Welcome to the USS Asgard, a proud member of Obsidian Fleet!

This is an 18+ SIMM.

This is the USS Asgard, a Norway class ship set up to survey and explore the many space anomalies in and along the Federations many borders. Currently The Asgard is assigned to the Phendara Drifts to take samples and readings of the composition of the drifts. Her previous Captain was slain on his last mission, The Asgard suffered heavy losses and severe damage on that last outing. The ship was hammered by Breen Raiders who had recently become more active in the sector. So now with a new Commander, a new crew and repairs completed the Asgard is returning. Not a ship of war by any means she does have teeth and a dedicated crew. Starfleet Command does not want a war so the Asgard has the added duty of finding out why the Breen are so interested in this area. The Norway is basically equal to a Breen frigate, but they seldom travel alone and the Norway class would have no choice but to run from a pack of them! So finding out why the Breen are here is not going to be an easy task.

USS Asgard was voted the SIMM of the year for 2013

Welcome to Adventure, to take the chance to risk it all. Winning is the only option as losing means a cold death. The Asgard is one of the most comfortable berths in the Fleet with spacious rooms and accommodations for even the lowest ranks. Live well and enjoy life as it may be short!!

Current Status:

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Latest News Items

» We got the Gold for March

Posted on Wed Apr 20th, 2016 @ 8:10pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe in General News

These are the award winners for March 2016. I am proud to tell you all we received top honors for the month. We have impressed a great many people with our dedication and hard work. I want you all to enjoy this as it is your award. Congratulations, just so you have an idea this was the first Gold monthly award we won for two years. These are rare. (in that time we won 8 out of a possible 13 awards)

So congratulations
Raymond of the Asgard


Starbase 80, IFO
Starbase 80 is a worthy awardee. The sim's been going well in recent months, its activity levels are high and its crew, many of whom have been simming together for years, continue to work well together.

USS Cassini, TF21
"The USS Cassini have done sterling work with recruiting, have a good looking website. In their first (part) month have posted 51 posts, the quality of which is excellent. I feel that this in itself is deserving of the Bronze nomination. A very promising sim." - CAPT T'Vaurek

Starbase 47, TF72
SB47 continues to excel, having put out three dozen quality posts this month. They are in the midst of an exciting mission, and have transitioned very well into Delta Quadrant space. All in all, SB47 is a solid simm with an exciting background, and the CO and crew are very good at keeping the story moving forward. (Captain Alenis Meru TGCO 72-C)

USS Calvary, TF72
My nomination for Bronze is the USS Cavalry. The sim, despite having the exodus that it was, the crew continued to work through the struggles and produced a great story. Commodore Harrison handled a very problematic situation with dignity and professionalism, in my opinion. Well done, USS Cavalry.
(RADM James Hurin, TF-72 CO)


SFMC Falkirk, IFO
IFO's Silver this month is most warranted by SFMC Falkirk. After a bit of a tough time in recent months, Falkirk's players have really got into and engaged with their mission and done a lot of interesting character work. Effort like that deserves recognition.


USS Asgard, TF72
What more to say about them that I haven’t said numerous times before? It’s a fine sim with a superb leader of a captain, as evidenced by their motivated crew and number of applicants wanting to get in. Very proud of them. (Commodore T'Zera TGCO 72C)

Even after having server issues, Captain Wulfe's crew continued to shine and produce a staggering 302 post count. AMAZING! It's not just the insane post count, but the crew genuinely enjoy each other and they are very helpful as I found out after popping onto their chat service. The Asgard also produces stellar material that is just top notch. These are the reasons why I chose the USS Asgard for the Silver Nomination for TF-72. (RADM James Hurin TF-72 CO)

» Year end awards

Posted on Mon Mar 7th, 2016 @ 2:53am by Captain Raymond Wulfe in General News

I felt this should be shared with you all. I honestly feel this is a tribute to our SIMM and to Jana (Amar) as I am not in this alone. The award to me is as much Jana's as it is mine as we share the burden of leading this Ship. So I want to thank you all for putting up with me and making the time to make the Asgard as successful as it is. I want to congratulate everyone on the list for performing at such a level as to get such notice. The Portland is in out Task Force so it indicates at least to me we are well lead here in TF72. Below the line is the year end awards for the Obsidian Fleet:

It is my distinct pleasure to announce the End of Year awards for 2015 in Obsidian Fleet. We have great writers, players, and simulations throughout the fleet and here we get to recognize them in a major way. The best character, executive officer, and commanding officer were nominated by the players, COs, and Task Force command staff, and the best sim was put forth from the Gold Unit of Merit awards from 2015. The Fleet Council voted and the results are in!

Without further ado, I present to you our winners!

Character of the Year

This award is given annually in January of each year and is decided upon by nominations from ship COs. Sample posts are not required, but reasons for the nomination are. Sample posts should be available upon request though. More information here.

Lieutenant Olsam Mott M.D., Asst Chief Medical Officer, USS Galileo

I would like to nominate Bryan’s character, Olsam Mott ( http://stgalileo.com/index.php/personnel/character/216 ) from the USS Galileo simulation, for Character of the Year. Mott has put out more than a 180 posts with this character since November 2013, and when you read his character interactions with others you can really see the level of complexity and thoughtfulness that goes into staying true to the character's personality. What makes reading an Olsam Mott post or interaction so entertaining is the effort put into the humour and comic relief aspect that has come to make Mott a valued addition to the Galileo cast. Mott is your typical intelligent idiot trope, along the lines of a Bolian Columbo, if Columbo were a doctor. What sets this character apart from other comic relief characters is how Bryan is able to capture the absurd and turn it into a progressive plot development that keeps you reading the post.

There are times when writing a joint post with Mott where one finds themselves literally laughing out loud by the cleverly delivered tag that gets sent back to you. You never know what Mott will say, and when he does say something you can always be assured that it’s within the scope of the characters personality. Mott has a unique voice, and Bryan does a great job at staying true to it. When you contrast Mott with Bryan’s NPCs the Mott personality is really highlighted. I’ve been on many sims in Obsidian Fleet since 2003 and I have never come across another character like him.

From an out of character perspective, Bryan/Mott has always been very open and receptive to joint posts and works hard to include new people to the sim. He has taken on several OOC projects on the sim, including helping with crew quarters assignments and helping with subplot implementation. Mott is a very well-liked character, but more importantly, Bryan is a well-liked writer and he has made a mark on the sim through his OOC chats with the other writers. Especially those new to the sim.

Some of my favourite Mott moments have been when he made the XO, Norvi Stace pretend to be his wife when his family visited; when he participated in a holodeck simulation, Motti Malone, based on the old black & white detective movies of the 20s-40s; or when Mott was convinced the mayor of his hometown in France was trying to off him due to the pies he made; or the tumultuous relationship Mott has to the EMH, Shirley.

In a nutshell, this endearing portly character has made an impact on Galileo both IC and OOC and every time I see a Mott post come up I read it with enthusiasm. As characters go, I believe Mott’s unique personality and charming portrayal, is most definitely Character of the Year quality. Though, knowing Mott, he would humbly -- if not readily -- accept a ham sandwich rather than the accolades.

William Riker XO of the Year

This award is given annually in January of each year and is decided upon by nominations from ship COs. One XO is chosen from the nominations recieved to recieve the award. Sample posts are not required, but reasons for the nomination are. Sample posts should be available upon request though. More information here.

Lieutenant Commander Alexis Tiva, Executive Officer, USS Nightingale

It is my pleasure to nominate Lt. Cmdr. Alexis Tiva of the USS Nightingale for the role of XO of the year. Karen, who plays Alexis, is a great writer, and with a wealth of medical knowledge, she brings a lot to the USS Nightingale. Further, Alexis has been involved in a number of relationships and the writer is working to keep the Nightingale active and build relationships between her character and the others so that people are constantly active. Further, Lt. Cmdr. Tiva has worked to keep the Nightingale going while the CO was on ELOA for several weeks.

For these reasons, I think that Lt. Cmdr. Alexis Tiva should be awarded the XO of the Year award.

I (Commander Pola Ni Dhuinn) second this nomination. Karen has been everything which a CO could ever wish for in a XO. She's been both a professional and personal friends in recent times when I've really needed it and has never been scared to step forward and move things along when I haven't been in the position to do so.

Nominated by Bert as well: Lt. Commander Alexis Tiva of USS Nightingale. The player has done an admirable job of leading that sim while the CO has had to take an unexpected leave of absence. She is an excellent example of what an XO should be and the role they should play.

James T. Kirk CO of the Year

This award is given annually in January of each year and is decided upon by nominations from Task Force COs and Task Group COs. One CO is chosen from the nominations recieved. Reasons supporting the nomination are required, but post samples are not. More information here.

Captain Raymond Wulfe, Commanding Officer, USS Asgard

Captain Raymond Wulfe of USS Asgard. He runs a pitch perfect sim. The post counts are always high thanks to the way he leads his talented crew. Morale is fantastic. Administrative duties such as monthly reports are always done on time. Everything is sharp and by the book. Captain Wulfe is a prime example of an Obsidian Fleet CO. He represents us well.

Seconded by James Hurin:
Captain Wulfe runs arguably, the most successful sim in OF. He has on average 100-200+ posts each month on his sim, and these are all well written posts. The quality is top notch. He runs his sim like a well oiled machine and probably should write a book on how to have a successful, and active sim. I know I would buy it. The Captain also has served as the SSCO for TG72-C for over two years and is a valuable source of information to not only the TGCO, Commodore T'Zera, but to the other CO's within the White Tigers, and to myself as well. The Captain does not boast about his sim or how successful it is or how great he is himself. He prefers to stay out of the limelight and let his players take the credit, all the while encouraging them to be the best they can. The Captain and I have not always been on friendly terms, but once I got to know the man behind the Captain, I found him to be helpful, encouraging and a huge source of simming knowledge.

Simulation of the Year

This is used to recognize the Obsidian Fleet simm which has done its very best to embody the spirit of the Fleet in the crew's actions both in character and out of character. This includes postings; recruiting for the simm, Task Force, and Fleet; advertising for all of the above; etc. More information here.

USS Portland, Task Force 72, Gold Unit of Merit Winner in November 2015

November: USS Portland, TF72
The Portland is a continually successful sim and has won many awards, including Silver and Bronze Unit of Meritmultiple times. She serves as a prime example of simming in Obsidian Fleet. Thus it is with great pleasure that we add this month to her long list - the Gold award for November. Congratulations, and here's to many more awards!

Awards for the players will automatically be added to their IFS record, and players and COs alike can display these on their websites. Akin to Unit of Merit awards, the Sim award is not assigned to any players but the award badge can be displayed on websites proudly.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Rear Admiral Berel Joon
Director of Fleet Services
Obsidian Fleet

» Bronze award for January!

Posted on Tue Feb 16th, 2016 @ 12:48pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe in General News

From the Notification of awards::

USS Asgard, TF72: Their activity levels are superb as always, but this time I’ll give a special commendation to the friendly, welcoming manners of captain and crew. It’s a fine example to set for the rest of the fleet.


We were noticed for January, I wanted you all to know. Congratulations to you all and thank you for being so dedicated to making this an excellent SIMM.

» A Bronze award from the Fleet for November

Posted on Wed Dec 23rd, 2015 @ 7:30am by Captain Raymond Wulfe in General News

USS Asgard, TF72
Captain Wulfe continues to run a superbly active sim and speaks of his crew and their writing accomplishments with great enthusiasm. I can see that he is very proud of them and in turn so am I.

Well guys we won 4 Bronze and a Silver this year, so winning 5 out of a possible 6 awards available to us shows we are a SIMM noticed for excellence. We are building a history here of excellent writing as you can see:

2012: Our 1st year we were around 7 months and we earned a Silver and a Bronze
2013: Our 1st full year we earned 2 Bronze, a silver, 2 Gold and the SIMM of the year here in the OF
2014: What I saw as our best year with 7 months at 200+ counts, we won a silver and a Bronze
2015: this our 3rd full year and 4th year as a SIMM we have 4 Bronze and a Silver

You have all seen much of what is planned for 2016 and I see no reason we will diminish anytime soon. Thank you all, we have done well.

Raymond of the Asgard

» End of year awards:

Posted on Mon Dec 14th, 2015 @ 6:10pm by Captain Raymond Wulfe in General News

This is from the fleet guy, so please read if you plan on nominating because he is going to ignore anything that does not follow fleet criteria. Character or XO I have to approve as the CO.

The CO. award seems sort of complicated so even it you like me, I don't think it is worth the time. Also the SIMM of the year we don't have any say in. We are not eligible unless we would get a gold for November or December anyway. We are one of the most active and skilled crews in the fleet, awards or not, we are in the top five SIMMs here anyway you slice it.

So here is part of the report from Fleet services:

End of Year awards are coming up so please be prepared for nominations for Character, XO, CO, and Sim of the year. Further details on this will be communicated through the appropriate TFCO channels, but I have broken down the processes below. CO, TGCOs, and TFCOs should feel free to send me any recommendations now through the deadline in January. A separate reminder will be sent regarding these specifics at the turn of the year.

Character of the Year

How to nominate – COs nominate to the Fleet Services Director ([email protected]). Members of crews can also nominate anyone they feel deserving of this award. These nominations must be approved by a sim's CO. Only one nomination can go forward from each sim.
More info here - Character of the Year Award


William Riker XO of the Year

How to nominate – COs nominate to the Fleet Services Director ([email protected]). Members of crews can also nominate any of their XOs they feel deserving of this award. These nominations must be approved by a sim's CO.
More info here - William Riker XO of the Year Award


James T. Kirk CO of the Year

How to nominate – Task Force COs and Task Group COs nominate a CO under their command to the Fleet Services Director ([email protected]). They can approve nominations made to them by individuals or crews, but only one nomination can go forward from each TG.
More info here - James T. Kirk CO of the Year Award

Sim of the Year is chosen from the sims that won each of the preceding 12 months' Gold Unit of Merit awards.

Latest Mission Posts

» Running the Ground

Mission: 18. Birthing a Binary star
Posted on Tue Apr 26th, 2016 @ 10:34pm by Ensign Ryan Altan


Ryan entered the Holodeck. The scene; a warm sunny day on Pentharas washed with sun. A cool breeze passed behind Ryan's neck as the doors closed behind him. The scent of the Pennias trees calmed him. Even though Ryan knew this was a simulation for the better part. This…

» Seeking Counseling

Mission: 18. Birthing a Binary star
Posted on Tue Apr 26th, 2016 @ 12:33am by Lieutenant Commander Eve Coventina & Lieutenant JG Patrick McMichaels


Patrick was finally on board the Asgard. He'd gotten settled and now was on his way to a psych evaluation from the counsellor. *Great! Just what I need another psych eval. After the hostage event, I guess Starfleet deems I need counselling* he thought as he stepped into the…

» Time for the Passengers to depart

Mission: 18. Birthing a Binary star
Posted on Tue Apr 26th, 2016 @ 12:32am by Captain Raymond Wulfe & 1st Lieutenant Kabar Brannigan & Commander Elisad Amar MD & Lieutenant Commander Eve Coventina & Lieutenant JG Maud Barentsz & Lieutenant JG Ma'ari'ine Tabbypaws & Lieutenant JG Mike Derringer & Chief Petty Officer Darrell Murphy

Federation citizen's, the Hostages:
Eve's hostage : Name: Lady Arabella Winchester
Maud''s hostage: Name: Adrian van Hogendorp
Tabbypaws hostage: Name: Elizabeth Dawnstar
Amar's hostage: Theodore Williams the 6th

==VIP quarters==
Elizabeth set a framed picture against the wall with the picture part facing the wall and a visible…

» Dinner with Ma'ari'ine

Mission: 18. Birthing a Binary star
Posted on Tue Apr 26th, 2016 @ 12:16am by Lieutenant Morga Harf & Lieutenant JG Ma'ari'ine Tabbypaws & Petty Officer 3rd Class Josie Harf


It was the afternoon of the dinner with Ma'ari'ine Morga relaxed and helped Josie with the arrangements of the dinner. "You do like Ma'ari'ine don't you Josie. I wish I had more experience with The Catians, sometimes she seems to be be offended and I'm not sure if she…

» Avenue of Hope

Mission: 18. Birthing a Binary star
Posted on Mon Apr 25th, 2016 @ 10:13pm by Ensign Ash Rowe & Petty Officer 3rd Class Marc Armistead


The lounge was quiet as Ash looked out at the stars. In fact, it was virtually empty. It was one of the reasons she came in the middle of the graveyard shift, it was the right time for the quiet spot. She had a blanket wrapped around her shoulders…

Latest Personal Logs

» L-3 :Training Log 1 Holo-deck

Posted on Mon Apr 11th, 2016 @ 6:31am by Lieutenant JG Ma'ari'ine Tabbypaws

Time: Before 'We Were Followed (prt1 & 2)'

The sleek Raptor shot through edges of a Nebula, occasionally cutting through wisps of outreaching particle clouds to distort sensor reading of what lay on the other side. The wall of rough edges of the Nebula streaked by in a smooth blur.…

» L2 Taking Measure

Posted on Sat Apr 2nd, 2016 @ 9:22pm by Lieutenant JG Ma'ari'ine Tabbypaws

From the professionalism of the crew took my semi-rudeness to them in stride. I can see I can entrust my Raptor with the assigned deck crew. I don't know what to make of the CMO yet but she seams a nice person to know.

She didn't berate me for being…

» Log 1 New assignment [In flight]

Posted on Sun Mar 27th, 2016 @ 10:20pm by Lieutenant JG Ma'ari'ine Tabbypaws

Once again off to a new assignment. At least I don't have to return and suffer through another boring flight. And listen to the bragging of the ferry pilots.

A one way to my new assignment. My flight Commander back on SB357 was sure glad to see me go. And…

» Rydan Background #1 : First Light

Posted on Sun Mar 6th, 2016 @ 2:24am by Lieutenant JG Eric Rydan

July 6th, 2384


"Please note that we are beginning out descent into the Hames Planetary Shuttlebay, make sure to hold on to any carryon luggage and stay still, we should be landing in a few minutes"

Eric gripped onto his brown cargo bag that he had bought at a…

» Asgard Welcome

Posted on Sun Feb 7th, 2016 @ 8:09pm by Ensign Amie Cosette


I have stepped foot onto a new ship for my new assignment in the science department as une tranducteurese. --A translator. In other words, a language linguist. I do many languages with 4 of them on Earth and 4 alien languages. I'm going to work part-time as a medic.…