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Sorry Sir, we will be gone soon.

Posted on Sun Sep 10th, 2017 @ 1:52pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Lieutenant Andreas O'Shaunessy

Mission: 23: Something going on in the Muratas Cluster
Location: outside Andreas quarters
Timeline: 6 November 2391


The work order had been written in a hurry as the crew were busy preparing the five departures and it was only after the quarters were prepared someone noticed how tall the new Security Chief was. So now they were in a rush to switch out the standard furniture for a bed and chairs for someone 6'5". Bosun Murphy had seen the error and sent Tom Watkins to get the replacement furniture and a couple helpers to move it in. Tom was just about to open the door when he saw a new face approaching, Red hair and well over 6' tall it was the guy who was moving in here.

Tom stepped away from the door "LT. O'Shaunessy. Sir we had a clerical error and your quarters were fitted with standard furniture Sir. We caught the mistake and if it is alright with you Sir we will replace the furniture and be out of your way Sir." He pointed to himself and then the other two men. "I am CM1st Tom Watkins and these two are respectively CM1st Owen Stewart, and CM1st Daniel Upshaw."

Andreas smiled. "Thank you, gentlemen, I appreciate your getting on top of that for me. In all honesty, I hadn't even checked the furniture yet." Opening the door, he walked in and moved to the side of the room. "Come on in, gents."

"Won't be long at all Sir. Tom walked inside and began tagging furniture and as soon as he tapped a PADD the chair or table vanished replaced by a larger version. As he did that the other crew moved the old standard sized bed and couch out replacing them with a longer version of each. I twas very efficient and quick. The bed was even made military fashion when they left. Tom stopped at the door. "Sir if you want anything rearranged or the walls a different color just call Operations to make a work order. In fact Lieutenant if you want to do a quick inspection i could fill out a work order to work on tomorrow?"

Andreas looked around his quarters quickly, impressed with what he saw. "Everything looks good to me, Mr. Watkins." He replied. "This is probably the only time the bed's going to be made like that in all honesty, unless you're going to start morning inspections." He continued with a wink.

"Oh my, no Sir!" Tom replied even as he realized the officer was teasing him. He smiled "We will only return to make scheduled repairs or when summoned to make changes Sir." Tom was very literal and serious as he added "we run a tight department and this is a good ship Sir." Tom nodded ""Sir mess-hall tonight is serving pineapple upside down cake with real pineapples. It would be worth the visit even just for the desert. We have a substantial garden aboard the Asgard. A lot of crew go there to relax."

"Sounds good. I'll definitely let you know if I need anything." Andreas said. "I'll check out the mess and the garden before too long. Thanks again, Mr. Watkins."

Tom was the last to leave the Lieutenant. He marked the work order completed as he turned the corner. That had gone well, he was afraid the man might be annoyed but he had been really nice. He hoped this one lasted a while, security was a high turn over position on the Asgard!



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