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A Good Samaritan Part 2.

Posted on Thu Nov 2nd, 2017 @ 1:48am by Commander Elisad Amar MD & Phil Durt & Warrant Officer Gale Storm
Edited on on Thu Nov 2nd, 2017 @ 1:52am

Mission: 24. Shore leave: another wildwest wilderness vacation!
Location: Asgard transporter station
Timeline: 20 November 2391


==Transporter Room Asgard==
=^=Sure thing Phil. initializing transport.=^= As he worked the controls he tapped his comm. =^=Gale, Nova, meet me and Phil in the Docking bay in about ten minutes.=^= As he ended the comm the two figures began to materialize on the transporter pads.

After Phil and his 'guest' materialized, Phil grabbed the other 'gentleman,' and dragged him towards Rick. Phil pulled Harry up to eye level and looked at Rick. " Rick, I'd like to introduce you to your ' Brother-in-Law,' one Harrison, 'Harry' Kane Storm. Harry looked Rick in the eyes and smiled. " Pleeeeasssedd to meet youuuuuu." Harry then collapsed again.

"Great." Rick said with a shake of the head. =^=McPhee could you cover transporters for me, I need to take a break for a family emergency.=^= He leaned in and looped the inebriated man's arm over his shoulder and hooked his own around his back. "You got the other side Phil?"

Phi grunted.." Yeah, got him..let's go before I decide to send him back."

McPhee came rushing in his red curls tousled by his rush. He saw the sloshed man between Rick and Phil. "Okay I've got you covered for now Rick, I can give you a half hour, I want to at least fit a sandwich into my lunch break."

"Thanks Adrian, I'll be back as soon as I can." Rick responded and then with a glance at Phil they headed out.

Phil slightly smiled..." Sooo Rick, what do you think of your brother in law so far?"

"That he's heavy." Rick said with a dead pan expression.

From her and Rick's quarters, Gale had heard the 'summons,' and shrugging, sighed and said to herself, " Ohhh kayyy." And left for the Lounge.

==The Docking Bay==
Meanwhile, in the Lounge, Nova looked up from the table she had been cleaning, and wondered what was about to happen.

The doors to the Docking Bay slid open, Rick and Phil entered, and seemed to be carrying something....Nova walked over to see what they had brought in, and upon seeing whom it was, her eyes went *wide.* Just then..Gale walked in.." So...what's going.....on." She commented before seeing the snoring form.

Phil coughed. " Umm...ladies...umm...look whom I ran into..."

Rick kicked a chair out into the middle of the floor so they could plop the snoring man on it. "We may need to tie him in the chair or maybe we should lay him on the floor."

Nova was the first female Storm to get close to Harry. She looked down at the snoring form, and took in a deep breath. She clenched her fists and began to breathe hard. Her eyes looked wild as she got closer, then she stopped. Her fists un clenched and tears came to her eyes and she began to stroke Harry's head. " Ohhhh Harry...where were you..where have you been...why..." Nova's tears became a river of tears.

Seeing Nova reaction to their brother, Gale slowly approached the snoring Harry and crying Nova. She shook her head, and softly asked.." Well, now what?!?"

Phil coughed. " Ladies, meet the new ' Fix-it /All About Do-Whatever Man ' for the ' Docking Bay.' Commencing when he's sober and fully awake."

"He's in no condition to arrange quarters with operations right now." Rick looked at the Nove then at his wife Gale and Phil. "Who's he going to bunk with until he sleeps this off?"

Phil looked around the group. " If it's all right with you all, there's an air mattress in the back that he can sleep it off tonight. I'd say tomorrow he's going to awake with an terrific headache. "

Nova spoke. " Ok with me. "

Gale nodded. " Works for me, tomorrow he should be in an more 'talkative' mood. You ok with that, Rick?"

"We will still need him signed on as a guest tonight. And I'm afraid bunking in the lounge wont fly by security. He'll have to stay with someone." Rick looked around at them. "Lets get his hand scanned at least then I suppose he'll have to take our couch Gale."

Gale nodded. " Fine with me, Rick."

Phil smiled. " Quite a family gathering we have here today.."

Gale laughed. " Yes, Mom, aka ' Tempest, ' and our Dad, ' Wyn ' Storm, would have loved it."

Phil looked at Gale. " ' Tempest? ' I knew an Tempest Wynn years ago, she was one classy broad....we had one great night.." Phil stopped talking when she saw the looks on Gale & Nova's faces...

Gale spoke quietly. " 'Wynn' was our Mom's maiden name. " Nova turned to Phil. " *Just when* did you two have this 'great night together?!?!?!' "

Phil mumbled the date. Nova's eyes went wide.." Oh crab cakes.....that was just a few weeks before the folks...." Nova continued quietly. " Got married."

Rick raised his brow and with a shake of his head. "Lets haul this one back to the transporter room, get him scanned and listed as a guest for the night. You three can continue this discussion later."

Phil looked down at the sleeping form of Harry, then at Rick. " Can we do that tomorrow? I don't relish hauling this gentleman back to the Transporter right now. In the morning when he's fully awake, I'll get him scanned. That be ok?"

Rick shook his head negatively. "No, but wait here I'll be right back." He rushed off to a supply closet and found an antigrav platform, returning with it and slightly out of breath. "Lets load him up and take him down to get him on board properly at least for the night. Tomorrow you can decide what you're doing with him."

Phil looked at the antigrav platform, then Harry, then back at Rick. " Ok, let's do it.." Phil took one end while Rick took the other and both deposited Harry on the platform. Phil then turned back to Gale & Rick.." We'll get him 'logged in' for the ship and then bring him back to your cabin and when he's awake in the morning he should be able to converse normally. I hope. " Phil turned back to Rick. " Ready when you are.."

"Ready." Rick maneuvered the antigrav back to the transporter room. Rolling his eyes he looked at McPhee. "My wife and I are having a guest for the night. This is my brother in law Harry lets get him scanned in. Then Phil and my wife are taking him to our quarters and I'm returning to duty." With McPhee's help he got Harry's hand scanned and was able to get him to open his eyes long enough to get an ocular scan even though he snored loudly during it. "Alright Phil, you Gale and Nova go get sleeping beauty here tucked in."

Phil just shook his head a bit before answering. " Ok, Rick." Phil then turned to Gale. " You want to grab an arm, we'll get him to your quarters." Gale sighed. " Right, ready." Gale turned back to Rick. " Don't trip over the 'log' ( motioning at Harry) when you get in Hon."

"I'll be careful sweetheart." Rick smiled at her then frowned looking at Harry. "You could take him by sickbay for an anti intoxicant shot. But then maybe him having a hangover is a better idea. Put a bucket by the sofa hon."

Gale silently laughed at the idea, then nodded in an affirmative. " Watch out for the bucket." Gale and Phil got the antigrav with Harry's snoring body moving out.



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