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Convention time

Posted on Sun Nov 12th, 2017 @ 12:06am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant Commander Anlya D'Tries & Lieutenant Commander Eve Coventina & Lieutenant JG Maud Barentsz & Lieutenant JG Anjohl Gaden MD & Lieutenant JG Sol & Lieutenant JG Rico Demic & Lieutenant JG Mike Derringer

Mission: 24. Shore leave: another wildwest wilderness vacation!
Location: each person's quarters
Timeline: 21 November 2391


Each qualified Doctor on the Asgard received a welcome invitation to attend a fleet doctor convention being held on the base 28 -29 November. The letter had the typical salutations and compliments before requesting a reply to two questions. First was a yes/no reply about attending and the second was an invitation to speak. If the doctor would speak then other questions needed to be answered. one was a time period in twenty-minute segments up to an hour. The other question was on topic and required a brief explanation as to topic.

==Chief of Science office==
Anlya read the message over and nodded. She had a topic that she thought she could talk on and though she did not say anything to Ryder yet, he would know that such things, boring and time-consuming as they were brought a bit of honour to the ship in general.

She went ahead and typed the reply. "I would be honoured to attend and present as well. The topic of my presentation is: 'The use of fractal geometry in describing pharmacokinetic interactions.' She hit send and then went to find Ryder to tell him about the conference.

==Maud's quarters==
Maud looked at the message before she tilted her head, biting her lip. She took a moment before she started typing. "I am intrigued by the invitation and would like to attend. I am happy to present as well, although my topic might not appeal to the masses. The topic is 'Death by space: Cover up or Accident?' where I would present the cases of where hard vacuum has been used to cover up a murder and how to spot the differences in damage." She sat back before she rubbed the back of her neck, hesitating...and then deleted it. She started typing again. "I would be happy to attend." She sent the message and bit her nail, frowning. "Damn it, I should have just stuck to my topic. Who cares if it is will all be boring..."

==Demic Quarters==

Demic read the invitation and pulled Gild onto his lap to nibble on hir neck as he read. "What do you think sweetheart?"

"You'd better go, I'll go and get pampered while you're in the conference." Gild giggled as she tilted hir head to give him more access to hir throat.

"Well then hold still while I type around you." Demic nipped her her shoulder before he typed. *Thank you for your kind invitation. I will attend the convention, although I abstain from being a speaker." He hit send then scooped his wife up and carried her giggling to the bed. "Now where were we?"

==Sol's Quarters==

Sol glanced to his desk as he saw the light flashing with the message. He pushed himself up from the bed of dirt that covered a quarter of the living room floor, brushing the soil from his hands as he made his way to read the message.

He arched an eyebrow when he saw the invitation, tempted by the prospect. He was interested in hearing the views of other doctors. Caution made him think of them as 'views'. Medical professionals or not, experience had taught him that some speakers at such events could stretch 'truth' until it was transparent in order to support a far-fetched hypothesis.

He replied that he would most certainly attend. He hesitated when he considered if he should speak or not. He knew that many people from different races did not relish listening to a Vulcan speak. He had become attuned to the moment that their minds switched off and they were no longer really listening. And his topic would most likely be unusual, interested as he was in the place of plants and herbs in modern medicine. He tentatively suggested in his reply that he could speak about it, but he was uncertain of what the response would be.

==Amar's Office==

As Amar read the invitation she sighed. A convention... With everything else that is going on? First, she commed her husband. =^=Captain... the base is having a medical conference the 28th and 29th of November... We wouldn't be busy at that time would we?=^=

=^=You are free to go, we should be just getting into the serious rearranging of the compartments so might be a good time for us to stay off ship? That is if you have time to play with me when not being all official like?=^= Wulfe was in a good mood today as the supplies were flowing smoothly and the work on the ship was slightly ahead of schedule.

Amar sighed when she learned she would have 'time' to go. Hopefully, it will go quickly. She thought as she replied. =^=If we stay off ship, I want a room with a hot tub to soak my feet in, there is so much mingling involved aside from sitting through speeches.=^=

Wulfe nodded as he thought about it =^=tell you what. I will come over and spend the time from the end of the days events till you return the next morning. I will give you one fantastic foot massage while you soak in the Jacuzzi. The the second night I will return and we can relax again. The next day after the convention we can just relax and look around the base. I can do that much at least.=^=

Amar then contacted the base. She sent in her reply. "Thank you for the invitation to the conference. I shall be attending, I will speak on Percutaneous Neurolysis with Continuous Radiofrequency Energy for the Treatment of Symptomatic Sacroiliac Joints."

==Gaden's quarter's==
Anjohl was laying down relaxing when he got the call. Like the others on staff, he was thrilled to get the invitation. The idea of his trying to relax, flew right out the window, however, because then he had to decide whether he was going to speak or not, and if so what topic.

It took him about twenty minutes to decide, He then rolled out of bed and sent a reply which read: This is Doctor Anjohl Gaden. I will be happy to attend and am looking forward to it. Yes, I would like to speak. My topic is The metamorphosis of Rigellian Fever."

==Secondary medicalbay==
DocMike was in the secondary medbay office just making sure everything was in order. The medbay was shut down while on shoreleave but he had an itch and came down here to just make sure he had closed up shop properly. Everything was as it should be so he felt more at ease now. He was sitting in the chair contemplating this convention? He finally decided and opened a comm to Eve. =^=Eve this is DocMike and I was wondering if you wanted to attend a medical convention on the base with me. Is two days, and the food at the Hotel is reputed to be excellent."

==Eve's quarters==
=^=Oh, well if I'm promised a good meal, then I'm there....=^= Eve teased over the comm link before she laughed softly. =^=It sounds like it could be an interesting trip. I'd love to go with you,=^= she assured more seriously, but with warmth still in her tone.

==Secondary medicalbay==
DocMike smiled happy to hear her voice =^=I will make the arrangements then. I will get us a room with two bedrooms as we did on our wine vacation excursion. I think the convention offers three buffets for the attendees, two lunches and a dinner. I can offer to take you out though if the buffet does not appeal to you. I will let you know how it all works out in the morning, I will stop by your office to talk over the final details.=^=



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