Welcome to the USS Asgard, a proud member of Obsidian Fleet!

This is an 18+ SIMM.

This is the USS Asgard, a Norway class ship set up to survey and explore the many space anomalies in and along the Federations many borders. Currently The Asgard is assigned to the Phendara Drifts to take samples and readings of the composition of the drifts. Her previous Captain was slain on his last mission, The Asgard suffered heavy losses and severe damage on that last outing. The ship was hammered by Breen Raiders who had recently become more active in the sector. So now with a new Commander, a new crew and repairs completed the Asgard is returning. Not a ship of war by any means she does have teeth and a dedicated crew. Starfleet Command does not want a war so the Asgard has the added duty of finding out why the Breen are so interested in this area. The Norway is basically equal to a Breen frigate, but they seldom travel alone and the Norway class would have no choice but to run from a pack of them! So finding out why the Breen are here is not going to be an easy task.

USS Asgard was voted the SIMM of the year for 2013

Welcome to Adventure, to take the chance to risk it all. Winning is the only option as losing means a cold death. The Asgard is one of the most comfortable berths in the Fleet with spacious rooms and accommodations for even the lowest ranks. Live well and enjoy life as it may be short!!

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» Add on to the congratulations:

Posted on Thu Feb 2nd, 2017 @ 1:41pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe in General News

I think all the awards this year were well earned but we here honor our own and one other truly needs mentioned here... Well two but only one got the award..

I wanted to highlight this one award as well, Our TF72 commander has won captain of the year which is well deserved. He runs a fine SIMM in SB80 and he also makes a truly big effort to keep the entire TaskForce moving along. TF72 is what it is and a lot of the reason is because of his efforts as TFCO. So congratulations to Matt, he visits us often here just to say hello. One of the signs of a true leader is presence. Our Leader displays that quality and much more.

I better mention Bert here too though! LOL our dedicated TGCO visits us every month and always asks how things are here. His caring and dedication are a just a few characteristics that make him an excellent leader and I am glad we have him as our TGCO. So thanks Bert for your support as well.

James T. Kirk CO of the Year

Nominees: Rear Admiral James Hurin, Starbase 80; Commander Gregory Farragut, USS Endeavour.

And this winner is . . . Rear Admiral James Hurin, Starbase 80!

» XO of the Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on Thu Feb 2nd, 2017 @ 11:48am by Captain Raymond Wulfe in General News

Just wanted everyone to know that our XO was recognized by the Fleet as the best XO in he fleet for the year. Now we all know how lucky we are to have her. This is a well deserved award. Congratulation! You have earned this and much more.

Captain Raymond Wulfe
USS Asgard

‘lo folks,

Each new year brings us the opportunity to recognize the very best simmers among us through the End of the Year awards. The awards are granted in the following categories:

Character of the Year

William Riker XO of the Year

James T. Kirk CO of the Year

Sim of the Year

Nominees for Character of the Year and William Riker XO of the Year are received from the COs of the Fleet and voted on by Fleet Council. Nominees for James T. Kirk CO of the Year are received from the TFCOs and voted on by Fleet Council. Nominees for Sim of the Year are those sims that were awarded the Gold Unit of Merit award each month then voted on by Fleet Council.

Character of the Year

Nominees: Commander Sslar S’weshis, USS Sarek-A; Lieutenant Colonel Kachiko Bayushi, USS Cavalry; Acting Ensign McScruff, USS Cassini; Lieutenant Tumaini Calumn, USS Viking; Lieutenant Commander Liselle Qwyyn, USS Elysium; Honorary Romulan Guardian Zanne Thraz, Leto Colony.

And the winner is . . . Lieutenant Colonel Kachiko Bayushi, USS Cavalry!

William Riker XO of the Year

Nominees: Commander Ellisad Amar, USS Asgard; Lieutenant Commander Brad Pennel, Starbase 249; Captain Kentar Chinari, USS Sarek-A; Commander Tsubaki Sawabe, USS Cavalry; Lieutenant Commander I’loen Slvar, USS Arcadia; Lieutenant Commander Janshen Tyr, USS Sentinel; Commander Phoenix Lalor, Uss Elysium; Captain Seklar, Starbase 80.

And the winner is . . . Commander Ellisad Amar, USS Asgard!

James T. Kirk CO of the Year

Nominees: Rear Admiral James Hurin, Starbase 80; Commander Gregory Farragut, USS Endeavour.

And this winner is . . . Rear Admiral James Hurin, Starbase 80!

Sim of the Year

Nominees: USS Tripoli, January; USS Asgard, March; USS Viking, April & October; SS Mary Rose, May; USS Nimoy, June; USS Merlin, July; USS Sarek, August; USS Nightingale, September; USS Falchion, November; Starbase 80, December.

And the winner is . . . USS Viking!

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees!

Admirals Mox, Hawke, and Sharr

» live chat? as if there was another kind.

Posted on Sat Nov 19th, 2016 @ 9:24pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe in General News

It is self explanatory, so if any one is interested have a blast. This has nothing to do with the Asgard, it is a fleet event and despite the disclaimer looks like a recruitment event. It is a chance to chat with other members of the fleet.

Greetings Fellow CO's,

The USS Merlin would like to invite you to its first annual holiday celebration! In an effort to keep from looking like this is a recruitment thing I am only sending to the CO list and letting the CO's decide if they pass it on to their simmers. This celebration will include virtual food and drink, fun as well as a promotion and awards ceremony that all CO’s will be invited to participate in to award all crew who can make it from any sim!

Where: USS Merlin Discord server - https://discord.gg/HhkjfGA
Format: Live chat
Time: 03 December 2016 at 4 pm EST

I think I covered all the current Fleet time zones, if I missed yours please let me know and I’ll get you a conversion. This will exist outside of any current sim in character time so as not to interfere with any sims plots. Please note, because this is going to be all inclusive this event has a PG13 rating. Come, hang out and sim with simmers from across the Fleet :D


» Server Move

Posted on Fri Nov 11th, 2016 @ 5:15pm by Lieutenant Helena Bergès in Website Update

Morning everyone,

Heads up that I will be putting the site into maintenance mode for most of the day as our site is being moved to a newer server by our server owner. Appreciate everyone's patience while this move happens.

» A Fleet message from our friendly TFCO, If you are interested contact me or the link in the message.

Posted on Sat Oct 15th, 2016 @ 2:25pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe in General News

General News - FALLFEST 2016!!!

The following is a news item from RADM James Hurin.

In 2016 Obsidian Fleet will host the annual Ongoing Worlds online convention, FallFest!

Ongoing Worlds has teamed up with Obsidian Fleet to host this year’s festivities for the FallFest convention on Saturday 12 November 2016!

We believe that Obsidian Fleet will be a great host and we can provide the wonderful atmosphere and engagement that comes with such an event. Being selected should bring a great sense of pride within the community to which we all belong, for a few hours on a special day the whole online simming community, and more, will focus on Obsidian Fleet, on you.

With this in mind there is a lot of work to undertake; planning of events and activities, ensuring everything is up to date, moderators are assigned and a great team is selected to help put all this together. It is with this in mind that we open up the application to the whole community. Would you like to help us put together the festival? Have skills in graphic design, planning or do you just love to engage new people in fun and exciting ways?

Find out more about FallFest here: Ongoing Words – FallFest

Ongoing Words – FallFest

If the answer is “Yes” to any of those, or if you would like to host a session on a subject of your passion within the Role Play community, then drop an email (with the subject title “FallFest16 Interest” to sharr@obsidianfleet.net with how you would like to help really make Obsidian Fleet the best FallFest Host in history! #OWFallFest


RADM J. Hurin

Latest Mission Posts

» Stargazer: Pet playtime

Mission: 21. Across the Galaxy
Posted on Sun Feb 19th, 2017 @ 12:28am by Shadow Talon-Cair


Gawyn, Mac, and Blackwood had banded together to take the pups each morning on their run. Batty, Max, and Shadow were all full grown by now and the three friends enjoy their time with the marines. They ran and played hide and seek every morning or just about.


» I have not forgotten you

Mission: 21. Across the Galaxy
Posted on Sat Feb 11th, 2017 @ 11:43pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Warrant Officer Serina Ravenloft


The screen buzzed alerting the occupant of an inbound call. =^=Warrant Ravenloft you have a long distance comm from the merchant Pescara. Do you to acceptt he call?=^=

"Yes please!" Serina sang out throwing on a robe to make herself more presentable. Covering up the nightie she was wearing…

» Adventures in dating (mature content)(Jake & LeeAnn)

Mission: 21. Across the Galaxy
Posted on Sat Feb 11th, 2017 @ 11:41pm by Lieutenant JG Jake Zempke & Commander Elisad Amar MD


Jake took her hand as they left the holodeck and headed to deck-8 where his quarters were. "So you think you are ready for me do you?" he raised an eyebrow at her laughing. "I can be demanding. I also expect you to be." He turned facing her holding…

» Not the neatest place at the moment. (mature content)

Mission: 21. Across the Galaxy
Posted on Sat Feb 11th, 2017 @ 11:39pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Commander Elisad Amar MD


Frank left the holodeck with his arm around Nikki, "so I am done for the day how about you? Want to watch a movie at my place.. The place is a mess right now but the couch is cleaned off and the bed is made." Frank was not a…

» I truly am and am not Vulcan

Mission: 21. Across the Galaxy
Posted on Sat Feb 11th, 2017 @ 11:38pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe & Commander Elisad Amar MD


Servek smiled at Tori "lets go talk? I know a place is not in use much at this end of the missions and is public enough to be safe and quiet enough to be able to talk. Besides I am in security and anyone makes fun of me.. Well…

Latest Personal Logs

» A for fun story

Posted on Sat Jan 14th, 2017 @ 1:02pm by Ensign Ann Weathers

(This is a story I am working on in RL feel free to message me with critiques on it, though it isn't done yet)

Diane’s Point of View

I washed up on the shore of an overgrown island several days after my plane crashed; I struggled to climb up the…

» Meandering Thoughts

Posted on Sun Nov 13th, 2016 @ 12:58pm by Warrant Officer Serina Ravenloft

Wow! Definitely wow! Who would think of losing out on a priceless artifact and not carry a grudge? I went and bought an expensive painting of an old Master. My sister better appreciate it.

He was even so thoughtful to provide a person who could provide me a translation program…

» The Making of a Scientist 1

Posted on Sat Oct 29th, 2016 @ 9:01pm by Lieutenant JG Lixor Nabohn

“…my name is Lixor Nabohn,” the nervous voice of a child said as he stood staring into the woman’s face, “I live in the Baldaron IV colony and we need help.”

The woman had been playing and replaying the old subspace message and pondering the image on her COM as…

» (Blackhawk) Before the Asgard: page 4.

Posted on Tue Sep 6th, 2016 @ 11:38pm by 2nd Lieutenant Ranulf Blackhawk


==2 March 2391==
Duncan sat in his office which was unusual, he rarely sat if not in his Razor. Blackhawk stopped at the door blocking WangXi to let Mendez enter first. He liked being a gentlemen, he like Mendez, and he enjoyed giving WangXI a hard time whenever possible.…

» (Blackhawk) Before the Asgard: page 3.

Posted on Tue Sep 6th, 2016 @ 11:38pm by 2nd Lieutenant Ranulf Blackhawk


Mindy just sat there looking at his face unsure what to say. Ranulf was upset because he had not killed someone? How do you answer that. "I don't think the adage applies to this situation. I mean you did not let him live out of generosity, it was a…