THREAT Vessel: Pirate; Wallace class *Jormungand (Midgard Serpent)

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Wallace Class Garrison Vessel

Category: Light Escort

Expected Duration: 50 years

Time Between Resupply: 0 years

Time Between Refit: 6 years


Officers: 3

Captain is the *Punisher*, a Cardassian slave trainer / Pirate / Bounty Hunter.

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Female Klingon, Kabala, age 25, hair and eyes brown, 5'10" 172 lbs she was tactical officer and is now XO replacing Jomar.

Enlisted Crew: 8

Pirates: 12

Largh, Ferengi, age 43, 4'2" 146lbs. Operations/Logistics/information

Meru, human female, age 23, 5'6" Engineering. Feisty redhead down in engineering. Got the whole punk goth emo spikey beaded hair look going on. She doesn't really have a name, just goes by Meru. World wise, feisty, been working for the Orions since her teens. Could care less who pays her salary, as long as she gets paid. Few scars on her from close calls. No desire for children, couldn't anyways as she's infertile from injuries sustained during an assault six months before her joining the Punisher's crew. Has the attitude you only live once so enjoy what you have while you do.
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Veronika Zechiel was a lithe human, she stood 5' 4" and weighed in at a slim 128 lbs. She had longer blonde hair and bright blue eyes that never missed a thing,

Barbi, age 27, 5'8" 145lbs, human female helmsmen


Maximum Capacity: +20 Captives, if packed in tight!

Cruising: Warp 4

Maximum: Warp 6.8

Emergency: Warp 7.5 (for 12 hours)

Length: 80 metres

Width: 60 metres

Height: 10 metres

Decks: 2; Ship has a 3rd subdeck for access to ships systems

Defensive Systems

Ablative Armour

Auto-Modulating Shields, Metaphasic Shielding, Cloaking device (salvaged from a derelict Romulan K'mar class scourt)

2 x Type U Pulse; 4 x Type VII Array

Pulse-Fire Torpedo Launcher: 25 Torpedoes
After the close of the Dominion War, fringe Starfleet outposts became rife with traffic of all types. The majority of this traffic was civilian cargo and exploratory craft, but also included supplies for Federation colonies and visiting Starfleet starships. As the workload of station traffic controllers increased, a call was made for a better method of policing the far flung outposts. Pirate raids or illegal activity in these systems were becoming hard to control.

In 2379, Starfleet Advanced Design Bureau issued a request to its design teams to design a ship to fill the void between shuttlecraft and starship. The NX Wallace, launched late 2380, fulfilled all of the requirements set by Starfleet. It was capable of being constructed in a spacestation-sized hangar bay with Industrial replicators or could be built in a spacedock if needed. The design was compact, and its intent was for short missions. Weapons systems were also standard components, although to maximize the usefulness of the torpedo launcher, it was placed in a retractable turret on the bottom of the craft, capable of swinging 360 degrees. Mounted opposite the torpedo launcher on the turret is a powerful tractor beam, connected directly to the ship's core power supply.

The deflector is ringed by sensors based off of the Nova Class sensor suite. The bridge is arranged like a normal starship with a central chair for the Commanding Officer and stations around it. However, the front of the bridge has a combined window, as a shuttle or runabout would, as well as a viewscreen HUD overlay. A ward room in the aft of the ship performs multiple duties as briefing room, transporter pad, a simple galley, and medical bay. The lower deck contains the computer core, Main Engineering, cargo space, and sensor stations. Rooms on the first and second decks hold small bunks that fold down from the walls to be used as bunks. The ship is not, however, designed for long-term missions and these rooms are intended to be used as cargo and triage spaces rather than quarters. The third subdeck contains access to the landing gear and turret, as well as the emergency lifeboat subsystems. Six escape pods are located on the lower deck of the ship, and four are located on the top deck.

Due to the design of this craft, a landing system was included. The engines for atmospheric flight are comparable to the Danube or Talon runabout systems. The landing system also allows the Wallace to dock on external pads on stations and, in some cases, dock directly to the hull of a starship.


Destroyed January 2390 by the Punisher

Azel IV: Moonbase, outer rim of system The Punisher acquired a moonbase from the BlueOrchid freight operation. When the base was taken over only the Ferengi 'Largh' was kept on as a Chief Operations Officer. The rest were deemed unreliable and slain.

The moonbase is underground with a baydoor opening large enough for a ship up to 120m long, 60m wide and about 40m high. it can also house up to six large shuttle or heavyfighter/Raiders. It can house two hundred people under mostly spartan conditions. It was an old Cardassian navy supply base during the war.

Killed in battle near Azaban

captured and in prison on Azaban's moon
Reilley, Human male, age 28, 5'9" 136lbs. Helmsmen. Was a legitimate helmsmen once. six years ago given a choice to join the crew of the *OnceBroken* or die. He has been with Jomar since that day. His awareness of his surroundings and knack for survival has served him well. he is a rogue and has no problem with the killings but he is not himself a killer. Just the same if cornered he would be as dangerous as a rat.

killed in the badlands

XO Galan Korthere Jomar, Male Romulan, 6'5" 261lbs, age 56, pirate/raider,an excellent navigator/helmsmen

DECEASED: XO: Jomar; Your text to link...

Almost all the crew was killed escaping Blight's House of Trade in the Badlands. The Serpent pursued the slayer of Jomar and an escaped slave Myrina Tyrel to Marva but there was a space battle going on and the Punisher hid the battered Serpent on a derelict space station. Still needing repairs the Punisher took the serpent down to the planet and hid along a coastal village.

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