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(Blackhawk) Before the Asgard: page 4.

Posted on Tue Sep 6th, 2016 @ 11:38pm by 2nd Lieutenant Ranulf Blackhawk


==2 March 2391==
Duncan sat in his office which was unusual, he rarely sat if not in his Razor. Blackhawk stopped at the door blocking WangXi to let Mendez enter first. He liked being a gentlemen, he like Mendez, and he enjoyed giving WangXI a hard time whenever possible. So a triple win with one simple step, the thought made Ranulf smile as he entered second.

WangXi normally would have said something caustic but seeing as they were in unfamiliar territory with the Boss watching he refrained, but not without a strain.

Mendez secretly enjoyed being treated like a lady, not that she would ever admit it. It was too hard getting taken seriously by men as it was. She was drop-dead gorgeous and knew it. She enjoyed turning heads almost as much as she enjoyed busting them. That even came second to flying circles around them though.

Duncan sighed "No sense in delaying this, I have orders to send two of you to Deepspace-9 with VQ-2. They need at least two pilots just to stay operational. They wanted all three of you but I begged off saying one of you was my XO and 2nd flight leader. They bought the story so I get to keep one of you. The one who stays is going to be my XO and it is a promotion for 1stLieutenant as well. I was going to ask you three to decide among yourselves. Thinking about it now though that seems sort of cheap. So.."

Blackhawk cut him off with "Ahh, Captain. If I may suggest..." When Duncan smiled Blackhawk continued "Give the promotion to Mendez, Sir. She is the best leader between us and the others like her. I do not really want the promotion and sending WangXi with me will save you from his sense of humor." Blackhawk smiled at WangXi as he finished.

WangXi was not happy at first but then he thought about it. He did not want to be a leader with all that paperwork. Not to mention the responsibility of training a flight? The more he thought about it the more the cute blonde in VQ-2's maintenance section played into his thoughts. By the time Blackhawk had finished he smiled back "That works for me Captain as well. besides we can be room-mates on the long cruise to Deepspace-9 and I might even help Frosty develop a sense of humor!"

Duncan smiled as that had worked better then he could have hoped. he hated to lose any of them but Blackhawk was right. Mendez was the real leader among the three but Blackhawk was the topgun. Picking her over him would look off, like she was a favorite for the wrong reasons. Duncan had felt trapped to keep Blackhawk. This made it all work and he would add a note to Blackhawk's file about his innate ability the guy himself was not aware of.

Blackhawk groaned as he thought about nearly a month in quarters with WangXi and Mendez laughed sweetly hugging them both. "I will miss you two. We have been together what over three years! I hope you get to return to us. This is only temporary right Captain Duncan?"

Duncan nodded but waved his hand "it is but I would expect needs of the service will see you both reassigned elsewhere rather then be sent back here. Won't be long till a new class graduates and new people will need experienced leaders." Duncan shook hands with both men before everyone left the office. "I am sure we will have a chance to serve together once more. Good luck gentlemen. LT. Mendez I need you to remain a moment."

Blackhawk and WangXi left her there at the door. Blackhawk shrugged "and to think I trained harder so I end up stuck as a camera jockey. I am heading to the Library to see what is around Deepspace-9. Catcha later Jestor."

WangXi nodded he was off to the lounge and a first round of a long farewell party that might last several days! He was aware of Blackhawk's dismay even though he did not share it. Blackhawk was a shooter type and being moved to recon had to feel like a building falling on him. For himself it was a blessing in disguise. He had never mastered gunnery and now.. Now he would have cameras and a tech to operate them, he could fly with anyone. he felt his worries were about over for the time being.. Except getting drunk and finding a willing companion for the night.

Mendez left the Captain's office with her new bar of a 1stLT. in her hand. She never hesitated to turn toward the Library, she knew that was where he would go. he had a new assignment to study after all. She also was sure where WangXi went and she would toast his transfer with him in the lounge later. She walked into the Library and waved Blackhawk over to her. She tugged on his arm when he drew near to drag him into the hall. "I want you to pin me." Mindy handed him the rank tab and smiled into his eyes with an expectant expression.

Blackhawk smiled and placed the tabs on her being polite as was is way. When Mindy's arms surrounded his neck and she pulled him into a kiss he was startled to say the least. He recovered swiftly though and the kiss he returned would melt steel in a heart beat. After Ranulf sighed and kissed her gently once more "we should have tried this before Mindy. Before being transferred several light years apart. If that kiss is any indication.. We would have been great together."

Mindy bit his lower lip, "I was sort of afraid it would be like this. I was afraid I would disappear in your shadow. I wanted to taste you though just this once before we parted.. Just so I knew or not. Yeah Ranulf, your hot." She smacked him in the arm "now get over yourself marine and get back to work."

Blackhawk smiled "I will always be your friend Mendez. You take care of yourself." He walked back into the Library. She was even hotter then she looked! His smile grew as he opened the next text. He had thought she liked him too!

==2 March 2391==

They had boarded the transport on the second march for the trip to Deepspace-9. Blackhawk was not overjoyed to see he was indeed bunking in the same room as WangXi. The trip was not as bad as expected though as WangXi spent most of his free time woe-ing a tech in the squadron. Blackhawk spent much of his time when not working out, training, or eating in the Library studying. It was the end of march when they arrived on DS-9 and they began setting up for operations around the base. They began flying patrols the first week of April. The final patrol in April had gone to Jestor.

==4 may 2391==
Blackhawk was approached by a Captain Nelson from the Defiant *Fortitude*. Nelson was about as unhappy an officer as Blackhawk had ever seen. He came to attention expecting to be chewed out for something he was totally unaware of!

"Your Blackhawk?" Nelson asked shortly and to the point. "You are. Follow me." he turned on his heel and left with the full expectation Blackhawk was following. As Nelson strode off toward the door he began explaining "I have been informed you are going with me to Marva, inside Cardassian space. Your ride has been loaded into my shuttlebay, which I might add is very cramped right now. I was told you could launch and land from the tiny space we have so I hope your skills are as advertised. Grab your kit and meet me at the *Fortitude* in twenty minutes or less. Otherwise I leave with your ride but without you." Nelson turned and walked away

Blackhawk watched him leave? He did want ship duty but a Deifant? They sucked. It seemed it as like parking your car inside a bigger car? He left his thought wander a bit as he went to his quarters and got his gear. He would not be late, being grounded seemed a fate he did not want to deal with anytime soon.



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