information is sketchy, he may not even be starfleet but someone high up thinks he can get the WesternHorizon close enough to the problem to make this scheme worthwhile.


Smuggler pilot: Rokis C'gar

Gender: Male, Species: Klingon, Age: 29, 6’ 5” 320 lbs. Eye Color: green Hair Color: light brown

Physical Description: Rokis had a burly appearance, but walks stiffly erect and seems to wear a perpetual carnivores smile. He actually seems happy most of the time, but for a Klingon even that makes him seem scary. He has pronounced forehead ridges and thick eyebrows, a thin mustache Light Tan Skin

Personality & Traits: Rokis seems to walk around amused by everything life has to offer, He is always up for a challenge and loves competition. He believes Klingons are a superior race and takes every chance to prove just that. Still he has totally embraced Starfleet as his home and is fiercely loyal to his new family.

General Overview: Rokis is relaxed and easy going, nothing seems to bother him and has a 'can do' attitude about most anything, Has great confidence in himself and his abilities. Refuses to accept failure in himself and will go to extreme measures to succeed at a task.

Strengths & Weaknesses: He is quick and strong both in mind and body. He is bold and almost reckless in his bid to prove that he and his race are superior. This comes from a nearly overwhelming desire to prove his on worth to both others and himself.

Ambitions: None at the moment

Hobbies & Interests: holodeck games, board war-games, combat exercises of any kind, writing poetry, and of course flying!

Rokis was the seventh son of a seventh son, which according to custom bespoke of a powerful destiny. Rokis excelled as grew up often out performing his older brothers. Rokis however never challenged them openly as felt that would weaken the family structure. An avid reader of history Rokis felt he would do great things but did not quite see how, unless some calamity struck his family.

His brothers and then his sisters husbands took the higher slots on the family ships left nothing for Rokis to move up to. He piloted the number three Scout for three years and did very well. During that time he was involved in three actions against pirates and received high praise. When one of his brothers took offense and knocked him down he refused to take up the challenge. His father was outraged and questioned Rokis cruelly.

What his Father learned eventually was something he had no answer for. His son was hardly a coward but his family pride was great. His reasoning was sound but the flaw was that by not bypassing his older brothers he could never reach his potential. On top of that his brothers could see his skills and were becoming jealous, two of them were actually tormented by the fact that they were set above someone who allowed this to happen by choice.

When His father suggested he take an opening with Starfleet Marines for the good of his Family as well as for his own. Rokis saw the solution to his problem and accepted. He left the next morning and headed for earth. He was forced to take Marine Basic and then Platoon leader school. Then he went to Mimas to learn to fly shuttles. He was very disillusioned by the wasted year of training. Most of the marines were aloof and he had several fights. He learned to take on the biggest and baddest Marine when he arrived on site and that would lessen his problems.

When he went to Aerospace Fighter pilot training and met Brad Bannen. Brad was the largest Person in the training so Rokis challenged him. Brad shrugged and turned him down. When Rokis shoved him Brad went into a forward roll and continued walking away. When Rokis hurled insults and curses at Bannen, Brad turned and laughed at him.

Rokis spent two weeks trying his best to get Bannen riled up and was had just about decided the human had no honor when fate took a step into the problem. Rokis was busy harassing a few other trainees when he turned and knocked down a female cadet. Brad frowned and helped her up. Rokis had been about to apologize but saw his opportunity. He berated the female cadet for being clumsy and stupid. Brad helped her to her feet and told Rokis to meet him in the gym that night after duty hours.

There were no less then two hundred people there to watch and Rokis performed for the crowd as if it was a prize fight. Bannen showed up and entered the ring quietly and stepped to the center. Rokis charged in and swung a mighty blow. Bannen dodged and stepped away. That went on for nearly an hour and Rokis in his fury was trying to kill by Bannen by that point. Bannen was sweating and wearing down but made no offensive move. The crowd started to leave disappointed.

Rokis was near exhaustion and stopped, "Why will you not fight?" Bannen looked at Rokis and smiled ruefully, "We are brother Marines, I will not raise a hand against my brother." Bannen spoke quietly and his own exhaustion was evident. Rokis was stunned, he had met derision and contempt from many and acceptance from a few, but never had anyone consider him an equal here. In a sudden gesture of warmth he lunged and grabbed Bannen. He pulled Bannen into a powerful embrace and shook him like a rag doll. "We are brothers in truth and Honor." He shouted to the few remaining spectators.

They went to the infirmary next to get Bannen's three broken ribs repaired and the two have been friends ever since. Between Rokis' cheery banter and Bannen's quiet disposition the two were an unlikely pair. With his new brother Rokis was happy at last within the Federation and took a new interest in all that he did.

Mimas was tough for him academically, but He was advanced in every hands on task from his real life experiences. His boisterous and charismatic ways, along with Bannen's work ethic normally found many fellow students wanting to work with them. Rokis got help with his class work and He showed them how to do many of the hands-on projects. His teams normally did much better then the curve. Many of his Instructors noted his organizational skills, His hard work but also that he seemed extremely aggressive in many areas.

Rokis joined Bannen for SERE training after the fighter program ended and then was brought into the Raptor program due to his family connections. He often bragged that he got Bannen into the program as well.

So upon graduation He was assigned as part of a marine test group for the new Raptor fighter. For the next eight months He flew, tested and examined the Raptor. He enjoyed this greatly but soon released his strength was not as a superiority fighter pilot but more as a bomber type, pressing in on the attack. He was much a thrill seeker as a pilot, so he often pushed himself and whatever he was flying at the time. He wanted combat badly but it appeased him to be flying a top of the line fighter. So being in a test program meant he got to fly regularly and often, which was good enough for now. With Rokis' personality he made a better bomber pilot then he did a fighter pilot. Still his skills were good enough to stay in the Raptor program and he and Bannen proved an unbeatable team throughout training. When the training program ended they joined a large group of pilots on their way to Starbase 182 to join a new Sovereign class ship.

Rokis for his part was excited about the chance to prove his skills. Since he had started hanging out with Bannen, he had found people much friendlier. He attributed this to a point of comparison, as compared to Bannen Rokis himself seemed much friendlier and warmer.

Starfleet training/service: 28 months in training. 5 years on the London. 4 months on starbase-82. He got into a bar fight defending his Klingon heritage and was dismissed from the Marines for striking several superior officers. Since it was off duty and out of uniform he was given a general discharge instead of a court martial and prison time.

Now on his own and in disgrace he hired on to the first ship he could get a berth on. Turned out to be an orion smuggler. His temper and sense of honor kept him moving from ship to ship over the next couple years. He made some friends but missed his Marine Corp camaraderie. When a friend sent him a message of a very risky piloting job. Rokis stole a civilian runabout and flew toward Loval.



Having returned to DS9 with moderates success the WesternHorizon was in a limbo as to what what would happen next. Most of the crew was reassigned to other projects. It seemed the ship would be mothballed till a new reason to use it was found? Before that happened though the reason to use the ship came in the form of an aggressive thinking Intelligence LtCommander named Sande Locke.

Sande approached Lieutenant Commander Ariel Silverstar at her quarters. When the door opened Sande smiled "I have a job for you." That was how it started There was a smuggler Captain working along the Tzenketh border, dealing in arms and slaves. He had been set free by Ariel on SB204 while she was working undercover to bust an Orion syndicate. It was rumored he had an addiction to gambling.. but he only docked in ports inside Tzenketh or Cardassain space where the Federation cold not officially arrest him. However the Western Horizon was a registered free trader so could cross borders as long as they had papers. Sande wanted Ariel to pull a sting, collect the target and deliver him back to DS9.


Smuggler:Antares Class light Freighter *BloodDiamond*

Crew: 12

Captain LeMaster, part Caardassian/Bajoran/Klingon. Age 32, 5'9" 156lbs Just plain ugly. He just got out of prison early for his part in an attempted assassination against LT T'Pal who at the time was the Security Chief on the Asgard. His ship was seized and sold to the BlueOrchid guild. Now he is working for the BlueOrchid to get his ship back. When the BlueOrchid was taken down he stole his ship and moved to the Badlands. He was operating from Blight's House of Trade till the disruption now is out more in the open but operating in space not controlled by the Federation.

Warp Cruise spd: 6.7
Max. Warp: 7.5
Max burst for up to two hours: 7.7

Length: 40m
Width: 21m
Height: 12m
Decks: 2

Defenses: Single Hull, Structural Integrity field, Light shielding system, Auto-modulating shields, Metaphasic shielding.
Type V phaser: 3
Type IV phaser: 6

Deck listing

Deck 1: Bridge, Crew Quarters, Mess Hall, Transporter Room 1, Escape Pods, cargo bay-1

Deck 2: Cargo Bays 2 & 3, Airlock, Sickbay


Sort of the end

Successful last mission was to capture Frank LeMaster. However his ship the *BloodDiamond* was not seized but sort of vanished from the sector.

Upon the completion of the mission the WesternHorizon was considered too hot to continue as it was. The ship was stripped of all Starfleet equipment and the cloak and all weapons. Then sold as seized contraband at auction. The floating Casino was purchased by the Blood Rose Snydicate on 20 July 2391. The ship was however heavily bugged and Intelligence felt it would make a better spy ship being operated by the bad guys!

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