Mission 1 through 10: Information for Azel IV

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The Capital/spaceport:

Federation Embassy on Azel IV:

Base Comander: Captain Oliver Lawerence had never been a real productive officer. He had been an Operations officer most of his career. Then he had been promoted to Commander and given command of a supply ship. He had been in one battle and that had been enough. He had lost his ship and half his crew. He had spent the rest of his career on bases where he had proven an excellent administrator

Captain's yeoman Chief petty officer Humphry Connard

Assistant Chief, 3rd watch commander base security LTJG Springer

Base Operations department, logistics and supply Ensign Nathaniel Little

On November 20th several things change, Captain Lawerence was retired and returned home. The Chief of security was arrested and put on trail, convicted and sent to prison. Chief Connard simply disappeared somewhere?

LtCommander Brannagh became the Embassy base CO, promoted to full Commander a short time later. Asgard's Security Chief Weyer took the same position at the Embassy base and was promoted to full Lieutenant. LT Harper, Asgard's chief Engineer also elected to remain at the Captial. His unique understanding of power generation would be tested as the Capital city received a large influx of citizens from the BlueOrhid mines. Many of them freed slaves. Housing and resources would be sorely tested. Also moving here from the Asgard was Intelligence officer S'Kendal. He had been undercover checking the bookkeeping records and would be required to testify on the indiscretions he uncovered.

Arrived cloaked on 20th November 2389 Sovereign class *RedCloud*, commanded by Commodore Ryan Stevens. He has the task of fixing the problems on Azel IV.

arriving on the 22nd November 2389 was the Raven class *PeaceKeeper*. A Intelligence/Diplomatic ship currently at the disposal of Diplomats Robert D'Tries and his wife Salia. Their mission was to broker the deal for the Gallacite find with a local company and pave the way for the Chameliod population to be moved to Corinth

Arrived on the 27th November was the USS Onyx, a Grissoom class freighter. They were being converted to carry the Chameliods to Corinth system. A meteorite strunk the vessel as it dropped from warp though and it was destroyed. The RedCloud already having the Chameliods aboard for their protection decides to take them there itself. Leaves Asgard to cover Azel IV in the interim.


BlueOrchid mining

BlueOrchid mining has been in Operation here in these Mountains for just over thirty years. The heavy metals are rich and their current mines will yield high profits for a few hundred years. So wanting the deposits under and around Curacao is just being greedy, this mountain has a rich deposit of some heavy metal but it is no more so then their current mines. They are in no hurry, they just want this area.

This third of the BlueOchid has a security force around three to four hundred that they report. It is actually closer to fifteen hundred but those additional numbers are kept hidden as are the indentured workers they keep in line. The Blue orchid employees roughly twelve thousand legitimate employees and another fifteen thousand or so in some sort of forced conditions, from pressure exerted to outright slavery.

With the Asgard arrival the BlueOrchid plans and influence were undone. Their efforts in Curacao uncovered and thwarted. Then the rescue of over six hundred slave miners was enough to bring in bigger guns to shut them down. The Punisher's raid (another rogue) stripped away their spendable assets. Then the coup-de-gra was the RedCloud's marines and security forces landing on the 20th to seize the mines and arrest several agents of the guild. Unfortunately the Mistress escaped.


Asteroid mining Companies

Patterson Drilling: Huge corporation, hires out-rigger outfits for each job and provides first rate equipment and support. Local Admin team Bajoran 56yrs old, a Lady Romulan hybrid 45 yrs old, and a Human hybrid 48 yrs old

Pioneer Asteroid Mining: Private outfit does own mining, very old and distinguished past. Female Human hybrid 75 and spry runs the outfit.

Yankee Outfitters: Only around ten years. An adventurous gang that is building a reputation for doing the impossible. Run by a Human 39 yrs old, David Valentine.

Clyclone Riggers: Another up and coming company, fairly reckless group but they obtain good results. Female Bajoran, Cardassian hybrid, Klingon hybrid.


The Mountain village of Curacao

This Mountainside village and the surrounding farms, shepards, and homes all told numbering only a few thousand live with the land. Having decided to reject modern ways and moved into a remote area to live apart. However like previous cultures who had decided to slow down the pace of living they still kept a few comforts. These they sort of just keep out of view. So they have a power plant, out of view. They have modern homes with electricity, lights, hot water and are heated or air conditioned as needed for comfort. The village is real buildings and is surrounded by farmers fields and a very large vineyard. The local Blue grapes are used to make a blue-colored Wine which is their only export.

They are self-sufficient as far as their daily needs are concerned. They would still want a few items so commerce is done. (Even recluses have kids who want the newest video game lol). In general the community numbers about five thousand. Educated, Sensible, and more or less modern folks who have the same desire to live a more simple lifestlye.

Unknown to all but a few a small community off just over a few hundred Chameliods live among them. They were among the very first to come here, seeking a place they were unknown and would not be hounded. Unfortunately the BlueOrchid found out about a few families and they were taken. Thus a few of their number work for the BlueOrchid in order to keep their loved ones safe. Or so they are told to maintain their services.

Currently there are three Chameliods working for the BlueOrchid living in Curacao. They are responsible for the poisonings and deaths. Using packaging material made and used locally they have managed to be undetected for many months.

Kuklinah is the packaging plant night manager, he was detected years ago by the BlueOrchid and he serves for fear of his family. He doctors the security footage in the plant so the tampering is not detected.

Prictah was a child when his family was abducted. He was raised and trained to infiltrate, spy, and act as an assassin. His guises are as an old beggarman, the Nightwatchman at the packaging plant and as a older teen part time worker in the packaging plant night shift production line. He has been carefully adding the toxings to random finished products as he bundles them for distribution.

Grippinia was another child when she was taken. Like Prictah she was reinserted into the community after training. Her guises are a young girl working in the vineyard, sort of like a migrnt day worker. An old woman Janitor at the packaging plant. her third form is a woman working as a deliveryperson for the packaging company. She also helps lacing items with the toxins.

None of the three know who the others are. Prictah and Grippinia met during training a few times and both became aware of the other through time. Neither has revealed the knowledge to anyone. Kuklinah has learned of the two other Chameliods involved from doctoring the security feeds. He is smart enough to say nothing. When the Asgard medical team arrived the Blueorchid did not at first think it was a problem. With Brannagh and others investigating, With D'Tries probing as she councils townsfolks and With Barret lab work the BlueOrchid fears being revealed. It was a simple matter to get a few of the most bitter townsfolks to start trouble. Then when the trouble peaked on the 5th Nov. Grippinia was to sneak into the hospital and murder the Commander in charge, Elisad Amar. Drawing attention away from that was Prictah as a sniper shooting into the crowd. He selected the barrel factory offices as a prime spot as he wanted to make it look like the Butcher had defended his shop. When the marines showed up Prictah decided the pilot Stryker was a bonus kill!

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