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Family dinner Part 2. (Mature adult content)

Posted on Thu Aug 31st, 2017 @ 1:17am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Commander Elisad Amar MD
Edited on on Thu Aug 31st, 2017 @ 1:17am

Mission: 23: Something going on in the Muratas Cluster
Location: Captain's quarters
Timeline: 5 November 2391


Wulfe laughed "tell you what both of you figure 2100hrs Earth time for tomorrow night compared to our actual time and we will call them. The one of you that figures the time the nearest to the hour wins. Elisad what could we award one of these two for being the nearest to Earth time?"

"Considering they'll also need to take in mind the varying time zone differences. I don't think Brayden and Marika would like a call at 02:30 hrs." Amar smiled at them. "One hundred credits to purchase what they choose on the base as long as it is age appropriate."

"So be it." Wulfe smiled "I want to see the calculations as well, no cheating and just asking for a time to time conversion table. If it is a tie you both receive the reward. Sound fair to you? Sounds fair to me."

"I'll get to work on it after dinner." Stev said excitedly thinking about maybe taking Tasha out on a proper date, dinner and a movie or maybe getting her fancy chocolates and parts for her hobby.

"I'll see what I can do." Jem smiled and looked at her mother. "Is this why you've been so tired lately mom?"

"A little, just the early stages nothing to worry over. I'll need to delegate more... and try for a nap or at least putting my feet up after my shift. But it is a very good reason to feel tired." Amar beamed and looked around at her family.

"Looks like both of you will be recruited for babysitting duty soon as well." Wulfe laughed. I have been reading books on care for babies for a few weeks now. Seems babies are rather helpless for several months. I also read babies do best when raised by a community. We are a community!" Wulfe laughed then went back to eating his food. He did think about Brayden and Marika, it was a hard issue for him, finding out he had a son, meeting him, and then having to say good bye to him so soon. He was proud of the young man, he just wished he had known about him. Now he would possibly have a child only a few years older then his grand children. He glanced at Elisad and came back to the present moment. "After we clean up I will pamper you, go ahead and prop your feet up after dinner."

"I wont mind baby sitting." Jem spoke as she started eating again and day dreamed about some day having children with Serran.

"I promise to enjoy every moment of pampering you give me Ray." Amar smiled at him feeling extremely happy, her nest wont be empty for quite awhile. She hoped they could arrange a visit with Brayden and Marika after the baby came.

Raymond blew her a kiss, "then best we eat so we can get to the clean-up." He laughed as he said it, then filled his mouth. he chewed the over-sized bite slowly winking at both kids as he chewed. "Actually since Nanny Brown has plans and your Mom had promised to let me pamper her.. Since I doubt either of you would want to be around to see that.. How about I do the clean-up and you two find something to do for the evening? Home by 2200hrs though."

"I could go to the arboretum and maybe work in the herb bed." Jem spoke softly wondering if Serran would be playing his music and thinking about taking her flute along.

"I guess I could hang out with the pilots." Stev spoke as he scooped a large forkful of pasta and vegetables into his mouth. Wondering if he could squeeze in a visit with Tasha too before it got too late.

"I know you two will find something to do, I think they'll be screening a movies in messhall. Since we're not using holodecks, the crew does need some relaxation." Amar spoke and sipped the grape juice. She simply didn't feel up to eating more.

Wulfe finished his meal at a more normal pace and bid farewell to each of the family as they finished eating and went their own ways. "Go ahead and get comfortable Elisad, I will only be a few minutes here." His warm smile drifted from her eyes to her still flat tummy. "Is hard to believe in so many ways. You know before I never expected to ever settle down, never even really thought about having children. You changed all that. You know if not for you I might have blown the meeting with Brayden? I would not have questioned him about being my son, but I don't know how the old Wulfe would have responded to being a father? I know one thing Elisad. I am a better man because of you." He had cleared the table as speaking glancing at her time to time. His last comments he faced her though and knelt beside her laying his head on her stomach. "You make all the difference in my life."

Amar had stretched out on the sofa and watched as he went back and forth tidying. "I'm grateful for the gift of love you've given me, and the children. I'm happy that Braden showed up. I think it was healing for both of you even if a bit of a shock at first." She smiled at him. "You went from no family, to an instant family that grew. I'm happy that we are having a baby." She caressed his hair. "Even if right now I think I could easily sleep the entire gestation." A yawn escaped her lips.

"Well that would be an extended nap?" He moved onto the couch lifting her leg and sitting under them. Wulfe began massaging her bare feet. "I do not mind a few extended naps? Maybe a few hours each day, but I would not wish to have you sleep all the way through." He was pretty good and he did not tickle her feet, he did spread and tug her toes and firmly massage each foot. "I go up your legs and you might miss your nap? Should I stop there and let you sleep?"

"Oh no, don't stop... We'll just delay my nap a little. After all getting time alone isn't that often." Amar's eyes showed her passion for her husband. "Besides I always sleep better when you're next to me."

"Well then time to take you to bed and get comfortable." Wulfe scooped her up in a cradle and carried her to the bedroom. He set her down on the side of the bed and began helping to undress her. "We have a few hours alone. Since you seem agreeable might as well take advantage of them? You want to continue this massage?" He smiled and tilted his "I could find the warm oil?"

"mmm yes just avoid the lavender scent if you want me to stay awake to make love." Amar chuckled as she trailed the backs of her fingers over his cheek feeling the rough texture of his beard growing in.

"No lavender scent. Roll over sexy, I will start on your shoulders." He gave her a towel to wrap her hair in. Then Wulfe warmed some oil and began rubbing it into her shoulders. "If you do fall asleep you can pay be back when you wake up." He teased as he knew how relaxing the deep massage was. He worked the muscles around her neck before shifting down to her hips and lower back. "I imagine I will be doing this a lot in the coming weeks."

"Probably often in the third trimester, all that shifting weight." Amar spoke in a soft moan feeling the tension in her shoulders relaxed and of course a warmth when his hands were on her hips and lower back. "mmm just a little lower Captain Love."

"But of course My Lady. His fingers moved lower surrounding her upper leg and tantalizing close to her sex. Time after time just lightly brushing her where it was most sensitive body part. He kissed her neck and shoulders as he worked her over trying to arouse and relax her at the same time. "Time to roll over." He moved one hand under her pelvis and the other under her body across her breast to aid her in turning over.

Amar rolled with him and smiled parting her lips as she raised her arms to embrace him. "Ray, for the time being you take the top, once the baby gets larger I won't be able to feel you this way for several months."

"Have to finish your massage first. When I see your hips undulating upward with need then I will climb atop you and stay there till you are satisfied." he began with his firm fingers down across her chest but then he began squeezing her breast and tweaking her hard perky nipples. He fully expected her response to become rather explicit rather soon. He knew he was ready, his arousal was nearly painful already.

"Ray, stop teasing." Amar moaned arching to his touch. "It's time to massage my canal with your hot hard probe." She spread her legs and wrapped one around his leg to try and pull him in.

He held back but he did give her very slowly what she requested. Despite her most fervent efforts he took his sweet time. He did fully invade her before she became too frustrated with a strong lifting thrust at the end. After he was fully inside her though, he took her as her need dictated with long strong strokes. Driving her across the bed at first till she caught hold. This was going to be over sooner then usual and since she was tired to begin with he wanted to make sure it was satisfying for her as it always was for him.

Amar gave up holding the sheets in her fists and when she could reach it she braced her hands on the headboard. Her heels dug into the mattress, she thrust her hips up to meet him. Moaning louder as the frenzied pitch began to build to her peak. "Oh my love." She moaned when the stars began to implode inside her.

Spent Wulfe lowered himself beside her and pulled her across his chest. "I think we can both sleep tonight." He held her in his arms kissing her softly. He was tired as well and tomorrow the StarGazer would rendezvous to tow them. he expected they could recharge the batteries as well. With not needing the impulse engines they could shunt power to some of the recreational places like the holodecks. "I am happy Elisad, I am looking forward to our child. I have never truly been a dad you know. This will be a first for me..." He noticed she was sleeping and smiled "good night my Lady."



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