Mission: 7 through 11; BlueOrchid / Klingon Pirate Fleet!

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When a rival of Sa'ot arrived near Azel IV space only the Blue Orchid syndicate saw it as a good omen! The Orions had hired Naussicaan mercs and they had not accomplished anything. With the arrival of a real raider fleet seemed to be an omen! Sa'ot was only to happy to listen. He had come here to destroy an old rival but had missed the chance. Now he was seeking something to show a profit so this venture was not a total waste. he had to return home but he left the raider Squadron here under K'otta.

K'otta met with the leaders and they came to an easy agreement. The Klingons would conduct shipping raids in this sector, and sell the plunder to the Orions. They would also buy supplies from them as needed. They haggled over more then a few prices but it was business as usual. The *JunkyardSal* and the *Taskmaster* were back on the employed list again and released most of the mercs they had recently hired.

Vor'cha class Cruiser: *SteelFang*

Officers: 112
Enlisted Crew: 336
Marines: 0
Passengers: 25
Maximum (Evacuation) Capacity: 300

Cruising: Warp 6.6
Maximum: Warp 8.8
Emergency: Warp 9.6 (for 12 hours)
Length: 481.3 metres
Width: 341.7 metres
Height: 106.8 metres
Decks: 19

Auxiliary Craft
Shuttlebays: 1
K3 type Runabout: 2
V-5 assault fighter/shuttle: 8
K'Pak heavy fighters: 4


Defensive Systems: Cloaking Device, Reinforced Duranium Hull Armour, Standard shields.
1 x Type-10 Disruptor
4 x Type-9 Disruptor
8 x Type-8 Disruptor
4 x Class-5 Torpedo Launchers w/ 400 Photon, 100 Plasma torpedoes

Deck Listing:

deck-1: Launch Bay Upper Level, Pilot Officer's Office, Transporter Room 1.

deck-2: Launch Bay Lower Level, Shuttle Elevator Systems.

deck-3: Maintenance Bay, Industrial Replicator, Shuttle Elevator Systems, Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Weapons Storage.

deck-4: Tractor Beam Assembly, Computer Core Level 1, Primary Computer Core, Primary Weapons Room, Torpedo Magazine.

deck-5: Officer's Quarters, Training Rooms 1-6, Sparring Room, Mess Hall, Holodecks 1-4, Computer Core Level 2

deck-6: Crew Quarters, Training Rooms 7-12, Sparring Room, Mess Hall, Holodecks 5-8, Computer Core Level 3

deck-7: Crew Quarters, Training Rooms 13-16, Sparring Room, Mess Hall, Holodecks 9-12 Computer Core Level 4

deck-8: Warrior Embarkation Bays, Armoury, Auxiliary Training Rooms 1-10, Mess Hall, Transporter Rooms 2-5

deck-9: Warrior Embarkation Bays, Armoury, Auxiliary Training Rooms 1-10, Mess Hall, Transporter Rooms 6-10

deck-10: Forward Weapons Room, Torpedo Magazine, Prisoner storage bays 1-8.

deck-11: Deflector Control, Secondary Shield Generators, Medical Bay.

deck-12: Secondary Computer Core Level 1, Cloaking Device, Transporter Room 11.

deck-13: Secondary Computer Core Level 2, Secondary Weapons Room, Torpedo Magazine

deck-14: Secondary Computer Core Level 3, Live Food Storage bay 1.

deck=15: Cargo bays 1-6, Cargo transporters 1-6, Live Food Storage bays 2-3

deck-16: Cargo bays 7-12, Cargo transporters 7-12, Live Food Storage bays 4-5

deck-17: Engineering Level 1, Tertiary Shield Generators, Warp Nacelle Access.

deck-18: Engineering Level 2, Warp Nacelle Access, Engine Master's Office

deck-19: Engineering Level 3, Warp Core Ejection Systems, Waste Reclamation, Warp Nacelle Access.


6 x Scout Class Bird of Prey

Crew 4 Officers, 8 Enlisted.
Passengers: up to 20/ Max evacuation capacity: 30
Warp speed 5/ 7 / 8.2 (12 hours)
Length: 109m
Width: 92m
Height: 20m
4 Decks
2 x Type-8 Disruptors
Class-4 Torpedo Launchers w/ 40 photon-torpedoes
Duranium Hull Armor
Scout Shielding system


Klingon K-3 Runabout/Raider

Crew 4, in a cockpit designed environment, Passenger 16 Klingon warriors in full kit:
Warp speed 6.3/7.7/8.9 (3 hours)
Length: 18m
Width: 33m
Height: 6m
5 x Type-5 Disruptors
2 x Class-2 Torpedo Launchers w/ 24 Micro-photon-torpedoes
Duranium Hull Armor
Light Shielding system


Klingon K'Pak class heavy fighter

Crew 6 in a cockpit designed environment:
Warp speed 5/ 7/ 9 (12 hours)
Length: 35m
Width: 29m
Height: 6.4m

2 X type-7 Disruptors

2 x Type-5 Disruptors

Micro-torpedo launchers w/ 20 Micro photon torpedoes

Class 2 Torpedo Launcher w/ 6 Photon torpedoes

Defensive systems: Duranium armor, Light Shielding system


Klingon V-5 assault fighter/shuttle

Crew 3,in a cockpit designed environment, Eight fully equipped Klingon warriors in the rear bay:
Warp speed 3.8/ 5.3/ 6.4 (3 hours)
Length: 9.17m
Width: 8.8m
Height: 6m

3 x Type-5 Disruptors

2 Micro-torpedo launchers w/ 10 Micro photon torpedoes

Class 2 Torpedo Launcher w/ 4 Photon torpedoes

Defensive systems: Duranium armor, Light Shielding system


Mission 10.

This convoy was put together at Starbase 204 to relieve the distress on a mining colony on a inhabited moon in the Azban system. The marines were sent to provide security and repel boarders. They are to rendezvous in deep space with the USS Asgard moving to join them from the Azel system

The Blue Orchid having been forced off Azel IV has decided to recoup some of its losses by taking over the mining colony. Using their hired Klingon pirates they have blockaded Azaban system. When the freighter's left Starbase-204 the BlueOrchid alerted the Breen raiders to the location of the Asgard. They also made it known to their Klingon allies tht there was a hefty price on the destruction of the Asgard. Not enough to let the freighters get to Azaban though.

FTS Gilman, USS Marina, FTS Eliza Nichols

Fortuna class

FTS Gilman crew: 4-Officers; 24 crewpersons. Plus a marine detachment 1 officer and 29 enlisted

USS Marina crew: 6- officers; 27 enlisted. Plus a marine detachment 1 officer and 29 enlisted

FTS Eliza Nichols crew: 4-Officers; 22 crewpersons. Plus a marine detachment 1 officer and 29 enlisted

Max evac: 128

Warp cruising: 5

Warp Max.: 6.4

Emergency: 6.9 for 6 hours

Length: 458m

Width: 231m

height: 102m

Decks: 16

Eight tow-able cargo pods

2 x type-6 shuttles each

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