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The Dark-Side story: Part 9. (Now Mature content)

Posted on Sun Nov 12th, 2017 @ 12:06am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lance Corporal Braden Colt & Private 1st Class Darrick Nolan & Private 1st Class Nathan Snow

Mission: 24. Shore leave: another wildwest wilderness vacation!
Location: high mountain resort
Timeline: 21 November 2391


==21 November==
The Goblin men arrived and woke Kilara up with banging on the bars and shoving a bowel of gruel into her cage. They laughed and teased her shaking their manhood at her. From down the tunnel she heard cries of dismay, pain and panting from someone just out of view from her cage.

Kilara flung the contents of the bowl at them and shouted. "Leave me alone!!!" She held onto the bowl and began crashing it on the stone floor intent on breaking it.

Her captors mimicked her for a while then left laughing in their gutteral harsh manner. Time seem to drag as the light never changed, there was nothing to see beyond the bars anyway except walls and empty tunnels. Then there was the ceaseless sounds of another woman.. Screaming then crying, then complaining about the ineptness of her torturers. The voice was far away but it at times was plain to hear. Then that even went silent.

Kilara worked on the bowl, she'd got it to crack and was trying to pull it apart. Her plans to sharpen the edge at least. Her eyes were on her task, hair hanging over her face.

Braden Colt moved toward the cages worried at what he was going to find. Even so the relief on his face was evident when he saw her. Naked, dirty, and disheveled but she seemed intact! He moved to her cage "Kilara. It is me Braden." He used his combat knife to bust the hasp that held the lock "I guess your ready to get out of here?" He removed his jacket and offered it to her as he opened the cage "I am sorry Kilara, I should have come back sooner."

"Braden." Her eyes sought his as she took his jacket to cover herself. "There's no time. There's another woman here. I've heard her... I think it's Melissa. Do you have a phaser? There are these troll creatures."

Braden held her close "sorry I just have a few combat knives? I am on vacation and we are only required to be armed when in uniform. I always bring along a few knives as they are useful for other things besides fighting." He offered her his heavy combat blade, "you can use this? It is the best I have."

"It's something... My phaser is in my luggage. False bottom but damn it was all missing. Did you see those horrible creatures?" Kilara seemed to be rambling as she was coming to terms she'd been freed and Braden was really with her.

"I saw one a bit back that way. I killed it. Now which way do we go to find this other woman?" Braden really wanted to just go back the way he had just come from but if someone else was down here with these things then he had to help her as well.

"The sounds were coming from that direction. It's the management of this inn... They've been the cause of the missing and sadly dead women. He deactivated my internal tag when we get out of here we need to get a comm." She whispered as she shuffled her bared feet along the path looking down to see which direction the majority of foot prints went.

Melissa was producing milk! The creatures were laying around her as if drunk, a half dozen at least. They had been at her sex all morning even more then normal. She feared they were going to breed her! It only seemed logical, after all why else would they have made her into a cow? They had put the feeding tube back in her mouth after they had enjoyed her screams. Now they slept but when they woke she was sure her ordeal was going to get worse soon.

Braden squeezed her arm, "better let me lead, you look like you are in pretty rough shape." Braden moved ahead of her and followed the tracks. It seemed long minutes till they heard snoring. Braden peeked around the corner. Then signaled Kilara to look. There were six of the Goblins sleeping around a woman in stocks with a feeding tube in her mouth. Both her tits were being pumped, filling jugs of milk. She was dirty, naked, bruised, and her eyes were almost lifeless. Braden whispered "we can try cutting their throats as they sleep? We might even the odds." His expression showed he had little faith in the plan.

"From what I understand there aren't that many of the little trolls. We could try to or I could try to lead them away? Pick them off that way. Careful of their ropes they lasso with them." Kilara whispered. "If they had consumed her milk they will be drunk with it. It's the reason they give them women."

Braden tugged her back down the caravan. The he spoke in a low whisper. "I am not leaving you to run off alone in you condition. Think on this before you argue, if you were to try to lead them away they would know you are loose, they sound an alarm and you have more of them to deal with. Being in a place you don't know and they know like the back of their hand you would have no chance. Even if I managed to escape they might not keep you in the same location? I might not find you again." He kissed her cheek before returning to the corner.

"You're right. I think this time those things aren't going to get a rope on me." She crouched low and kept her arms close to her body. "They are worse than rats."

"Stab through the eye or ear it is less chance of noise." As Colt spoke he thrust his hand forward twisted the lower arm and yanked it back showing how it was done. As a Scout/Sniper being stealthy was part of his training. Braden moved past the nearer goblin and to one on the far side of Melissa.

At first her eyes would not focus correctly because she saw a human man and a near naked woman walk into her vision range. The man walked closer and he had a knife. She wanted to scream but the feeding tube made her unable to make even a noise or it would choke her and she had lived through that experience more times then she wanted to remember. Was her mind playing tricks? Had her mind begun to hallucinate a rescue.. Then she watched in a mix of horror and glee as her tormentors were killed in their drunken stupor.

Braden moved to the Goblin farthest away and knelt he stabbed into the right eye, twisted the knife and pulled it free. He laid the goblin face down so he still appeared to be sleeping. He moved to the next goblin and did the same. His throwing knife was good for a punching stab as he was doing now. Kilara had his combat blade and it was a heavier blade. He hoped she would not need to defend but it was as good for a parry as it was to kill. He had noticed these creatures had nasty claws.

Kilara found satisfaction in pushing one's drunken head to the side in order to plunge the blade into his eye, the blade scraped against the socket as she pulled it out and quickly stabbed a second creature in to the brain through the ears canal. Her eyes on Melissa with great concern.

Braden killed the third Goblin as he moved back toward Kilara. The fourth was already sleeping on his front and neither ear was an easy target. Braden decided to go for it as he was the last. He grabbed the head and twisted it dropping his knee on the things throat before punching the blade in its ear. It had a brief moment of awareness before his lights were out for eternity.

Braden turned to Melissa, "she is Kilara and I am Braden. You need to be quiet so we can rescue you." Braden made eye contact "remember quiet." He left the feeding tube in her mouth as he released one tit from the milker machine. He saw how they had used their claws on her, the bottom of her feet were criss x crossed with tiny scratches. He looked to Kilara who was helping release the woman "she won't be able to walk, I will have to carry her. If she has been in this contraption a long time she might not be able to use her legs anyway?" Braden thought "maybe I carry her piggy-back? So her legs won't be straight."

"Yes. I'll help get her on your back. I'm so sorry... Melissa lets get you someplace safe." Kilara pushed the ratted and dirty hair back from the woman's eyes.

Melissa felt the bonds being removed and her body refused to respond. Everything hurt so bad just trying to will movement. She began crying thinking of how her beautiful athletic body was ruined!

"We'll get you help soon. Medical care." Kilara was concerned if they had impregnated the woman after what the manager said. Hopefully scans would prove that negative. "The closet that entered my room is an entry point for the tunnels." She spoke as she helped to guide the poor weakened woman on to Braden's back. "I don't know if there is someplace closer."

"I came in through a door at the INN's basement. I think I can find it. We have something else to worry about." He had Melissa on his back, he held her legs around his waist height. Her arms hung over her shoulders. He started off at a jog talking softly "At least one of the police here are in on this. One named Fred, a heavy set fellow, he is suppose to kill me and my buddies then make it look like an accident."

"I'm not surprised, management and the local sheriff are involved. I've a contact with the City Police Chief." Kilara spoke her pace as quick as Braden's

Melissa was crying on the back of his shoulder. Braden felt really bad for her "No need to worry Miss, I ran with a pack almost as heavy as you for hours in training. We even train to carry a wounded buddy out to a LZ for pick up. You are getting out of here. Like Kilara said, get you to a clinic and you will be back to yourself in no time at all." It was easier to talk while he ran as it took his mind off running. "If you don't feel safe I know of some marines in my unit are helping to build a Dam. There is a Fleet med station there. You are under the protection of the Federation marines young lady."

"When we get to my bags you can have some clothes." Kilara spoke a gentle hand stroking the woman's back.

From back behind, where they had just come from an anguished scream and then horns and whistles. Braden did not even slow down for a step "we have a head start ladies. We get to the basement door and Kilara can get her phaser. They will back down once they start getting cut down by that."

"Right, and as soon as we reach my luggage I can signal for help. This place is going down." Kilara was angry, angry for what happened to Melissa, angry over the other 80 women's lives that were forfeited for pure greed.

"It was a long two hours and they spotted the short goblin dudes a few times as they drew near the door. Braden spotted the door where the dirt was gathered from it swinging open "Kilara The lever there, you go through first in case we have a welcoming committee? I would need to put her down to fight." He felt her cringe at the thought and the Goblins were getting closer each second. "You bags are under a tarp on the right side as you go into the basement. Weapon first then call."

"Right." Kilara was still armed with the knife but she pulled the lever and the door unlatched swinging enough to show it cracked open. She then pushed it glancing from side to side as it opened wide. She dashed to the tarp and pulled out her luggage, dumping the clothing to the floor she pushed the buttons twice on the sides then once in the center opening up the false bottom and pulled out her phaser and a comm badge. "Braden..." She hissed. "Melissa, cover her she looks like she's going in shock." As she spoke she shot behind him. "Camera bag, battery compartment. Arm yourself."

Braden followed her into the basement and moved behind her. This was a sort of laundry room and storage so he eased Melissa down to the floor and covered her quickly with a few blankets and rolled her into them, leaving her arms free so she did not feel trapped. Melissa began screaming as the goblins came into the room but her eyes rolled into her head and she passed out before she made too much noise. He stepped past her hurling one blad then the other. Each throwing knife buried itself in a Goblin one dropped down in a pile but the second fell back into the doorway. As Kilara covered he opened her camera case and found another typeI phaser. He set it on seven to kill and moved near the door firing at movement till he could close the door. He stood at the door "call my friends and warn them." He gave her Snow and Nolan's comm code. "After you make your calls and get dressed I will help you dress her."

"Got it." Kilara stepped back letting him take over firing. First she called his friends. =^=Snow, Nolan. this is Kilara... Colt's friend... The local sheriff and the Inn's management are searching to do you harm. Avoid the Inn's staff.=^=

Snow figured something was wrong. =^=We are here at the shuttle port if you need us just tell us when and where. Oh and keep that loser Colt safe, he is such a weenie!" Snow laughed "hey say is the police fella a big over weight fella? He is here now, we could handle him if he is in your way?=^=

=^=Yes he's big and overweight. If you can... Secure him.=^= Kilara responded. =^= And yes Colt will be safe.=^=

After that warning was done she called in to Starfleet Intel. =^=I have Melissa, the Inn management and local sheriff were in on the abductions. We are under attack by creatures. Require assistance. Fill in the Capital City's police chief.=^=

=^= LTJG Kilara Alajandra, copy your message but according to our records you are on detached assignment? I don't have any information here on your whereabouts even. Do you need assistance from our office and where are you.=^= The male voice sounded confused

=^=Tell Admiral Johnas. He'll take care of it.=^= Kilara rolled her eyes... damned undercover assignments.

Braden heard running feet approaching. "There is a door to the outside there. I think we need to leave?" Braden blocked the door with a washing machine, I know we have marines at a Dam in the country? If you can not get help maybe I could?"

"Try the Marines... And have someone get a hold of Chief Tocicr of the City's Police force." Kilara's voice was disgusted. But she turned her attention to aiding Melissa and helping her regain dignity and a bit of modesty. "We do need to get some distance from here."

Melissa looked at a bra and her oversized and distended breasts, she shook her head and pulled a bulky top over her head "I am so filthy?" Her tears were a mix of pain, fear, and revulsion of what she looked like. Her arms and legs were beginning to work but they still hurt. Putting on panties and socks was torture even with help. "Do you have sweat pants, something baggy so no one can see my body?"



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