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The Dark-Side story: Part 8. (Now Mature content)

Posted on Sun Nov 12th, 2017 @ 12:05am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lance Corporal Braden Colt & Private 1st Class Darrick Nolan & Private 1st Class Nathan Snow
Edited on on Sun Nov 12th, 2017 @ 12:08am

Mission: 24. Shore leave: another wildwest wilderness vacation!
Location: Dungeon of the cave dwellers
Timeline: 20-21 November 2391


==20 November==

They rode and pulled Kilara along the dimly lit caverns for an endless amount of time till they came to a closed door. They opened the door and forced her into a finished basement? Once inside they walked her to a table in the middle of the room. By pulling on her ankle ropes and on her leash ropes they pulled her down onto her back on the table. Her neck tied to the table and then her legs pulled wide apart and tied off they scampered back out of the door and closed it behind them. They seemed afraid as they left like whoever was coming was more dangerous then they were?

Kilara tried to steady her breathing. If nothing else they would come looking for her. She was on assignment and her disappearance wouldn't be considered a rich girls whim.

A door opened and footfalls echoed down steps as someone she could not see approached. A familiar voice spoke to her, the manager who had shown her around the entire day. "I see you met my friends Kilara? Not very talkative are they. I am guessing you are an undercover policewoman? You are not the first we have had to deal with. Sometimes the game is more enjoyable then others though." He rubbed his hand atop her bound thigh "such a waste but then you will be put to good use. Your life's purpose has changed." He ran a tricorder over her body. "Hmmm, these tunnels are almost impossible to scan through but if someone were to enter them they might have found this device? What you thought we would not be aware of your toys?"

Kilara glared at him she fought the urge to cringe from his touch. If she weren't bound she would show him what her training could do.

"This is something unexpected? I am not finding anything.. You must be starfleet! I will need to run a much more tighter search and I am afraid it will be rather invasive. I suppose I might as well enjoy it but I suspect you will not. Or you could tell me where the device is and save yourself some trouble?"

"The only thing I have to say to you is you will be caught." Kilara's eyes were sharp as she stared at him.

His hands roamed her chest and upper body as he spoke in a most amiable fashion "since you are never leaving here I guess we can kill some time talking. I imagine you are curious about what is happening here." He laughed cruelly "The little fellows are only semi-intelligent. They are very good at traps and such things though, is how they survive on their home-world. They are amazing tunnelers and natural miners. We have only a few of them really and their lifespan is not all that long. There are no females in their race but they can breed with most mammals. It is rather unique as well but the adult males enjoy human milk. It is like strong drink to them."

"Disgusting." Kilara controlled the urge to retch at the very thought.

"So what does this have to do with you. A reasonable question. Those little guys work like five other miners each and we don't pay them money or credits. They are fed and sleep down in the mine as they feel comfortable there more then anyplace else. What we pay them is a woman every few months. They have a whole process, sort of like a ritual even. They make a woman lactate and they party on her milk for a while. Then they impregnate the woman. This would not be all that bad except the babies eat the mother? Disgusting really if you think about it. It is just the way it works out. So you see we could hardly let something like this be known. We tried other mammals but they only want human or Bajoran women. They won't even touch an Orion! Apparently the pheromones don't affect them like it does most males?" He touched her skin and she felt an electric shock and a mild burning sensation.

Kilara jerked her arm at the pain.

"All right then that takes care of anyone finding you or your remains. I will give you a hint, the water is brackish but safe. The food they give you though is fixed to help make you lactate. So you can try not to eat it. They won't begin to impregnate you till you are producing milk so by not eating you could prolong your life. I am not sure you will want to but there is that to consider." There was a pinch in her neck and a warm sensation flooded her body as he drugged her.

Kilara her body going completely limp from the drug. Yet she could hear around her. She had to find away... And she would. He said months... Melissa could still be alive. Her last thought as darkness took over was simply... I need a weapon.

The crude little fellows carried her now limp form to the cage and put her inside. They left her a bucket of water and another bucket to void into. They locked the cage and left her there to wake up in the small enclosure.

==Braden Colt/ evening 19 November==
It was not all that late at night when Braden called Kilara's room number. There was no answer and he was worried but Darrick and Nathan teased him into letting it go. They had a serious climb and "your new girlfriend is probably at a party so get some sleep seemed a decent argument. He went to sleep thinking that his friends were right it was too early for her to call it a night.

==Braden Colt/ 20 November==
Braden was the lead climber for a party of eight. It was a tough climb and he had to concentrate on what he was doing so he never really thought about Kliara all day. At the top of the rockface there was nothing but a cook-out meal and pick up did not arrive to return them to the lodge till near dark. They were not back to the lodge till late that evening. Braden left his buddies at the bar and went to call Kilara chased by the hoots and teasing of his buddies.

Braden was shunted to the front desk after the first ring/chime.

"Hello this is the front desk how might I help you?" The grumpy night clerk asked.

"I was seeking Kilara Aj.." Braden was cut off in mid word.

"She left this morning, she had her pictures and her magazine apparently recalled her." The Desk clerk had an amused tone as if he took delight in making the statement.

"Thank you." Braden hung up and leaned against the wall. She had not been recalled and he knew that. He believed she was Fleet intelligence and he believed she was in trouble. He returned to his room and packed. He stopped in the bar on his way out to the shuttle-port. "Guys Kilara is in trouble, I am going back down to the valley." He waved his hand in front of them "I have my reasons, and you don't need to come with me. If I don't contact you in three days then you know I was right and I am probably dead. I expect you to find out what happened to me." Braden turned and left not waiting for their replies. At the shuttle-pad he got bad news, he could not get a ride down till the next morning. There were none to be had.

Nathan frowned once he went back to their room in the high lodge. "Darrick have you ever known Braden to have bad instincts when it came to trouble?"

"No, but then he is not much on women either? Women troubles ain't the same as battlefield instincts. Thing is though he is a good judge of people." Darrick laid down to clear his head. "Maybe tomorrow we should go down and check on him?" His snores cut off the discussion as he passed out into a deep sleep.

Nathan shook his head "I think that might be a good idea. Braden looked worried and he just doesn't show that often. Tomorrow we will fly down and check on this kilara lady." He llaid down and was soon in dreamland.

==Braden Colt/ 21 November==
Braden was on the first shuttle to the valley. He was walking toward the Inn when a police cruiser pulled up "say young fella where are you headed?" The overweight policemen snarled. "Just walking Sir, I have some friends up at the Inn ans was going to visit them today." Bradn kept his voice polite but there was something not right about what was happening here.

The poliemen frowned "says you. Just keep in mind you cause any trouble and you will be seeing the inside of one of my cells in the jail. So you just remember to mind your manners here." He drove off and turned away at the first intersection.

Braden found the same lack of friendliness when he tried to book a room. He was told there were no vacancies. The desk manager also made it known if he was on the Inn grounds he needed a room or he would be removed from the premises. The two security guards stepped out into the open near the desk as a show of force. Braden left the Inn rather then cause a ruckus and end up in jail. He walked a few blocks then started up a hiking trail. He sat on a bench looking at the Inn. He needed to get into her room. He knew where it was or was pretty sure anyway. Being off a window was going to be bad, his best bet was to get inside and use the door. He sat there a long while trying to figure a way inside.

He watched the delivery van arrive with local produce. He started back down the trail toward the town till he reached a ravine. He ducked into the ravine and went back uphill a ways. Sure enough within a few minutes the policemen showed up on a stand-up three wheeled vehicle. He searched around then sped back toward the Inn. Braden watched him then followed using the terrain as he was trained to do as a marine scout/sniper. Once at the delivery van he hoisted a crate of fruit and walked inside. He set in where told but ducked into a service hallway as soon as he was out of sight. He went to the basement and as he searched around for a back way upstairs he found Kilara's luggage!

He hid her bags in a dark corner so they would not disappear. he now wished he had a phaser! All he had was his combat knife and three throwing blades he had gotten from his own bags before sending them to the shuttle-pad by a taxi. It was not much. He heard voices and hid, but he saw no one in the room? Then he realized the voices were from behind a wall! He moved closer to the wall so he could listen.

"I tell you he will be a problem, we know that damn women was Starfleet and those three marines are all back! One early this morning and the other two just arrived at the shuttle-port. Sure we can make him disappear if we can find him? What about the other two? Three marines and a Fleeter all disappearing within a few days?" That was the fat policemen who had questioned him being here on the road.

"I already gave her to the darkling goblins. Damn it Fred you said the marines had left and she was alone. Well accidents happen? Deal with the marines then make it look like an accident. Climbers fall all the time.. Just make them go away and the rest will take care of itself."

"I will let them find the first one, then take them all together." The Policemen named Fred sounded like he left. The wall began moving and Braden hid behind some shelves. A man in a suit exited through the moving wall and closed it before he left the basement. Braden waited till the door to the upper floor closed before moving to the shelf that hid a door. it took him a few minutes but he found the door. He opened it to a man-made cavern. He closed the door and turned on his penlight began moving forward. he came across tracks in thedust and followed them to a solid wall. He was about to try to open that hidden door when he saw footprints in the dust, petite human feet! They were barefoot prints as well and he had a sinking feeling in his stomach.

Braden tried to call his friends but the signal would not escape the walls here. He made a decision to follow the foot prints and hope his buddies could take care of themselves. They were still free and would be wary once they could not find him. On the other hand Kilara was already a prisoner. Braden followed the tracks for what seemed to be hours. No sound, just the weird light. Then he saw a shadow and stopped.

The shadow became a movement in the dim light and then it spotted Braden and made a gutteral hiss with dirty claws raised on both of its hands.

Braden never hesitated he threw his left hand blade sinking the blade in the small things right eye socket. The three foot tall monstrosity fell dead in a lifeless heep. Braden recovered his blade and moved forward. He saw a couple cages ahead? Bars anyway built into an opening on the one side. Something or someone was in one of the cages. Braden moved forward as silently as he was able.



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