Welcome to the USS Asgard, a proud member of Obsidian Fleet!

This is an 18+ SIMM.

This is the USS Asgard, a Norway class ship set up to survey and explore the many space anomalies in and along the Federations many borders. Currently The Asgard is assigned to the Phendara Drifts to take samples and readings of the composition of the drifts. Her previous Captain was slain on his last mission, The Asgard suffered heavy losses and severe damage on that last outing. The ship was hammered by Breen Raiders who had recently become more active in the sector. So now with a new Commander, a new crew and repairs completed the Asgard is returning. Not a ship of war by any means she does have teeth and a dedicated crew. Starfleet Command does not want a war so the Asgard has the added duty of finding out why the Breen are so interested in this area. The Norway is basically equal to a Breen frigate, but they seldom travel alone and the Norway class would have no choice but to run from a pack of them! So finding out why the Breen are here is not going to be an easy task.

USS Asgard was voted the SIMM of the year for 2013

Welcome to Adventure, to take the chance to risk it all. Winning is the only option as losing means a cold death. The Asgard is one of the most comfortable berths in the Fleet with spacious rooms and accommodations for even the lowest ranks. Live well and enjoy life as it may be short!!

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» We were noticed

Posted on Sun Jul 20th, 2014 @ 12:43am by Captain Raymond Wulfe in General News

Just so you all know we were awarded the monthly Silver award for June. Competition for these awards is pretty stiff with many new Captains aggressively building their sites. So it is pretty cool we got noticed, after all we have set a very high bar last year. We have a hard time showing improvement. I am glad you all are having a good time and interacting with each other. So thanks to the fleet for noticing us again but mostly thanks you you the crew for making this the SIMM it is. Well Done

Raymond of the Asgard.

» Name Dropping

Posted on Fri Jul 18th, 2014 @ 2:18pm by Commander Elisad Amar MD in General News

As most of you are aware, at times names drop off a post when it is posted.
In multi player posts where most of the crew and many npc names are involved we may not notice the drop.
So if this happens please notify the Captain or myself and we will add you in. That way you'll get credited for your effort as well.

» Obsidian fleet main page login

Posted on Mon Jul 7th, 2014 @ 6:07pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe in General News

A note about the Obsidian fleet home page

Joint Fleet Command Monthly Report - June 2014

Reminder: If your IFS account has been locked it is because the password has been entered incorrectly too many times, not for any other reason. IFS will not reset the counter upon successful login. Should your account be locked contact the JFC with the email address of the account in question and this will be processed for you. Please cascade this message to your crews.

» Sometimes you just get things right

Posted on Sun Jun 8th, 2014 @ 6:43pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe in General News

Below the line is a response I received from a rejection of an application. I thought you all should Know that I am totally unworthy to be the leader of the best SIMM in the Fleet. Now I have said this quite often, and I apologize to you all regularly for being such a grumpy hardcase. I just wanted you all to know that there are somethings I feel unsure of as the Captain here. Protecting you from arrogance like that displayed in this reply is not one of the things I feel bad about. Just so you all know I did a happy dance when I read this. Because I was so right to reject this person!!

Raymond of the Asgard

RE: [USS Asgard] Character Application Rejected -
Sent By:
Matt Allure On:Jun 06/08/14 5:04 PM To: Dyer, Ray

I can see why my character application was rejected. After reviewing your own characters biography I have found it to be plagued with basic descriptive terminology, glaring omissions (history, second last paragraph, last sentence) in addition to vague character development described in the manner of "he spent time here" and "did this for a little while".

I have a well thought out character biography that demonstrates character development and a knowledge of the Star Trek universe. Yes, Suwan applied to be a Marine but changed her mind before the commencement of her second year at Starfleet Academy which is generally accepted as the year when cadets begin to focus on their chosen profession. However, she chose to transfer to a security discipline which is not that far an off shoot from the Marine Corps. Instead of nit-picking about the implied absurdness of this change you could have asked why she may have decided to switch from Marines to general fleet. With experience in security intelligence is an appropriate successor. It is perfectly logical to assume that she would have some experience in deception and internal investigations from those roles which would have suited her to possible service with an Internal Affairs division. Please take note, she did not ascend directly to IA operative. Suwan spent time as a paper pusher in its office at Starfleet HQ prior to her selection for the field assignment. As for the position of diplomacy, maybe I was in err regarding that position but you decided to start firing the starting salvo for World War Three. I'm sorry that you feel so inept as a writer that you can not accept someone who is quite obviously multiple tiers above yourself in that respect.

I am glad that I did not decided to bend to your wishes that I dumb down my character to your understanding because you are unfit for your position and I suspect that the Asgard will shortly crash and burn under your, ahem, "leadership". I suggest you take a grade seven English class, grow a pair, then judge me.

As a writer I sit atop the summit of Mount Everest while you are slowly crushed to death by the depths of Challenger Deep.

Good day.

I politely request that you do not message me again, otherwise known as a request that you do not fill up my inbox with an inane rambling that stinks of your insecurity.
Not one even one letter was touched this is a direct copy and no names were changed to protect anyone


Posted on Wed May 14th, 2014 @ 6:38pm by Lieutenant Helena Berges in Website Update

Afternoon everyone,

Today between 12pm and 2pm Pacific the site where I currently host our server experienced a complete loss of Internet. This was the result of a failure in the regional ISP's core network and has since been restored.

This is perhaps the second major outage like this in two years so is not a common occurrence. If you do experience any issues connecting, please let me know.


The Webmaster

Latest Mission Posts

» Only a short ride to your new home. Part 1.

Mission: 11. People die without food you know!: ESCORT DUTY: Part 2. New Discoveries
Posted on Fri Oct 24th, 2014 @ 4:28pm by 2nd Lieutenant Ryder Gawyn & Crewman Recruit Mikaia Aleydis


=^=This is Asgard-1 here to collect a passenger for the Asgard. Permission to approach.=^= Ryder Gawyn had been glad to get some stick time and this was not a very long flight. He had been sent to rendezvous with the FTS Corsica and collect one civilian Mikaia Aleydis. Piece…

» Returning what was unknowingly taken: Part 1.

Mission: 11. People die without food you know!: ESCORT DUTY: Part 2. New Discoveries
Posted on Fri Oct 24th, 2014 @ 4:25pm by Lieutenant Brad Talon & Lieutenant JG Ryder Hawken


Talon was in the pilot's seat, Hawken was sleeping on the cot. They had spoken about this last night and Hawken had stayed up late last night. This was a lousy mission. Brad kept telling himself he should have refused. He knew deep down though no one else was…

» Murder she wrote?: Part 5. The first mistake

Mission: 11. People die without food you know!: ESCORT DUTY: Part 2. New Discoveries
Posted on Fri Oct 24th, 2014 @ 4:24pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant JG Stephon Rhodes & Ensign Anna Buxton


==BlueOrchid staff meeting==

Holbrook sat in the penthouse and stood abruptly walking to the room's wet bar to refill his scotch on the rocks. "Mistress I can not find the scum-bag. He went into hiding before anyone had a chance to know what happened. He worked for you before…

» It is bed time?

Mission: 11. People die without food you know!: ESCORT DUTY: Part 2. New Discoveries
Posted on Fri Oct 24th, 2014 @ 4:22pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Commander Elisad Amar MD


Wulfe stared at the far wall. Another lost crew-person and it looked like an accident. He had just typed out a request for a hardship shoreleave for his entire crew? Someplace they could be safe from the factions that wanted to destroy the galaxy? Sigma-Rho was about twelve days…

» A cup of tea

Mission: 11. People die without food you know!: ESCORT DUTY: Part 2. New Discoveries
Posted on Fri Oct 24th, 2014 @ 4:22pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Ensign Jenna St. James & Lieutenant JG Mike Derringer


Jen sat down at a table near a window so she could enjoy the view. The lounge wasn't too full and Jen wanted just to sit down and enjoy a nice cup of tea. Okay, and do some people watching. It was a guilty pleasure and she didn't do…

Latest Personal Logs

» Wondering

Posted on Fri Oct 24th, 2014 @ 8:17pm by Ensign Hera Collins

Personal Log (Portable): So. I'm on the Asgard. Am I staying? That's the big question. Capt. Wulfe may not care for my forwardness, but if there's anything I've learned in life it's that sometimes you just have to take your chances. "Opportunity knocks, you have have to open the door,"…

» New ship, new challenges.

Posted on Fri Oct 24th, 2014 @ 12:04am by Ensign Hera Collins

I think I'm more impressed with what I've seen of the interior of the Asgard than the exterior. She is some ship. It may take a couple of days to get acquainted with the layout. My quarters are snug. Just the way I like it.
I better go see if…

» The Old Days part 2.

Posted on Mon Oct 20th, 2014 @ 7:58pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe

Morning 21 January 2390


Wulfe was feeling very tired and alone. It seemed nothing ever calmed down. His ship got through the Klingon blockade, only to end up with more prisoners then crew. He got rid of the prisoners and one of his crew ended up dead from a…

» The Old Days part 1.

Posted on Mon Oct 20th, 2014 @ 4:35pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe

Night 20 January into Morning 21 January 2390


Sleep came easily to Raymond as it always did. He spent many active hours a day and normally only allowed six hours for sleep a day. A smile crossed his face as he saw the faces of old squadron mates.. The…

» Time to move to greener pastures. (Adult Content

Posted on Wed Oct 1st, 2014 @ 2:25am by The Punisher

moon base Azel system.
15 January 2390

Roles of Jomar, Kabala, Largh played by Wulfe


Jomar was pacing the deck, of late it seemed at every turn the Federation was a threat! "I tell you this place is no longer healthy to stay here. Even the BlueOrchid has pulled…