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Tomorrow is the day

Posted on Thu Aug 31st, 2017 @ 1:18am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Master Warrant Officer John Sakura & Lieutenant Andreas O'Shaunessy

Mission: 23: Something going on in the Muratas Cluster
Location: bridge of the *StarGazer*
Timeline: 5-6 November 2391


Captain Zytte Sh'gorihr, the stern looking female Andorian nodded as she saw her passenger approach. "Lieutenant Andreas O'Shaunessy tomorrow is the day. Say 1000hrs be prepared to transferr to your new post as chief Security aboard the USS Asgard." She made eye contact, "I hope you enjoyed your trip with us."

"1000hrs tomorrow, aye. Thank you for everything, ma'am, I really appreciate it." Andreas replied meeting the Captain's gaze. "I'd better get going to get my gear together. Thanks again, Captain." He said as he turned and exited the bridge.

The walk to his quarters seemed to take longer than normal as he thought about his life up to this point. Growing up as a fleet brat, Andreas had bounced around with his parents as they were transferred as they raised in rank and as the needs of the fleet dictated. That prepared him for his own transfers, but didn't completely eliminate the 'fear of the unknown' that came with them.

Andreas was confident in his abilities as both a security and tactical officer as well as a department head, but the unknowns he faced over the coming days were the expectations of his new command staff as well as learning the strengths and weaknesses of the people in his department.

As he turned the last corner to his quarters, Andreas couldn't help but think how easy his parents had made each transfer look and feel and wished they were still alive to talk too and bounce his ideas off of, but he found comfort in knowing they were always watching over him, even if they weren't physically with him.

==6th, 1000hrs==

=^=LT O'Shaunessy. I am Master warrant Sakura of the Asgard and if you are ready and your bags are properly tagged I will be transporting you here to the Asgard. Are you ready Sir."

=^=I'm ready as I'll ever be Master Warrant Sakura." Andreas replied as he took one last look around.

John activated the beam and the officer and his kit arrived on the Asgard transporter station #2 platform. Sakura greeted the officer with his friendly lope-sided grin "Welcome aboard lieutenant. If you would be so kind as to step forward, eye and palm scans to verify you are indeed you, I will then give you your welcoming packet." He held up a small bag with a PADD inside. "This has your access code to your quarters and the ship systems. Of course once you login you know to change all your pass-codes. From here you are to proceed to deck-7 for your medical. If you wish an escort one will be provided." John made his long winded welcome speech with his normal friendly demeanor. "If you please Lieutenant, once you are scanned I will be happy to answer any questions to the best of my ability."

"I hope everything matches up, I don't want my first act as Security Chief to be to throw myself into the brig." Andreas said with a smile as he stepped down from the platform and got the scans out of the way. "I should be ok to find my way to the med bay, but thanks for the offer."

"No problem, I do not know how familiar you are with the Norway class but be prepared for a surprise when you reach your quarters. As a department Chief you are on deck-4 and your quarters are about twice as big as they would be on a Galaxy. We live in comfort here on the Asgard. We work hard and risk all but at the end of the day we can kick back and enjoy life." John handed over the packet "everything is there Lieutenant, but if you need anything or want something changed just call on Operations."

Wulfe stepped into the bay "ahh Lieutenant O'Shaunessy. Welcome aboard. Walk with me to deck-7 while I make the rounds if you would please." The Captain nodded his head in greeting Sakura. "The ship is in a bit of a shambles I fear. We just had a run in with a rather nasty business left over from the past. Lucky for us the same solution worked for us as it did for the Enterprise a couple hundred years ago."

"Thank you, Captain." Andreas replied. Rasing the packet, he nodded towards Sakura. "Thanks for this and the info, Master Warrant Officer, much appreciated." Turning back, he fell into step with the Captain. "If memory serves me right, Captain Archer destroyed a network of spheres out here. Was there any advancement in the sphere's technology since 2154?" He asked.

Wulfe was impressed with his knowledge, "I do not believe so. I have no evidence but I think this sphere was a left over. There was no network anyway. My theory and what I reported was I think someone found the sphere and probably activated it by mistake. Science and intelligence are still going over the data we collected." He was the security chief,so Wulfe spoke to him as part of the command staff. He walked down the ramp from deck-6 to deck-7 as he continued "Our flight Chief is Helena Gawyn, she goes by Lena." Wulfe smiled and laughed "our chief engineer is also a Helena, so the nickname helps. Anyway you and her are a combat team in space combat, so I expect you to train with her often. One of the reasons for our success is the team effort between flight and Tactical."

"Understood, sir. Once I get settled and do a tour of my department, I'll make sure to meet up with her whenever she is available. Would it be possible for me to gain access to the data that was collected to help bring me up to speed, sir?"

"Absolutely, speak to Anlya, I mean Commander D'Treis, our science Chief about that." Wulfe stopped outside of medical. "You have excellent people Andreas, most of them have been with the ship and me over two years. I trust you to take care of them and lead them. They will take care of you either way though." Wulfe reached to shake hands "Oh, before I forget. The Chief medical officer is also the XO. She is my wife as well." Wulfe smiled wider "somethings happen here a little oddly, but the ship works. Stop by my office after you get done moving in and we will talk more."

"Thank you, sir. I'll definitely chat with Commander D'Treis reasonably soon." Andreas said as he took the offered hand. Glancing towards the med bay's door he took a deep breath. "Well, better get this over with. Thanks again, Captain."



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