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I know it is just sythenol

Posted on Thu Aug 31st, 2017 @ 1:18am by Lieutenant JG Jake Zempke & 2nd Lieutenant Ranulf Blackhawk & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant Commander Anlya D'Tries & Lieutenant Commander Eve Coventina & Phil Durt & Lieutenant Yukime Winters & Lieutenant JG Francis Todd & Lieutenant JG Dahlia Vine & 2nd Lieutenant Chang WangXi & Kara Miss

Mission: 23: Something going on in the Muratas Cluster
Location: Lounge deck-10 "LoadingDock"
Timeline: 5 November 2391


Jake Zempke walked into the lounge and looked around. He had just gotten off duty and wished this ship served real liquor when in space! The Stargazer would join them tomorrow which meant about a three week tow to the nearest starbase. Three slow weeks in the dark of space. He was already bored. He walked to the bar and sat on a stool "say Phil, what is the burn-iest sythenol you have? Maybe something with pepper in it? Something that would make the eyes water?"

Phil looked directly at Jake and smiled. " Something with pepper in it. Something that would make your eyes water. " Phil nodded then spoke. " Got it. Jake, how would you like to try an Cinnamon Bomb? It goes down smooooooth but when it hits your stomach, ka-powie!"

That was not what he asked for but hey it sounded interesting "sure why not Phil. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Jake shrugged "We have but one life to live."

Kara glanced up from the table she'd just delivered a pitcher of beer to and was mildly flirting with both Thomas twins. Her eyes took on a sultry smoulder as she looked Jake over then turned her attention back to the two well built twins again.

Phil grinned at Jake and quickly brought out the ingredients for the drink. " ' Cinnamon Bomb, ' we take a medium sized glass. Sprinkle some pepper on the bottom, add some lemon juice for a kick, then fill with cinnamon liquor. Now Jake, one does not sip this. One takes a gulp and lets it work its way to one's stomach. Smooth and aromatic going down, a *jolt* when it hits bottom. Enjoy."

Jake tossed it down and was somewhat disappointed as it went down smooth as predicted. Then it hit his stomach and it felt like a fireball exploding in his gut. He hissed as his eyes began to water and he looked at Phil, "that is just evil! I think I just burned the lining out of my stomach?" Jake shook his head "send me some fruit juice Phil when you get around to it."

As Dahlia moved into the lounge, she cast an appraising gaze around the room. Taking the chance to get out of uniform, she wore a pair of black faux leather trousers and a red silk vest top. She appreciated this second chance at Starfleet life, but that didn't change the simple truth of how drab the uniform was.

Dahlia made her way to a stool at the bar, hopping lightly up onto it, her ponytail of long, dark hair swinging with the action as she got comfortable. "I'll take a vodka martini please, shaken, oh and don't forget the olive! I guess it still has to be that synthahol stuff, hm? Worst invention ever, closely followed by bras, but synthahol pips it..."

Phil mixed the required ingredients together and handed the glass to Dahlia. " Here ya go, one vodka martini, shaken-not stirred, with olive. And Dahlia, may I say that you look positively radiant today?"

Dahlia gave a wide, easy smile at the generous compliment. She could tell it was genuine, which made it all the sweeter. "Why thank you, Phil...amazing what shaking off the threat of being turned inside out can do, hm?"

Phil nodded an affirmative. " Yep, sometimes one needs a little knocking at one's self to realize that...anyway, you doing ok?"

"Yes, thank you..." she let out a long, heavy breath, as if relaxing. "I'm able to find my way around much better now. I'm also getting used to this Starfleet thing. Well, for now anyway, I'm sure something will trip me up soon..."

Silk had heard there was a little get together and she had slipped away for a bit from Helena and the kids. She thought to be a little sociable for once, that whole nebula thing had been frighting and dangerous, more so than the trip with the Medusan. She had relied on Trisla to guide her, and she was positive that more than once she felt the same while they dealt with that weirdness in the nebula. While the Asgard has taken a bit of damage, most everyone had made it out fine and for that she was very grateful. She made her way to the bar and waved at Phil when he looked up.

Phil spotted Silk and walked over to her. " What can I get for you, darling? "

"Oh I don't know, surprise me. I feel a little adventurous tonight."

Phil just smiled. " Ohhh, you know me darlin', I'm the adventurous type myself. How about some ' After Shock? ' It's pure cinnamon liquor aged in an bottle with a string of rock candy. It's sweet and smooth and with a bit of bite at the end."

"Alright, I will give it a go," Silk replied hoping for the best. She really did not care. She was used to just sipping or pretending, even if this was synthol. Habits died hard but at least she could act sociable.

Phil poured Silk the drink and brought it out on the bar. "Now, sip it slowly, let it run around your mouth and under your tongue, then swollow. " Phil winked then grinned.

2ndLT WangXi sauntered into the bar like he owned the place and stepped beside Kara, "heard any good jokes lately?"

"Jokes... No I don't think I have." Kara looked at the man. "Can I get you anything?"

"Sure, how about an ice cold fake beer. I will draw a crowd so feel free to stop by whenever you have a free moment." Chang smiled wider "by the way I am available later if you might be interested." His manner revealed his low expectations of her being interested and his expression was more playful then lewd. It seemed a typical line of a guy who got rejected more often then not.

"Available huh? We'll see you look like a charmer to me." She smiled as she noted his grin. "If you're still alone at the end of my shift cutie." Kara turned swiftly her skirt brushing against his leg. "I'll bring you a tall one."

"Wait I think my heart is under your foot? Whew! Thanks I thought I had lost it there for a second. I do need to be more careful with it, after all I only have the one." WangXi smiled warmly "if you be waiting at the end of the night there will be no other for sure." Chang watched her leave and joined a group from operations and the aerospace techs. Some groaned, some laughed but none left.

2ndLT Blackhawk walked in as if he really had someplace else to go. Why he let Chang talk him into coming to these lounges was beyond.. He saw Vine and smiled, maybe this was not a mistake? He walked over to the bar and took the stool next to her "remember me? The holodeck hang gliders? Would it be okay if I joined you?"

"Remember you? I'll give you a tip for free...if you throw a girl off a cliff, she'll definitely remember you..." Dahlia teased with a warm chuckle, tapping the stool next to her. "Come and join me in drink."

"A coke would be fine for me and some bar-b-que chicken wings." he asked George as he was nearby.

"I'll get the wings going... Hot or sweet bar b que sauce?" George asked as he glanced from one to the other. "Do you want chips with them?"

"Sweet, please. I don't do hot when it comes to food. I like my throat." Ranulf nodded "thanks for asking by the way." He took the seat looking at Vine with interest "to be honest I am not much of a talker, if I had just spoken to you? You likely would not remember my name but how many guys toss you off a cliff." He smiled wide, it was a warm expression and made him appear less intense. "I am honored to be part of a good memory just the same. So before I put my foot in my mouth, what have you been up to since the holodecks are mostly down?" He shrugged I have been running the halls on the lower decks and spending time in the gym myself." He was obviously trying to make small talk, running and working out were his staple non-holodeck activities.

"Exploring," Dahlia admitted with a half smile, shaking her head as she sipped her drink carefully. "Getting a feel for the place. Although now I know there are pilots showing great physical prowess around the ship, I shall be on the lookout..."

Francis needed some time away from Janet and Kiera, they were both drivers and Kiera was helping her with Janets homework, specific to driving the ship. Shop talk had gotten boring so he decided to go get s relaxing drink. He saw Nova. One of only a few people on the ship that he had to look up too. He liked talking to her so he went over."Hey Nova, how have you been?"

Nova chuckled. " Aside from the usual ducking one's head, I've been doing ok. And you?"

"Always busy driving conversations going on at home so I thought I would get away for a while." He said, he smiled he and most of the crew knew her one date with her man while she was on the StarGazer, had resulted in a baby in the future, so he asked, "And how is your pregnancy going? Not that you can see signs just interested."

Nova looked around before answering. " Not bad at the moment. I feel like I'm going to have to work on my replicator soon for a bit of adjustment in my clothes, I thought it would happen later but my stomach is killing me and my pants are a bit tight."

Francis looked around conspiratorially, "Well it isn't showing yet. Though that said you could probably carry it better than some of the other ladies around here, being so tall. I bet Daddy will be thrilled with the surprise!"

Nova sighed. I hope he will. Mom once told Gale and I that we may take after her sister, 'Aunt Boom-Boom,' when it came to umm,, ' top size,' and I tend to believe her. " Nova laughed. " Mom said she visited her after Auntie gave birth, and walked in while she was nursing, and Mom looked at her and said, ' Geeze sis, you look like you could feed Cleveland.' " Nova broke into an hearty laugh.

"Aunt Boom-Boom" Francis said quietly with a knowing laugh as he had an aunt in the local Anglican ministry team that was called Boom-Boom but that was because of her voice. She was loud. "At least your children won't go hungry? I hope you have many happy years and many children together."

Nova laughed. " Thank you, we're hoping for the years and the kids, and the times in between."

Jake Zempke slid over toward Silk "Hiya Lieutenant. If he suggests a cinnamon bomb I would say you were better off just getting punched in the gut. It is downright evil and very deceptive. Would you let me buy you a drink as a fellow pilot and someone who admires your skills?"

"Oh oh, I said I was feeling adventurous. Sure, I appreciate that." She smiled. "Thank you, working on getting better as a pilot. There are others got all sorts of skills but that is what is fun, always something new to learn isn't it?"

Jake was not sure what she just said but he smiled anyway and shrugged his shoulders. "I just like to be in the chair making the ship do what I want. I am into that, bending things to my will. Being at the helm making an entire ship do just what I want.." He paused as he thought about it himself. "Anyway I like being a pilot, none of the other departments appeal to me."

Silk nodded, "I can see that. Me, I just like the freedom." She waved a hand, "When I am out there, it is just a sense of freedom, almost one with the universe. The only time I ever experienced that from the main ship was with the run with the Medusan."

Jake laughed "you sound just like the other heroes aboard this ship. From Talon and Hawken to Gawyn and Blackhawk! Sometimes I wonder if I am on the right ship. I just want to be here, have a few thrills, enjoy life a bit? The rest of you really get into this life on the edge saving the Galaxy stuff. I don't think myself a coward, I do what is asked of me. I just am not into this.. Well like you and the Medusa! You were like in your happy place and I was sweating my butt off even when not at the helm. That scared the crap outta me. You are even now almost glowing thinking about the experience."

"No, no hero type here. As for Trisla, the medusan, well it was like nothing you could imagine. She could just make everything seem so calm. Not sure if you ever did anything zen like but it is like that, one felt so peaceful, calm, and one with the universe. I will tell you I learned a lot about myself and hopefully for the better."

Jake laughed and shook his head. "Silk I am not morale enough for zen or inner reflection. I don't seek calm, or being one with life, or anything of the kind. I just want to live and feel alive and maybe find a few people along the way who also want to have fun." Jake lost the smile and his expression became serious "all due respect Silk. Please understand I have the highest respect for all you. The things you all have done and continue to do are truly awesome. They will likely include you lot in the training manuals someday as an example of how to do things right. It is just not for me. I do like living in the shadows of people like you though. I like to think it balances me out a bit. You know a little good, a little bad, balance. He smiled once more, so thanks for having a drink with me Silk."

Silk just shook her head. "I am not that big a person, and for a good man like you Jake, it is my pleasure and honour to have a drink with you. So..." she took the new glass of synthol, since that cinnamon one was a bit strong, "here is to just hanging out with crew mates."

"Aye, just folks being folks sounds good to me." Jake drank some of his fake tequila and looked over the crowd. "Everyone seems content. I guess the planned arrival of the Stargazer tomorrow has lifted spirits." Jake was speaking to himself as much as he was Silk, the crew seemed so stoic to him, like and extension of the ship itself?



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