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The Dark-Side story: Part 10.

Posted on Mon Nov 13th, 2017 @ 6:19pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lance Corporal Braden Colt & Private 1st Class Darrick Nolan & Private 1st Class Nathan Snow

Mission: 24. Shore leave: another wildwest wilderness vacation!
Location: high mountain resort
Timeline: 21 November 2391


A burly cook came down the steps and saw the two women first. His angry fear was plain to see as was his knowledge. he had a meat cleaver in his hand and raised it to charge when he heard Braden's voice he turned and rushed Braden.

"Stop big guy, just leave and.. Shit." He shot the man in the head killing him instantly. "Too bad for you then." Braden went to the door and pushed it open =^=Snow. Nolan we need real help here call in a Wyvern from the Dam they are building! Whatever you do stay clear of the police here in town! You are suppose to contact the Chief of police in the capital, ahh.. Chief Tocicr.. Contact her. We have rescued one of the missing."

=^=We will call in support, no worries Colt. Where will you be?=^=

=^=We will try for the shuttleport, if we can not make it I will call you back. Remember when you talk to the police Chief to warn her the local police are not to be trusted.=^= Colt looked back to the two women "Are you two dressed yet?"

Melissa tried to stand but dropped to her knees almost immediately. "I.. I can't! I can not walk?"

Colt ran to her side "Kilara you take the phaser, you cover and I will carry her. If we can grab a cab outside and get to the shuttleport I think we can get out of this yet."

"A cab..." Kilara had pulled on a shirt and pants slipping her feet into shoes. She took the phaser and looked with sympathy at Melissa. "You'll get your strength up and recover Melissa." She was still concerned about the other woman and planned on having a medic check her for pregnancy just to be safe." She slipped her phaser in her pocket and with Braden's drawn advanced. "Ready?"

Braden hoisted Melissa onto his back once more "you just keep moving Kilara and I will be right behind you. It is only a few miles to the shuttleport if I have to Melissa and me will run there." He started for the door as the washing machine grated across the floor a couple inches. "Yes it is time to go!" He ran up the ramp used for deliveries with Melissa holding on tight. "Kilara?"

Kilara looked and with the phaser set to heavy stun dropped two delivery men that were carrying metallic barrels of beer, they had a small truck backed up to the doors with it's back doors opened and the engine still running... "Looks like a taxi to me." The barrels rolled down the ramp past Braden and Melissa and stopped wedged against the door. "Which way to the shuttleport?"

Colt put Melissa in the passenger seat of the truck then stood looking over the cab of the truck so he could see past the delivery ramp. Turn right when you get to the road. Then get on the highway South entry ramp." He slid in beside Melissa "We are as good as out of here Miss, The medics will have you good as new in no time. I have seen them do bigger miracles, you will be fine."

"Alright." Kilara asked as she closed the two back doors on the truck and climbed into the cab. She turned the key while pumping the gas, then one foot on the clutch changed gears to drive.

"I have my commbadge on so when the Marines show up we need to be close. If we are in the clear they might land and collect us. If not in the open they will use a transporter beam." He had an arm around Melissa's shoulder so he could squeeze partly on the seat. "Less then ten minutes Kilara." As if to punctuate his comment they heard approaching police sirens.

Kilara floored the pedal popping the clutch and changing to first gear. "Hold on." She spoke as she drove off the paved road and angled across a field towards the shuttleport. The doors in the back not being chained shut jarred opened as they bounced over ruts and the beer barrels that were waiting to be unloaded shifted, rocked and tipped to begin rolling out the back.

Braden held onto Melissa as the truck bounced wildly as kilara drove with a maniac skill. The police car had followed her and it was gaining slightly every second in a slow but steady fashion. The the beer barrels began falling out, some busted when they hit the ground but most just bounced wildly. The Police car was hit by a double whammy as one bounced high which hit the windshield shattering it. At the same time one bounce low and the police cruisder lifted and then on two tires for a few long seconds before a bump flipped it to the roof. The car made a few spins as it slide to a stop.

Kilara swerved to miss a fence they were getting closer to the shuttleport she could see the lights blinking in one of the hangers.

No sooner did it appear they were in the clear then a puff of dirt flew into the air directly ahead of them and the ground opened up with a fissure about two foot wide and nearly twenty feet long. the ground shook slightly and Colt looked at Kilara "That was a demolition!" He swung his body between the windshield and Melissa so he was facing her when the front wheels dropped into the gap and delivery truck was jolted to a stop.

"Holy Shit. Are you two okay?" Kilara asked as she started to open her door. "We're too large a target here we need to get some cover."

The goblin dudes came clambering up from inside the fissure they had opened. The damage to the ore cart rails was going to be nearly impossible to fix but they did not care they wanted their breeders back! Melissa began shaking and weeping as she could sense their presence after all her time underground with them.

"Damn them I wish the explosion took them out." She pulled her door shut and looked at Melissa.

Colt lifted Melissa "Out the back doors!" He tried helping her up the incline to the back doors. A Goblin opened the door behind him and Melissa fell screaming. Another was coming into the cab from on the drivers side. Clawed hands were visible as well revealing there were many more on the way. Braden kicked the one nearest in the face knocking him back to the windshield, two more were scrambling to replace him.

Kilara pulled the phaser from where she had it tucked in her shirt and turned it up on high. She'd had enough and she began vaporizing the damned monsters.

Braden lifted Melissa cradling her and scrambled out of the back doors of the delivery van. The Goblins were crawling out from under the truck in pursuit Braden put Melissa on the ground then turned with a throwing knife in each hand determined to defend the women till his imminent death anyway. There were dozen and more already visible after all. Phaser fire from behind Braden startled him.

Kilara yelled. Grabbing the phaser that was tucked in at her back now armed in both hands ready to take on what else this corrupt town was going to throw at them.

Brannigan had beamed down from the wyvern approaching high above. He shot the Goblin things one after the other as he walked forward to stand by Braden. He had dropped six in less then five seconds. "You requested help I understand."

On the other side of Kilara two civilian dressed men but also carrying phaser MK-1 carbines as if they knew how to use them also fired as they moved forward till they were abreast with Kilara. "Nice to meet you Ms. Alajandra. My name is Snow and the ugly fellow beside me is Nolan." The phasers were set on a kill level and the goblins broke and fled after so many of their number were slain.

"hi. Snow, Nolan nice to put a face to your voice." She said softly and her attention returned to Melissa now that there were other's to deal with those creatures.

The Wyvern landed behind them and Chief Tocicr with a dozen local police SWAT members following her toward Kilara."

"Cheif Tocicr... Arrest the Inn's management and those that are in control of the mining operation. Charges kidnapping, torture, and the murder of 80 plus women over the last ten years. The local sheriff's office is also to be charged with collaborating with the culprits. There are monsters in the tunnels that need rounded up and either destroyed or sent back to the planet of their origin." Kilara spoke quickly. "I'll make a report and press charges." Then after reciting everything she slumped in a faint.

Colt saw her wilt but had Melissa in his arms? He turned to Brannigan "here lieutenant she needs medical help, her name is Melissa and she was a prisoner of those beasts."

Brannigan accepted her in his arms, letting his carbine hang from the combat sling. He looked from Colt to Melissa and then to the police chief Tocrci unsure what to do!

Colt scooped up Kilara in his arms "she was a prisoner too. I would like to take them to our doctors so we can keep them safe."

Chief Tocrci nodded "Go ahead just have her contact me as soon as she is recovered." The Chief saw the local policeman standing after he had crawled from his cruiser. he saw her and the SWAT team and turned to run. Chief Tocrci looked to her own team Sergeant "Take him alive, but don't let him escape." Two of the SWAT team were signaled and they ran off after the running policemen. "Lieutenant Brannigan I understand you came here for your people. You have them and the task to safe guard my witnesses is that satisfactory?"

Brannigan laughed "sure thing Chief. We already talked so you know where we are." Colt, Snow, Nolan looks like your coming with me." As the three marines nodded, only Colt did not make eye contact as he watched Kilara's face. Brannigan had the three marines and Kilara beamed up first. "Chief if you need help with this call me and I will bring in a couple squads of marines to help out."

Chief Tocrci nodded "I will call if you are needed."

Brannigan and Melissa were beamed up shortly after the chief's reply. "Delaney best speed back and call medical to let them know we have a couple people who need checked out."

Colt laid her on a bunk from the seats folded down and secured her. he had her upper body in his lap though as he held her for the flight.

Brannigan put Melissa in a seat and strapped her in with the harness. When she reacted he sat beside her and buckled in himself. "No worries Miss, that is the quick release right there, you are not trapped but it is safer to be using the harness. Snow and Nolan sat across from them and strapped in. Kabar smiled "see all of us are strapped in just the same. We will get you to a medical station shortly, you are safe with us." Kabar held her hand during the lift off and when she hung on he left her keep his hand for the short flight.



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