This is an 18+ SIMM.

1. If you want to use a department you are not in, ask the Chief there, the Captain (me), or the XO. In this manner the department you use has some say in how their people are developed/used and it gives them a chance to write with you! If no department chief contact command and we will help out.

2. (In Character) We do not condone Intra-crew fights. I see the Fleet/Marines as a professional, dedicated, and disciplined body. The ship therefore will not see any crew fights unless it is to make a vital point. Those fights need approved by the command staff as well. If there is a fight or altercation in any public place aboard the ship; (Out of Character) then notify Security. They may or may not get involved but they will know. Private areas are your quarters, Intelligence's secure crypt area, and inside operating holodecks (although they can be monitored somewhat). The Captain's ready room, counselors offices and the Chief Medical Officer's office can be secured but is not automatically done.

3. We want to create a close knit ship so leave the villainous types of characters at home. WE may not like each other, but we will all strive to get along to complete the mission. If you want a spy,saboteur, or some belligerent sort we can do a single mission letting that NPC do his/her thing but then that person is dealt with at the end of the mission. Not to say they might not come back someday?? But no ongoing onboard character type antagonist please.

4. We are an 18+ rating. So please nothing 'X'-rated, Tasteful is the key. I like graphic evil villains, the kind everyone feels good about getting rid of! Since we are not really a warship we will find ourselves running and hiding quite often and having to figure out clever ways to defeat many of our opponents. As much as I enjoy battles, I am hoping for a lot of exploration and that will be encouraged. A main running subplot will be the treatment of woman in certain societies such as the Ferengi as well as the Slave trade conducted by several sentient races. Many of our missions will have a heavy adult theme.

5. The Asgard is not interested in applicants with major mental disabilities. If the character can not function in a military manner, if the character has ongoing clinical mental issues then the application will not be accepted. Also if you wish to be a non-canon race you must create an entire background for the race not just the character. Please ask before going to that much effort to see if it is something we want. A combination cockroach/rat/humanoid might sound really cool but it doesn't really fit.

6. NPC rules: PNPC are linked to a character on the site, to be on the manifest they most have a Bio just like a character. You may have Five (5) PNPC's but I will expect them to be in at least two posts a month. They will be treated just like a character.

NPC: I will have an NPC in most departments on the manifest, other NPC's will be listed under their Departments (Simm-departments-whichever department drop down menu). If you do not want a particular attachment or you do not wish to write a bio those NPC's will be listed there. If you put your character name with the basic description of an NPC then everyone will be expected to contact that player to use that NPC. I will be using this to create 'redshirts' to increase the drama when people die heroically (or in the case of villianous sorts... They will die in abject failure lol.)

As always be respectful of other peoples efforts and all should be fine.