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The USS Asgard was a Norway class, Captain Wulfe took command on 19 March 2389. Setting off to explore the Phendana Drifts, a dangerous mission due to the volatile composition of the nebula. We have fought Raiders, Pirates, Slavers, and Rogues in the process of our quest thus far. We have discovered a lost world and brought justice to two remote mining systems. Now it is the December in the year 2391 and The Asgard name has moved with the crew to an akira class Strike cruiser but it looks like more of the same! We are a proud member of TF51, a division of Theta Fleet.

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All who join the Asgard will find a busy home. Expectations are high and there will never be an excuse for not posting. I promise to include everyone in each mission, and each person will receive at least two starts a month from me. I want an active crew, so no one is left out. If you have ideas to add in just let me or the XO know and we will work with you to get them added into the current mission or the next if it won't fit in. I ask this because there will always be several subplots going at any given time and I want to keep things running smoothly. Each department will have a breakdown on how many people are there, and how many officers and the highest rank allowed per department. I hope this makes interaction easier for everyone. We have a small crew size so every NPC is important and fills a need!


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